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Private Practice Recap: Season Two, Episode Three, "Nothing to Talk About"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 3, "Nothing to Talk About"

As the title suggests, this week's episode of Private Practice was sort of all about how no one is really talking to anyone else at Oceanside Wellness these days, even as their economic woes continue to get worse. But the thing is, I feel like everyone did a lot of talking (as usual), just not to the people they want to be talking to. Addison would love to talk to Naomi, but Naomi's still mad; Naomi needs Violet to be her new BFF and listen to her talk about Sam, but Violet feels like that ship has sailed; and Pete and Addison have never really talked as friends but now, because there really aren't many options left, they're feeling it out. To see the rest of my thoughts,


OK, raise your hand if you thought the steamy, sexy opening was, in fact, sexy? Sam and Naomi kicked everything off with crazy-suggestive "hate sex" facial expressions that made me feel like I'd walked in on friends doing it. It was really . . . intimate. I'm not sure I need to ever see them having hate sex again. And then straight from that to Cooper in the bathtub with Charlotte. While, in my mind, there are lots of charming, quirky reasons to find Cooper crush-worthy, that fuzzy island of chest hair is probably not one of them. Neither Addison nor Pete got to have sexy time in this opening and decide to jog out their frustrations (Addison's worried about Naomi, Pete feels old after sleeping with the temp) instead, which ends with Addison flying off the treadmill.

Addison is fed up with being ignored so she takes refuge at the hospital feeling all "bad ass," as Dell put it (more on his return in a sec!), rushing from one surgery to another. Charlotte picks up on the fact that Addison's enjoying getting her hands bloody again and decides to "woo" her with a job offer. And just as Addison has given up on SWAT guy, he, too, appears to "woo" her with sprinkled doughnuts. Addison is skeptical (you know, the whole "Why didn't you call?" thing) and SWAT guy says he was crazy busy and assures her that "This is me being charmed by your rambling, incoherent message."

Meanwhile Violet gets a really intense consult — a woman who is losing sleep because she's convinced her kid is a sociopath. He killed the family dog after his father died and hasn't shown remorse. Violet refuses to hand the lady a prescription for sleeping pills (as Sam is pressuring her to do) and instead insists on helping her. Violet also is annoyed that Naomi is Sam's sounding board and has an emotional talk with Naomi at the end accusing her of trading up their friendship for Addison and she was not going to be the next-best-thing-friend ("You were using me as your Addison"). This makes Naomi storm into Sam's office to help Dell get his job back and announce that she will not be his sounding board. So basically, by the end of the episode, at least some people finally started to say things to the people they really wanted to say them to.

A few more thoughts:

  • I know this sounds dark and a bit twisted, but I was secretly hoping Violet's sociopath was really a sociopath. But I guess that's more say, ER's style than Private Practice. In PP they always turn out to be so heartwarming!
  • But man, how's this for some pressure? Cooper to Violet re: the sociopath kid: "You don't want to be the one to miss Columbine."
  • Cooper's little big-headed baby side story was really sweet and cute. The woman who played the big-headed baby's mom was a good actress and I loved her sweet reaction to the situation (Cooper: "You know a lot of presidents had big heads").
  • Ouch! That young guy confronting Addison and asking her the name of his wife, whom she'd just operated on, stung.
  • Pete's little lecture to his undies-wearing fireman about how everyone has their "things" to cope with the curve balls life throws at us and this is good, this is what we need, lost me when those "things" included drinking too much.
  • And, Dell's back! Yay? Or meh?

What did you think about the episode?

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SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 9 years
I just love 'Christopher' so it makes the show better all around! But i do have to admit it is slowly getting better
AParker AParker 9 years
WHOO!! DELL IS BACK!!! *does a little dance* I def. hated the shooting scene, and a lot of the cutting in this - baseball bat moving around, anyone? It was too choppy; too jarring. However, there were some great points in this one - I loved Cooper's storyline with the little boy's big head, and the actress playing the mother was great. Plus, I loved the Violet/Naomi scene. Finally, Vi is sticking up for herself!! And I admit it... I wanted him to be a sociopath too, just because I wanted to see how they'd handle that one. But turning him into a not-sociopath was done VERY well, imo.
emms emms 9 years
Oh my God Buzz, we are reading each others minds! When I saw Cooper in the bathtub, I cringed. And then I panicked for a second because I thought, "What if my future husband or boyfriend has a chest like that? Do I ask him to shave it? Do I just deal with it?" I ran through five insta-scenarios in my head just because of that one "fuzzy island", so thanks ABC. Also, I was hoping that sociopath kid was really a sociopath kid too. I wanted Violet to go to his school and have his English teacher give her a story he just wrote called "The curly haired doctor who I'm going to kill in her sleep" or something. Sick, I know. But it would have been more interesting. Speaking on interesting, SWAT guy is NOT. I loved that actor as "Christopher" on Gilmore Girls, but on this show he is YAWN. Just like Max and Casey on Greek, I see this relationship between him and Addison as "filler"...nothing substantial whatsoever. And oh Cooper...I felt really sorry for him this episode. He already told Charlotte Church at the beginning of the episode that he thought he was the most worthless one at the practice, and then what does he do this episode? He establishes that a baby with a big head has just....a big head. Yep, he could probably be phased out. Lastly, I think that husband of the patient of Addison's in the ER so totally unrealistic. His whole speech about "And you didn't even know her name!" was JUST used to convince Addison to be at the practice not in an ER. I LOVED seeing her in scrubs this episode. I like her as a surgeon. Realistically, I don't think that husband would have said anything like that to her, I think he would have just been thankful that she came in, did her job, and saved his wife's and child's life. Maybe I'm wrong, but seeing as Addison is a "star" surgeon who is simply doing a "guest appearance" at the hospital, I wouldn't be too hard on her for not knowing the patients name. I'm sure the patient has other doctors and nurses looking after her who know her name and background. Addison was there as a favor to the hospital to save lives and she did. I think he needed to back off and let her work.
crazychica crazychica 9 years
I liked this week's episode, well most of it, the Pete story line I could have done without, it really was very boring, although I get the impression that it was supposed to be funny maybe? Well it most certainly did not make me laugh. I also did not like how quickly resolved the Violet story line was, it just seemed like a cop out in a way. Best parts of the episode were Addison and HotCop! They are super cute! I loved the end and the look on Addison's face when she was firing the gun, insanely hot! I also loved Violet's speech to Naomi, it was so well acted and so relatable, it really has to be the best Violet moment of the whole show thus far
thelorax thelorax 9 years
I laughed for at least 3 minutes straight at the opening sex scene with the orgasmic lip synching. Seriously. Not. Sexy. But very funny!!!
Curlywhirl Curlywhirl 9 years
I LOVE Dell!!! So glad he's back, and glad Naomi stood up for him.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
I agree about the shooting scene. It kinda bothered me, especially the expression on her face.
caernarvan caernarvan 9 years
I LOVE SWAT MAN!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE!! and he and addison look so cute together, even if the end was cheesy. if he can't be with lorelai gilmore, addison is the next best thing!
graylen graylen 9 years
"you could pretty much see the metaphysical bow"- What a great phrase. I liked that Violet completely called out Naomi for using her. We don't see a ton of Violet's emotions outside of Cooper, so it was nice to see this.
t-and-co t-and-co 9 years
Ok, but/and...What about the ending scene with Addison and the SWAT guy at the shooting range?!? Soooo cheesy!!! Also, wtf is up with Charlotte getting all upset about Addison turning down the job? She annoys me. Other than those two things, I thought it was a great episode.
Allyace Allyace 9 years
I keep giving this show second chances b/c I love the Addison character and want to see her return to her former glory. Last night's was actually better to me than the last few have been, but still there is something missing. First, I'm glad that Dell is back. I like that kid and was sad to see him go. Second, I kind of agree w/ would have been far more interesting if the kid had been a sociopath. It just seems like they wrapped that up way too could pretty much see the metaphysical bow. I wish shows would realize that they don't always have to resolve everything in one episode. LOST does this very well and it is how it stays interesting. That's actually one of my problems w/ Fringe too (even though I do dig that show). Third, both of the presidents mentioned --JFK and Lincoln-- were assassignated...not sure if that is what the mom wants her kid to live up to :-P.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
I felt the same way about the opening sex scene. It was a little too intimate for me, like I felt a little dirty watching it. And I feel you on the sociopath kid too, just because it would have been interesting, but it ended up really sad that he had to kill his dog to save his mom some money (whoever that actress was I thought she did a great job). That's about all I got, but I just feel the need to add that if Addison were really running a 5 minute mile like the treadmill said she was, she'd have been going way faster and would in no way have been able to talk so much.
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