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Private Practice Rundown: Episode Four, "Past Tense"

Well, now Naomi and Sam have really made Addison mad, and she's had it up to here with all the dysfunction at the office. She is still jogging alone and gets all pumped up on this week's Private Practice to do something about how icky going to work feels. She's successful in persuading the rest of the office to confront those two, because they too are sick of the bitter divisions within Oceanside Wellness. Well, Naomi and Sam aren't into setting their differences aside and instead decide it's best to campaign for the votes of the staff to decide who will be in charge. Thus begins a nifty election-themed episode full of timely metaphors! To see my thoughts,


Right away, Addison's focused on building a coalition to stage an intervention, and first up is Violet. Of course the chit-chat about Sam and Naomi is quickly resolved (Violet's on board) and the women move on to Addison's sex life. Addison admits that she has not slept with SWAT guy and Violet responds with, "Wow. You're one of those women." Which, huh? Addison explains she just feels like she should set up rules with this guy because she's never had rules in the past and she really wants this to work out. Seems reasonable. Later, when SWAT guy invites Addison to Cabo for a romantic getaway (aw!), she informs him that she has "sex rules" and wants to wait. His response is funny and guy-like: "Until . . . marriage?" Ha! Addison and SWAT guy may not have all the spark in the world, but they're really normal and nice together.

As far as the patient stories go, I feel like I was supposed to be moved by Addison's Afghan patient looking for surgical help to become a virgin again, but I didn't find it that compelling — although Violet's reaction to the idea of someone lying about rape is intriguing, but she wouldn't open up to Addison about it. I was into Cooper's story, actually, with the young boy who stopped talking and the mom who recognized Coop from the sex site. Is it just me, or is Cooper super-adorable when he's extremely concerned about a little kid? He's so torn up about the mom calling him a pervert that he can't even get in the mood to do it with Charlotte and insists they move their relationship in a new direction that involves hanging out and getting to know each other.

So, after the intervention Naomi and Sam are off and running with their campaigns. Their wooing of the electorate has some great moments: Sam at one point explains that Dell is very "red state" and later fist-bumps him. Pete's new and mysterious old friend Meg shows up and quickly comes to understand where the two candidates stand, calling Naomi the "anti-defatterlator candidate." In the end, Addison gives a passionate and moving speech and refuses to take part in the voting. Well, the speech is so good she gets herself voted boss. Interesting development! This diffuses the tension and allows Sam and Naomi to make out. If only all campaigns ended that way.

Some more thoughts:

  • I liked when Coop figures out that in order for the mom to know he was on those sex sites it means that she visited those sex sites ("I’m just saying you’re the pot calling the kettle . . . pervert.")
  • I also thought Charlotte teasing him about how many sites he's actually still up on was pretty hilarious.
  • I'm excited Pete (or should we say Peter?) finally has some juicy stuff going on with a cool and mysterious past. His Ghana lady, Meg, is sassy and interesting, and it seems like he has serious feelings for her.
  • So, what about Violet's outburst? I think she was probably assaulted and potentially accused of lying — or her attacker got away. Sad and scary but should make for interesting future episodes.
  • Why does the SWAT guy have to wear the SWAT t-shirt everyday? Well, until the end when he removes his shirt in order to have sex with Addison. That scene's hot.
  • Charlotte's favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. Sort of hard to continue disliking someone after learning that.

Are you glad Addison's in charge? What did you think of Pete's new lady? And are you coveting any of the fashions? Check out CelebStyle!

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Join The Conversation
neolovix neolovix 8 years
Hi, what's the name of de song of de last minutes, please?
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
I just really want to drop this show... but with Cooper around I can't!
emilita emilita 8 years
ummm the whole voting Addison story reminds me of Greek a few weeks ago when everyone voted Ashley predident...
nadioz nadioz 8 years
i really can't stand Sam and Naomi they're my least favorit character, i like Naomi better in the first season, it's probably because i don't like them together, i hopez it's not for good. Cooper is adorable i just love him , and having Addison in charge is going to be interesting. About the fashion, I LOVED that white and colorfull dress Addison had on.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
i saw part of this show last night, didn't know what it was. seriously, i thought it was awful. the story lines are not realistic, the way the characters look, act, etc. horrible.
Curlywhirl Curlywhirl 8 years
I'm tired of the Sam and Naomi thing, that story is done. I wish they'd (the writers)let them date other people . I don't like swat guy, mainly because he's always wearing the same thing! And I'm starting to like Charlotte, and Dell is Hot! Love him, I wish they'd give him a story!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Aw, I like Charlotte! I feel like she's a nice change from the excessively analytical Violet or the cake-eating Naomi. Plus, I cracked up when she and Cooper sat discussing their favorite colors while she was wearing that dominatrix outfit. Although, if I heard right, didn't the mom say that there was a naked picture of Cooper online? Naked? I was with you on not being able to get into the Afghani girl's story. It just didn't do it for me, although I think you're right that Violet was attacked at some point and didn't find closure. And yeah, I didn't get her comment about "those women." Weird. And is just me, or does Dell look cuter now than when he left?
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