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Private Practice Recap: Episode Nine, "Know When to Fold"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode Nine, "Know When to Fold"

Grey's Anatomy may be imploding before our eyes, what with ghost sex and rumors of original cast members quitting, but something's kicked into gear over on that other show Shonda Rhimes created. This week's episode is a pleasant surprise — and is exactly the kind of show I've known Private Practice could be: funny, moving, thoroughly entertaining, sexy. And most of all, it left me wanting more. Yay! In fact, there's so much good stuff going on here that I can hardly figure out where to start, so let's get to chatting —


My basic conclusion is that when this show focuses more on the doctors in the practice than on trying to drum up crazy patient stories, the whole thing improves. In this episode we see the main cast members mixing it up with each other — the ladies dishing about sex in the opening, Sam and Pete on a medical case together, Cooper and Dell in a heart-to-heart, Dell and Naomi, the team meeting, etc. Oh and let's not forget Violet and Pete! OMG! So here's my question about that: When Sheldon first approaches Sam and Pete at the breakfast buffet about Violet, and Pete gets all protective ("Violet's one of our women — they took our floor, they are not taking our women, too") Sam asks if Pete is jealous as if that would be totally normal. Do you guys recall Violet and Pete ever dating? I don't. Strange. But whatever, I like them together. I really hope it doesn't turn out to be some kind of momentary comfort hookup kind of thing because I think they'd be a cute couple. Plus, that would lead to all kinds of awesome drama.

But I have to back up, because we've got to discuss the Sheldon stuff. I kind of laughed when those two are naked together talking about his inability to . . . you know, make things happen down there. Two shrinks talking about impotence naked together in that "tell me your feelings" tone of voice might be the least sexy sex scene I've witnessed. And Sheldon is neurotic and not cute: buh-bye. You know who on the fourth floor is cute? Dr. Wyatt Lockhart! He's totally an ass, but he's clearly meant to be someone Addison has hate sex with eventually, wouldn't you say? Are you ready for SWAT guy to step aside and make way for this new guy?

And as terrible as Charlotte is (I believe Violet refers to her as "the source of all evil" in this episode), this pregnancy scare between her and Cooper is awfully cute. Cooper would make the best dad! But when he discovers she's not actually pregnant, he totally goes cold on her again and shuts any hope of a relationship down. Now, do you guys think that because Charlotte gets oddly emotional at the end (and how great is Addison's facial expression during this scene?), that's a sign that maybe the pregnancy test was wrong? You know, hormones raging and stuff? Interesting!

Other thoughts:

  • Violet to Pete on how her date went: "Do you have anything for erections?" Ha!
  • Um, Lockhart asks Addison to dinner and says they could skip dinner and go straight to his place like, the first day they meet. That makes him kind of slutty.
  • Ugh and he keeps calling her "Monty," which is just so disrespectful but also totally hate-sex foreplay talk.
  • I love Charlotte's angry pregnancy test attitude: "I have sticks and I intend to pee on them!"
  • My hands-down favorite moment of the night, possibly the entire season, is Sam learning how to ride a bike with Naomi. It. was. adorable.
  • And I cracked up at this exchange between Cooper and Dell:
    Dell: "Do you ever feel like you're in over your head?"
    Cooper: "Have you met me?"

  • Are you guys mad at Pete for cheating on Meg? Does this count as cheating? Are he and Meg totally committed?
  • Ione Skye was the bicycler's wife! She's awesome. I have a feeling she'll be back to sue Sam and Pete or something.
  • Finally, Dell's adoption scheme is so headed for disaster. That girl is not going to give those nice people her baby.

Did you guys like this episode as much as I did?

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thoroughlymodern thoroughlymodern 8 years
OK, haven't watched this episode yet, but the picture! Addison's wearing the Twenty8Twelve blouse I've been coveting!
emms emms 8 years
I love this show! Charlotte cannot be pregnant! Shows suck when they start making the characters have babies. I don't know about Violet and Pete...seems kind of random. I liked Addison's future hate sex guy but I still like SWAT. He needs to recover so he can start being hot again. Now that Addison has started going by "Addison Forbes Montgomery" I was really expecting her to be like, "That's Forbes Monty, to you!"
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
it's funny - when the show first came on - i didn't pay any attention to is cause addison wasn't ever one of my favorites but now that i've been watching it more and more i'm getting into it. i saw it again last night after greys and it reminds me why they created a spin off and why it's a success.
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
PP has stepped it up this season and i'm so happy b/c Kate Walsh is awesome. Addison is such a strong, passionate, bad ass doctor but then the very next scene she's just a normal woman trying to get thru all kinds of issues. hmm, i wonder if she will cheat on SWAT guy w/ dirty, new doctor or has she learned her lesson?? i think Dell's adoption idea was good, so hopefully he gets more of a chance to shine in upcoming episodes. the epi w/ his little girl was sooo sweet, lets see more of that!!! plus he is nice to look at! sam on a! violet-i am soooo ready for her to have some relationship drama. another great character, but we never saw her making an effort for a guy before. i think she wanted cooper b/c he was the easiest choice. pete will really shake things up...even if its just a fling...i think she needs it BADLY! i can see addison being pissed about this!
PollyPrissyPants PollyPrissyPants 8 years
I loved this episode! I think this show just keeps getting better and I have to say I'm completely invested in these characters now. Love that scene with Sam...completely adorable. Watching Naomi be so lighthearted was also a nice change of pace. It's also officially - I heart Cooper. He would make an awesome dad and although Charlotte is a complete freak, I really want to see these two make it (with or without a baby). I didn't see Pete and Violet coming until halfway through the episode and suddenly realized I was totally rooting for them and had forgotten completely about Meg. And so, apparently, had Pete...yikes.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I loved this episode! And I'm totally with you on the pregnancy test being wrong. I want Charlotte to be pregnant so badly! Cooper would be an amazing daddy, and as a couple they are just so cute. Sam + the bike, OMG. So funny. Definitely the best scene. Also, why didn't Addison just tell the man-slut doctor she has a boyfriend? That kinda irked me. Violet & Pete? Yeaahhh, not a huge fan of that. I adore Violet, and want her to find a man, but not Pete. I don't know why, but it just doesn't seem good to me. Not that I like Pete with Meg, but ehh...
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
DCBaxter - I was curious about Dr. Lockhart too, so I looked him up and he was in Desperate Housewives for several episodes, and a bunch of other stuff - And I'm with you in thinking that Dell should definitely tell Naomi about the conversation, b/c you know it's just going to come out eventually anyway and make things so much worse!
DCBaxter DCBaxter 8 years
Oh, and I'm not sure who said it above....I am also loving PP way more than Grey's lately. It's the show I most look forward to all week.
DCBaxter DCBaxter 8 years
tls - totally! Dell completely coached her. I hope it works out for them though. I couldn't imagine being let down by another birth mother. I thought Dell should have told Naomi the conversation they had. Oh man, I am not ready for Kevin (SWAT guy) to disappear. At all. I love him. But Dr. Hotness, err, Lockhart is freakin' H-O-T. He looks familiar to me - anyone know what else he has been on? I think Pete is definitely cheating - they are living together - I think it's wrong. But I also think Pete does not have his heart in the relationship with what's her name. Looks like in next week's epi she sees them - should be a good one!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Oh, and I can't believe Dell didn't realize he was basically coaching that girl and giving her a script!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
OMG, that scene with Sam riding the bike was so freaking adorable I almost cried at its cuteness, literally. Perfect ending. And I'm totally on the same page with you as far as Charlotte's crying is concerned, Buzz. "That pregnancy test was so wrong!" was definitely my first thought. Another cute moment I thought was when Dell and Cooper were at the pier and Dell gets Cooper's attention by doing that little kick thing to his leg. I was literally staring open-mouthed at my TV during the Violet/Pete scene. I never saw that coming! But I do sort of like them together. However, aren't he and Meg basically living together at this point? As for Addison, they're totally setting her up for some hate sex, but I'm not sure I'm ready for SWAT guy to go just yet (even though I can never remember his name and always call him SWAT guy).
alexlove alexlove 8 years
I never thought I'd say this last year, but I prefer watching Private Practice over Grey's, its just been amazing this season. How adorable was Cooper? I'm really rooting for Cooper & Charlotte, I love Charlotte's character. And Pete and Violet was really interesting, I didn't expect that. I agree, Sam learning to ride a bike was the best moment.
ohbaby7 ohbaby7 8 years
Err the adoption girl is just in it for free housing! poor Dell. And I love Violet, her and Pete would make a very cute an interesting couple
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