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Private Practice Recap: Episode 10, "Worlds Apart"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 10, "Worlds Apart"

Once again, Private Practice delivers the goods in this week's episode, thanks to lots of exciting plot twists that had more to do with my favorite doctors than their patients. I tuned in dying to find out how far Violet and Pete take their makeout session (turns out — pretty far!) and if Meg would find out. There's also the hot new doc downstairs whom Addison hates because he's ambitious and cocky and reckless with medicine and calls her "Monty!" It's practically written in the stars they'll have hate sex soon. But what about SWAT guy? Well, that gets complicated, so let's get to chatting about it. Just


SWAT guy is way moody lately, and this week he's down right testy with Addison. The episode opens with yet another sex scene (seriously, is this the only way they think they can keep us from flipping the channel? They ought to try murder or dancing or something) and SWAT guy telling Addison he's all better and wants to go home because there are dishes and stuff waiting for him. Addison basically gives him the old pish-posh and tells him, "That's why God made cleaning ladies," which you just know is going to make the proud cop feel even more like a kept man. Things get more tense from there until the end, when SWAT guy packs his bags and storms out on Addison. I'm not sure if he had a right to be irritated or if he should have been able to deal with a strong, self-sufficient woman who happens to be a multi-millionaire heiress. Ever since Archer showed up it really does seem like the poor guy never felt quite good enough.

Addison goes to battle not only with her boyfriend but also with the entire office when she agrees to continue treating one of her patients who's become a prostitute, as well as her friends. Addison argues they're just college girls and don't seem to be bothered by a little bit of sex for money now and again, to which Violet responds, "Don't kid yourself. These girls are victims." And then SWAT guy storms in with all kinds of opinions and they fight it out with Cooper awkwardly lurking in the background ("I probably have patients. . .").

Meanwhile, Pete and Violet are doing all they can to avoid having sex with each other again because apparently the animalistic pull between them is extremely strong. Do you guys feel the heat? I love when Cooper notices that Violet's all "loose and relaxy" and jumps immediately to "You had sex!" The best ever, though, is the end, when she tells Coop that it's Pete and he says "Oh, yeah, sure" and excuses himself because "I don't want to be late for my date with Angelina Jolie." Also, Meg returns and knows right away something is wrong with Pete, but he just keeps saying "I missed you" over and over again — until Meg catches him mid-sexy time with Violet at the office. Now that's good drama!

A few more thoughts:

  • Bad idea of the night goes to Pete, who decides to talk about his love life with a therapist, who happens to be the "other woman" in this scenario.
  • What's up with Naomi? She's been lured in by Lockhart! Do you think Addison and Sam are overreacting with this "selling out" business or are they right to be concerned about this guy's motives.
  • Could Sam be any cuter being all protective in he elevator with Lockhart? "If you mess with Naomi — if you even think about screwing with her — I will take you out."
  • Addison goes from one extreme to another with her patient. At first she feels bad for this poor, misguided girl, and then in the hospital, when her patient's all black and blue, Addison spits out, "We are our actions . . . you're a hooker." Dang!

What did you think of this episode?

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SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
- I never thought Pete and Violet would end up together but I guess they are cute. I was still holding out for Pete and Addison to get together... - SWAT guy is annoying - why can't guys handle smart, successful women? He also needs to get some new clothes other than his SWAT t-shirt. Seriously, the wardrobe department needs to get on that. - Do you think Cooper is being unnecessarily mean to Charlotte? He seems to be dragging it on now. - Wait - I thought Cooper and Violet were going to end up together...
perfcangel perfcangel 8 years
@tlsgirl: I, too, wonder what's up with the doctors being so judgmental. I don't really think it's a doctor's job to preach to patients about morality. Am I the only one who feels like the Violet-Pete affair is a bit too forced? It came out of nowhere and feels like a cheap gimmick to me. I LOVED the scene where Coop was hanging out while Addison and SWAT were arguing, like he was trying to make them forget he was there. I also loved Sam's threat, how he starts talking about his inhalers. Totally adorable.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well there were a lot of interesting things going on this time around but it's a shame that SWAT guy is going away for a bit. at least he's changing focus in the show and i'll miss him. i wonder what the evolution there will be and if addison will just coast right into a sex thing with the other doctor. i like how naomi did things this episode too - she's kind of coming into her own cause she needs to - regardless of what people think
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
emms - considering Tim Daly is 52(!) and Amy Brenneman is 44, I think they look totally AMAZING and a decade younger than they actually are. We can only hope to look half as good as them when we're that age.
MissLuluP MissLuluP 8 years
I don´t like Naomi. This whining about: " Now it´s about me" is disturbing and annoying!!!! Besides i hated that SWAT Guy have not the Guts to deal with Addisons Money. She only wanted to be nice by sending her maid to his apartment... I thaught the hole time, that Addison would spend that hoker the money for med-school... but i was wrong. I think that would be a better thing than walk of.
crazychica crazychica 8 years
I didn't really like this episode the whole breakup between Addison and Kevin seemed so contrived and was poorly written. I felt like I was watching a new show with different characters this week, they were both acting completely OOC. IMO. I did enjoy Cooper's case though.
emms emms 8 years
I thought it was cruel irony that SWAT guy walked out on Addison the same week Kate Walsh's husband, Alex, filed for divorce. Sad! The love scenes between Pete and Violet...I don't know how to say it but is it just me or do Violet and Pete (the actors) look like ten years older than they actually are? The two of them always have this semi-wrinkled haggard skin look and so their love scenes look so...old.
DCBaxter DCBaxter 8 years
I really enjoyed this episode - I like that they deal with sincerely moral dilemmas every week - Buzz, what about Cooper helping the dad and kid escape???? I don't know what I would have done if I were in that situation, but it's definitely interesting! I wonder if he and Charlotte will get back together now that they are even. I thought that SWAT guy leaving money on the counter for Addison was brilliant - she had just finished telling Carli she couldn't be her doctor anymore because of her behavior....when she was sort of doing the same thing for Kevin ("stay in the luxury," "that's what cleaning ladies are for..." etc.). She was sort of a money prostitute, don't you think? Oh man, was NOT expecting the HEAT between Pete and Violet. Woo!
Kazagirl Kazagirl 8 years
more* not for
Kazagirl Kazagirl 8 years
I don't watch this show anymore, doesn't really hold my interest. Funny thing is I was on some gossip website the other night and there was video of Taye Diggs. He was being rude to the paparazzi and the guy that blogged for the website was like "you think this guy would be a bit for appreciative for the attention he gets when his show is about a half of an episode away from being canceled" :ROTFL: Anyways if it does end up getting canceled at least Kate Walsh will still have a job.
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
Love it any time Cooper is in a scene, and Violet and Pete have waaaay more chemistry, HOT chemistry, than I ever expected. But just some mini-rants: the whole Addison storyline, blech; the show would be much better without her...they better not be getting rid of David Sutcliffe (who is getting a little too skinny)... and I have to wonder what kind of relationships Shonda Rhimes has been in when it appears that she believes a##holes are appealing (used in both Grey's and PP).
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I kind of wanted to slap SWAT guy and yell at him. He was being really dumb, the way he reacted to Addison sending her maid over. She was just being helpful, and he took it the complete wrong way. Poor Addison. But I totally agree on the eventual hate sex between Addison and Lockhart... It's only a matter of time. :P
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
Oh yeah! I forgot Addison doesn't know SWAT knows about her $$! Good point, that makes him even brattier tlsgirl!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Note to self: do not watch PP with PMS, as it may lead to urges to burst into tears and/or throw things at the TV. So… - Why are all of the doctors so judgmental? I get it – prostitution’s illegal, bad things happen. But, it’s legal in a number of countries and in parts of this country, so hop down off your high horse for a sec and realize that they need help too and that refusing treatment doesn’t help solve the “problem.” - What was up with Violet’s wavy shirt? It looked like she buttoned it wrong and a boob was gonna fall out. Anyway, I like her and Pete, but I felt so bad for Meg, ‘specially since V & P were totally having sex in the promo for next time, so clearly they're not stopping. - I missed fun Charlotte this episode. - Why doesn’t SWAT just tell Addison what he knows about her?!?!?! I hate it when people keep trivial things from each other and let it ruin things when it doesn’t have to! So she has money, so what? He’s acting all caveman-ish. - I love Sam. He rides bikes, he defends Naomi’s honor in a non-caveman way. Love him.
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