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Private Practice Recap: Episode 20, "Do The Right Thing"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 20, "Do The Right Thing"

You know what? I really enjoyed myself while watching this week's episode of Private Practice. There's good stuff going on, including Dell's self-destructive downward spiral into the world of ladies who wear ripped-up stretch pants, Violet and Charlotte's BFF relationship morphing into more of a frenemies situation, Idina Menzel, and a pregnant tween. Oh, and Addison and Noah are still working hard not to boink each other to save a baby. Ready to chat? Just


So it's kind of hard to hope for Violet and Pete to get together for reals (which has been my secret wish, because Sheldon? Blech!) when someone as beautiful and awesome as Idina shows up. She is the mother of a cute little moppet with allergies who's a patient of Pete's. He wrestles with the ethics around dating a patient's mother and then basically decides to go for it. By the way, I love all the well-intentioned debates that go on in this office, but, like, why bother? Everyone usually ends up just self-indulgently doing exactly what they want to do anyway. Violet, meanwhile, admits to Charlotte that Pete's dating makes her jealous, and Charlotte takes that as a sign to share intimate details about herself, including the fact that she had sex with Archer. This, of course, sends Violet on a self-righteous rant about what a terrible person Charlotte is, which I found to be unfair.

While the ladies in his life bicker, Cooper is extremely distressed by his 12-year-old pregnant patient and angry at the mother who allowed the child to have sex in her home under supervision. Cooper wants to call social services (especially after he spots the "sexting"—ripped from the headlines!) but pretty much everyone else tells him that's a little extreme. What do you think? Then Dell weighs in on the topic by projecting his own issues: "Motherhood is not the trump card! What's wrong is wrong." Dell is angry! And acting out! And showing up late and having sex in the office! Naomi tries to talk some sense into him, but it's Sam who lays down the law in the end (how cute is Sam when he's laying down the law? Sigh). I keep thinking someone should call the cops on Dell's ex — isn't that what people do when a child has been kidnapped? But maybe it's not kidnapping without legal custody papers . . .

More thoughts:

  • Oh boy. It's one thing to have eyes for your patient's husband and baby-daddy but another to feel obligated to save their marriage. I feel like Addison is too intimately involved in the details of this dysfunctional couple's life to be at all attracted to this guy, but clearly, that's just me, because she makes out with Noah in the end ("I'm not a cheater!").
  • Hey, Duncan is cute! This is the first guy I've liked for Naomi in awhile. Do you think that Sam should have told him what was going on before taking the stand?
  • Sometimes Violet sounds like a walking, talking educational pamphlet: "Adolescent sexuality isn't something you can say no to."
  • The scene where Charlotte shows up in her sex outfit and chats with Violet really is great. I love when she pulls out the whipped cream!
  • I also really enjoyed Charlotte's description of Violet: "Violet's crazy and hostile and needy and she drives me up the wall . . . but she needs you, Coop." It's really hard to hate Charlotte these days.

Did you enjoy this one as well?

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redchick152 redchick152 8 years
why can't addison ever find a good guy?? i guess thats why i like her, b/c i have that same problem too!! she's such a strong character, but just cannot find the "perfect" guy for her. the only men i've liked her with have been Mark Sloane and that hot jerk-y guy from earlier in the season (i totally blanked on his name, but he's the Better Off Ted guy). i think the writers made a huge mistake introducing him and then having him leave so suddenly. maybe if his show is canceled they will bring him back??
Fellora Fellora 8 years
I tried to watch PP when it first started, but never could get into it. Ever since the crossover I've been watching it. I really like the actor that plays Noah...wish the producers didnt make him some loser that wants to cheat on his pregnant wife, because I like him and Addison together.
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
Violet is getting so annoying - self righteous is the perfect way to describe her! The Addison and Noah storyline is so dumb, first he declares his love to her after barely knowing her, and now she feels responsible for saving the marriage of the guy she wants to sleep with? And I don't even understand why she wants to - is she seriously attracted to a man who is clearly neglecting his pregnant (and very sweet) wife? I used to hate Charlotte but now I love her - I hope her and Cooper don't break up because of Violet.
Sarana Sarana 8 years
The episode was ok, I am not at all interested in Dell or the whole Addison/Noah thing. The 12 year old pregnant girl was so strange, I mean the mother told the the daughter she could have sex didn't she also stress the need for condoms? I know it's possible the girl didn't listen but still. Also, the show made it seem like the decision to have an abortion or keep the baby was made 5 seconds after finding out the girl was pregnant..... I wish Violet has that baby soon, I don't really like her being pregnant and having no other storyline than just being pregnant en jealous.
MissLuluP MissLuluP 8 years
I don´t like the Noah-Addison Story. It is so annoying. By the side, why must everybody be a Cheater? I don´t get it! I will not watch PP until this Cheater- thing goes away. But i liked Violet and Charlotte together. All the other Relationships and Storylines were boring, annoying and not worth watching.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
This episode made me so mad! Seriously, a 12-year-old wanting to keep the baby?! It's so unrealistic it's almost insulting to its viewer's intelligence. I don't want to start an abortion debate, but why doesn't anyone ever make that choice on TV? It happens, but it's never discussed unless it's something that someone is "recovering" from. Argh! Anyway, I really want the Addison and Noah thing to go away. His wife is so sweet, and he's such a slimeball. Also, the whipped cream? Awesome.
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