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Private Practice Recap: Episode 21, "What You Do For Love"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 21, "What You Do For Love"

Private Practice is back and more intense than ever. The patients in this week's episode are actually more compelling to me than the doctors' lives — save for maybe Pete's little romance with Idina Menzel, and that's just because I like Idina so much.

Violet is now super-pregnant and nobody knows who the dad is, Addison is completely unable to avoid Noah and is once again paired with him on a medical case, and Naomi grapples with an offer that might be too good to refuse. Oh and there's a marriage proposal. Ready to talk about it? Just


Seriously, these patients! Where to begin? How about with Addison's pregnant lady: I was a little stunned when the husband wheels in dead, but then my mind went straight to, "The brother killed him." The show delivers actual suspense when Charlotte breaks up the heart surgery party with her common sense. I love how she's all, "Guys? A husband with the same blood type shows up dead — just when his wife desperately needs a heart transplant? Maybe we should think about foul play?" And then the brother basically gives Addison a nonanswer when she confronts him about potentially committing the murder: "So I wanted something I couldn't have . . . don't tell me you haven't felt that way." Um, OK, but yes or no, buddy?

And then there's Sam's Mary Kay Letourneau. I knew something was up just because they picked an actress who looked sort of creepy to play the part. The double-standard on Sam's part was killing me, and Naomi is right: what if it had been their daughter having sex with a male teacher twice her age? He would freak out! But since the teacher's a woman, he and Cooper entertain her declarations of love (although Coop isn't too happy about it). Give me a break. I think the biggest case for reporting her — that they don't even mention! — is the repeat-offender issue. What if the next time this teacher strikes, it's a 14-year-old?

Some more thoughts:

  • I'm telling you, Charlotte is a better woman than I am. I just don't know if I could wake up in the morning to my boyfriend sitting with another woman in his lap (even if they're practicing lamaze). I loved this line though: "I get my itches scratched in the morning." Ha!
  • Ugh. Dell being moody is getting old. I'm glad Pete finally stood up to him.
  • I'm officially doing an about-face and am warming to Noah. He's sexy when he's being a doctor, and he and Addison work well together. Maybe the absence of, you know, a wife made me less annoyed.
  • Boo to Pete breaking up with Idina's character. I like the cute nod to her real-life marriage when Sam says, "Nice . . she's a . . . I like her."
  • Are you guys at all charmed by Sheldon's nerdiness yet? I feel bad being so grossed out by him, but I'm just not into this love triangle.

The big twist at the end is that the guy trying to recruit Naomi to head up his state-of-the-art, non-HMO special hospital thing is also Charlotte's boss. So is this new clinic really just Oceanside's competitor? Is this guy looking to fire Charlotte and replace her with Naomi? Also, Sheldon's proposal? How do we feel about that?! What did you guys think of this episode?

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