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Private Practice Recap: Episode 13, "Nothing to Fear"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 13, "Nothing to Fear"

I'm feeling a little emotional today. Why, you ask? Well, after sitting through Ugly Betty (full recap coming later — but it was heavy), Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice last night, I'm feeling a little emotionally battered. I mean, right after Grey's put me through the wringer, Private Practice launched straight into an episode involving only things that make me cry including: watching someone die alone of cancer, watching someone talk about how alone we all are and how scary dying is, a wedding, a mom giving up her baby, someone talking about her dad not being able to walk her down the aisle because he's dead, and a breakup. Jeez, ABC primetime writers! Are you trying to destroy my soul?

Anyway, a lot went down on Private Practice, so to chat, just


There's a very stressful opening this week with SWAT guy grilling Addison about where she went that one night last week and what happened. We all know that she went into Wyatt's office and made out with him — but was there more? Well, that's confusing, because in this week's flashback we see them kissing and then see Wyatt say, "Take off your clothes." This leads me to believe they got naked, which leads me to believe they had sex, but Addison denies this to her BFF Naomi. Is she lying? Hmmm. Addison gets angrier and angrier at SWAT guy's questions and right when he says he trusts her after all, she hilariously responds with something like, "Well I sort of did make out with someone." So it's all over for Addison and SWAT guy.

Meanwhile, the young pregnant woman whom Dell matched with adoptive parents is in labor. Complications arise, and she's rushed to the hospital, where decisions on the baby's health need to be made. The adoptive parents totally freeze up and literally just run away, which makes everyone mad, especially Dell. Once the woman makes the call herself, she feels more attached to her baby and wants to maybe keep it. Dell gets super righteous and emotional (as usual) and is pretty mean to the adoptive parents. Thankfully, Naomi, who's actually a grownup, talks sense into everyone, which leads to Buzz Waterworks Moment No. 1 while the birth mother tells the new adoptive mother to take care of her baby.

Meanwhile, Violet is still with Sheldon but falls into hysterical fits of laughter because she's pregnant. And she doesn't know who the father is! Hilarious! She does a really good job helping her agoraphobic patient, though, and gets the nice lady to her daughter's wedding (Buzz Waterworks Moment No. 2!). Then there's poor, lovable Cooper caught up with a grieving Charlotte. Suddenly she really wants to marry Cooper. In Vegas. He's so freaking adorable when he tells her that he doesn't want her sad when she walks down the aisle, he wants her beaming. Charlotte, of course, is totally peeved at him for rejecting her. These two are a little too off-and-on for me to believe they could actually commit. What do you think?

A few more thoughts:

  • Ack! Addison shoves the baby back into the lady! We had to watch it! Blood-curdling screams!
  • Pete and Sam's dying patient is tragic but sweet. I love this line as he sticks the morphine into himself: "Better than a petite syrah, my dear. L'Chaim."
  • I really thought Addison was about to walk in on Naomi doing it with Wyatt, which was making me a little sad but then it was Addison's brother — who is back and apparently working for Charlotte's practice too.
  • Addison's line to SWAT guy about how the kiss was the only hour her stomach didn't have knots was way harsh. She could have said, "I'm so sorry. I should have talked to you first about how unhappy I've been." But I guess she's only human (if a little mean).

What did you guys think of this episode? Sound off below!

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hhalldorsdottir hhalldorsdottir 8 years
It was an amazing episode, very dramatic. The song played in the end was Fljótavík by Sigur Rós, the reason you didn't really catch the words is because they were in Icelandic and even for an Icelander like me it was hard to hear them:P I felt very proud to hear my language on the show though:P Love this show, as well as Gray's:P
bigmike bigmike 8 years
Great episode. Does anyone know the artist, song or music that started during the dying scene at the end??? The piano and music was so calming. I could not fully understand the words but hope someone can identify it. Thanks.
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
I didn't really think Addison was mean. SWAT guy annoys the hell outta me and I just think I would have dumped him long ago if I were her. He's too insecure and whiny. Even before she kissed Wyatt, he was insecure and whiny. I want Charlotte and Cooper to get together and stay together - I thought it was so sweet when Cooper said he wants her beaming when she comes down the aisle but apparantly she didn't like that. I absolutely love this show - I cry at pretty much every episode!
PollyPrissyPants PollyPrissyPants 8 years
I'm right with you (and apparently everyone else), I cried buckets watching ABC. THe last half of PP had me crying practically non-stop...but the one that caught me by surprise was Pete. His scene holding the patient as he died was heartbreaking. It was one of those character defining moments...we don't see a lot of emotion from Pete at any point in time and it was like a damn broke. Also? How awesome were both Tim Daly AND Joel Grey in that scene? My other favorite scene was Cooper and Violet sitting in the closet. I love their friendship and that scene was fantastic.
electricxbaby electricxbaby 8 years
Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice made me bawl like a baby! I seriously thought Addison was going to walk in on Naomi and Wyatt to be going at it too, but thank goodness they weren't! I hope Violet's baby is Pete's. Sheldon needs to get out of the picture. I'm excited for the cross-over between Grey's and Private Practice but they better make it a good one!
crazychica crazychica 8 years
Shonda really did mess with my emotions on Thursday. Loved that episode of Private Practice. Probably one of the best ones of the season. KaDee was amazing in that end scene with Paul, she made me cry. And who knew Tim Daly could act? He was very good in this episode, and this is the first time I have actually cared for Pete all season. I am going to miss Kev, he is such a cutie, but it is for the best that they broke up, that relationship was just way too dysfunctional. Finally, I am so happy that Archer is back, he owns!
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Private Practice was really good last night. I cried. And cried some more. I completely expected Naomi and Wyatt to be going at it. At least that wasn't the case!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years kind of expected some of it and then some was a surprise. i'm happy that cooper didn't go through will the wedding just yet, but hopefully it's not the end of their relationship. as for addison and the SWAT guy - i don't know. i love him, he's the cutie from Gilmore Girls...and well - he can do no wrong for me. i don't like the other guy anyway.
graylen graylen 8 years
I am so with you Buzz. I bawled all night last night. I usually think of ABC as my Thursday night therapy, but geez! They were just killing me left and right last night. I'm pretty sure the name on the door said Wyatt's name on it. Seems they were "borrowing" his office. I hated Wyatt at first, but I admit that I'm looking forward to something with him and Addison. I liked Violet's therapy work in this episode. The hysterical laughing not so much. Though I loved the moment with her and Cooper in the closet. I think real friends would do that. I, too, hope the baby has no Sheldon DNA because I just cannot handle him! I had mixed feelings on the adoptive parents thing. I think they freaked because they'd lost so many babies through failed adoptions and miscarriages that all they heard was "he could die." Pete holding the dying man made me love him more. Wonder if he will get investigated for the missing morphine.
EkaterinaBallerina EkaterinaBallerina 8 years
My mom and I both watched this last night and came to the same conclusion--those adoptive parents did not deserve that baby and she shouldn't have given him to them. They left when the baby was sick because they couldn't deal and then came back when he was okay? Parents are supposed to stick with their kids through thick and thin. I just found it so wrong that she felt that she could still trust them with him. I would never have done that. The whole Cooper/Charlotte thing was so sad! I have a friend who recently lost her father and the fact that he won't be able to walk her down the aisle kills her. It's so sad. I can understand not wanting to face it. Please, oh, please do not let Sheldon be the father of Violet's baby. I can't stand him and I do not want him sticking around.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I was also convinced that Naomi and Wyatt were going to be gettin' down in Wyatt's office. Which, speaking of, where is Wyatt if his office is no longer his? I hope they didn't get rid of him. OMG, the shoving back in of the baby...I shudder just thinking about it. I'm sort of glad that SWAT guy and Addison are done, because he's just being so ridiculous about the fact that she has money, and he knows, but won't tell her, so she doesn't know what his problem is. Dumba**.
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