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Private Practice Recap: Episode 15, "Acceptance"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 15, "Acceptance"

After this week's Grey's Anatomy ends with Addison making an urgent phone call to Derek, we slide right into Private Practice, which repeats that phone call from Addison's perspective. The rest of the episode then shifts into flashback, as we relive the 14 hours before Addison's panicked call. To talk about it, just


Just a couple of weeks ago, Addison was wondering what would make Archer move to Santa Monica unannounced, and now she knows: He'd been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and he wanted to be close to her while there was still time. I'm glad Naomi tells Addison that something's wrong; I couldn't see her being more loyal to a guy she slept with a few times than to her supposed best friend. Addison almost immediately switches into alpha mode: She's a fixer, and she's going to fix her big brother whether he likes it or not. But Archer might not have a choice: His suspected tumor is actually fast-growing parasites, and by the end of the episode, they've had to force him into a coma. That's when Addison calls Derek, and then a helicopter, and sets off for Seattle. This show has been about major ethical dilemmas all season, but has there been one bigger than when to give your comatose brother a difficult treatment against his previously expressed desires? Addison might be acting rashly, but I also feel for her; she doesn't want to let him go without a fight.

Meanwhile — presumably oblivious to all of this — Violet finally realizes she has to do something about this baby. She confides in Dell, who gives her an ultrasound and then talks her down from a panic attack, and she gets Pete and Sheldon in the room and confesses everything. Problem is, she's spent these past few days arranging everything for herself — deciding to keep the baby, allowing Cooper to move in — and that's not news Pete and Sheldon take well. They feel like they deserve more of a say, which . . . I don't know, Violet definitely could have handled things better, but right now she's the only one who knows she has a connection to the baby, so shouldn't they be her decisions? Anyway, I did get a kick out of their meeting later in Pete's office, where Sheldon launches into a spiel about the stages of grief and Pete just says, "I'm pissed off."

Cooper's off in his own storyline for most of the episode, taking care of a little girl whose parents ditched her at his office on the day of major surgery. OK, I don't care what kind of financial hardship you're under; a kid is not a piece of furniture. Ugh. Anyway, Cooper convinces Charlotte to break hospital protocol so the girl can still have her surgery (side note: Charlotte really has her own practice and her job at St. Ambrose?), but then the two of them wind up in a huge confrontation. Cooper admits that he moved in with Violet because she's pregnant, and Charlotte reacts icily — like, "all those first-kid moments should have been ours." Which is a bit of a leap, because until the wedding talk came up, they mostly just bickered and then had kinky sex, but at any rate, I guess we won't be getting a reconciliation anytime soon.

In other news:

  • This might be mean, but somehow I'm not surprised that kids never liked Sheldon.
  • I still have such a sense of doom about that baby Dell delivered.
  • Dell's response to either Pete or Sheldon being the father of Violet's baby: "Keepin' it local! That's cool."

So, next week Addison and co. head to Seattle to see if Derek can help Archer (aka, the real "crossover" part). What did you think of the setup?


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