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Private Practice Recap: Episode 18, "Finishing"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 18, "Finishing"

This week, Private Practice is back with a new love interest for Addison that I find really frustrating, but we'll get into more of that later.

On the other side of the spectrum is Naomi who is still coping with the fact that Archer broke her heart, and she dives headlong into meddling in Sam's relationship with Sonya (but kind of in a good way). Other than that, it's same old same old: Violet doesn't know who the father of her kid is, Cooper and Charlotte have a hard time loving each other, etc. To chat about it,


OK, let's cut to the chase: Really?! They're giving Addison a flirtation/relationship with a married man? Ugh! Honestly, hasn't this woman been involved in enough infidelity for one lifetime? I was just so shocked to learn that this new mysterious doctor flirting up a storm with Addison is married . . . to her sweet pregnant patient. When Addison walks out of that bar with Naomi she's at least making some kind of effort not to fall into this crap-trap with a guy she barely knows, but the previews from next week make things look bad. I guess I'm just curious what we're supposed to do with a character like Addison. She cheated in her marriage and she couldn't really end things with SWAT guy until she messed around with Wyatt. How are we supposed to root for this person? OK, deep breaths. Maybe I'm too judgey right now. She is human, after all . . . no, but seriously, how long are we supposed to sympathize with Addison when it comes to her search for love?

And stepping down from my soap box. Another jaw-dropping moment for me? When we learn Sam accidentally called out Naomi's name while having sex with Sonya! Poor Sam is in the dog house and it's pretty cute, but holy cow that is such a horrible (and hilarious) mistake to make. I'm impressed Sonya seems to move on from that. Naomi gets super weird and starts planning their vacations and dinners for Sam to help make it better between them until Dell points out that she's putting all her energy into Sam's relationship to avoid facing her own heartache. Oh, Dell. Such an oracle of wisdom, that guy. Oh, and I love that Dell refers to obsessively searching the web for vacation spots as "resort porn."

Finally, Pete and Sheldon gang up on Violet to demand paternity testing. After lecturing her with some tough talk, Pete exits the room and poor, sad Sheldon is left standing there to admit, "I have no defining exit line . . . so . . " Also, I know Cooper and Violet are super best friends and stuff but he's always grabbing her belly and talking to it. I would really hate to have a boyfriend who did that to another woman, to be honest. Charlotte tells Cooper to stop loving her and to stop being so good ("I screwed Archer's brains out . . . stop loving me!") but I kept thinking, Charlotte isn't all bad. She definitely has a case to make against Cooper's total and utter devotion to Violet.

Some other thoughts:

  • Another intense line from Charlotte's meltdown I can't get out of my head: "It makes me sick, you loving me. It makes me literally sick to my stomach!" Jeez.
  • Sad! In the end Sam dumps poor Sonya, saying it probably isn't a good sign that he's still thinking of his ex-wife during sex. Probably a good call.
  • Neither of the patient stories does much for me, but that little girl Cooper helps kind of killed me with cuteness. I mean, her sad hospital eye makeup is pretty bad but I kept thinking, "Aw, what a cute little girl."
  • And I think Addison's flirtation with Noah is pretty darn adorable, actually, so it's too bad it ends in an icky place. I just love when he passes Addison in the hallway and she's all, "Hey!" and he just walks by and then realizes he didn't recognize her without the surgical cap. It's a funny moment.

Do you think I have a point with my Addison rant? Or should I chillax? Are you as frustrated with this new guy as I am? What did you think of this episode?

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