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Private Practice Recap: Episode 14, "Second Chances"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 14, "Second Chances"

He was sorta there last week, but on this week's episode of Private Practice, Addison's petulant older brother Archer is really back! He saddles up alongside "Addie" on a tough medical procedure by day, then saddles up on top of Naomi by night. Heh. Meanwhile Violet is still pregnant, unsure of herself as future mother, and really unsure of whether the possible fathers will want a role in the child's life. That's OK, though, because this kid will be raised by Cooper, right? Well, that's what I'm hoping. Ready to chat about it? Just


Right off the bat, Naomi needs someone to talk to about having sex with her best friend's brother, so since her best friend is not an option, she goes to her ex-husband. They're pretty cute at first as "friends" giving each other dating advice. But then things get a little . . .weird. I mean, Sam's girlfriend undresses for him while he's giving sex advice to Naomi and calling her an African queen on the phone. And when Naomi giddly asks if Sonya's naked, I was officially weirded out.

Speaking of being weirded out: How do you all feel about a woman giving birth to her own grandchild? I know the whole point of this show is to always have someone play devil's advocate (it's amazing how you can have a group of people who get along so well fall on the exact opposite side of any given issue every. single. time.), but really? Is there another side to giving birth to your own grandchild, or is that just strange? I know Naomi's goal is to get everyone who walks into her office preggers, but sheesh, lady, draw a line. Shouldn't they have called in some sort of ethics specialist or something? Maybe I'm being too judgmental. The whole plot is there to help Violet sort through her fears about being a mother anyway.

For some reason, Cooper is still hellbent on making his relationship (if you can even call it that) with Charlotte work. He insists they should be able to work this current conflict out by talking, which forces her to lay out how humiliating it is to ask someone to marry you and for that person to say no. I know Charlotte is mostly mean to Coop, but this time around I felt like saying, "Dude. Give her space. She's embarrassed." But Cooper doesn't give her space and even delivers a big speech about how they're "so not a cute couple" but a couple nevertheless and he'll never give up on her. Never! But then he does! Because Violet, who tries to assess the level of enthusiasm for children in both potential baby daddies by setting up manipulative hypothetical situations in casual conversation (Sheldon: "I'm not really a kid person"), says she's falling apart. (She seems fine to me . . . ) Anyway. Charlotte takes Cooper's speech to heart and declares she wants to move in with him and then he disses her again! D'oh!

A few more thoughts:

  • One more thing about the grandmother/grandchild thing: The grandmother wants a re-do at motherhood since her first kid deeply resented her. I kept thinking about how much I might resent my mom if she revealed to me she was my grandmother. It just seems like she's guaranteeing herself another kid who'll have issues.
  • Violet's little passive-aggressive mind games on both Sheldon and Pete weren't exactly fair. As a therapist, shouldn't she have known better?
  • I laughed when Addison says, "Is that what he's calling himself?" when Naomi tells her about Archer being a "good-time guy."
  • Sam and Naomi's daughter seems to conveniently be at sleepovers a lot. Her parents are getting away with a lot of sex these days.
  • So, Wyatt's just gone, I guess. He does have his own show to tend to. Still, that was abrupt.

What did you all think of this episode?

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crazychica crazychica 8 years
I liked it, it was a filler episode, but I liked it. Keeping things quiet before all hell breaks loose next week. Vi needs to grow up and just tell Pete and Sheldon already. Cooper needs to get on explaining to Char why he is moving in with Violet, hope that isn't a permanent thing. The Montgomery siblings win. Pete is back to being boring. They need to replace Tim Daly with Grant Show.
amybdk amybdk 8 years
I'll second tlsgirl's WTF about Cooper & Violet. I really can't stand their dynamic. I would much rather see Cooper get back with Charlotte. They had some great chemistry. No opinion on the rest of the episode. Oh, except that I turned completely ill when Naomi called Sam. Blech.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
- I really wish Wyatt hadn't left. His abrupt departure sorta made me wonder why the heck he was ever on the show in the first place. - Yes, having one's own grandchild is WEIRD. REALLY WEIRD. I would totally wig out if my mom told me she was really my grandmother. Just, ew. No. - Also, WTF with Cooper and Violet? Wonder if she told her boyfriends that her boy who's a friend will be moving in to care for her while she's pregnant. Somehow I don't see that going over well. Also, why in the world would you just stand there and not give any explanation like Cooper did after telling Charlotte he's moving in with V? I would be trying to explain myself so fast her head would be spinning.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
graylen — LOL. yes.
graylen graylen 8 years
I think this show can be somewhat formulaic at times... This week on Private Practice- real-world current ethical issue will be featured. Half the practice will agree, half the practice won't. Dell will either make an unwise decision or freak out on someone. Cooper and Violet will have yet more relationship problems. We will also feature a one-line description of why hot viable love interest has abruptly disappeared. Scene out..." That being said... I watch every week ;)
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