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Private Practice Rundown: Episode Two, "Equal and Opposite"

Well, it looks like things at Oceanside Wellness will probably get worse before they get better. On this week's Private Practice, Sam and Addison solemnly try to get things back on track financially while encouraging the others to drum up new business. It's an unnatural state for this group to be in because no one likes the way Sam rules, and "drumming up new business" when you are in the business of helping people be healthy seems wrong. Staying in business while sticking to your ideals was the basic dilemma each character struggles with, and it's at times powerful stuff. I'm not gonna lie: I got teary several times last night. So let's talk about it — just


The episode gets off to a sad start with Naomi refusing to talk to Addison and Sam. In the beginning, Addison's sort of rolling her eyes at her friend's stubborn response to the coup and assuming she'll get over it, even pestering Naomi to gossip about her date with Mr. SWAT Team. Addison pushes and pushes until finally Naomi lashes back with some fairly extreme wording about how unforgivable Addison's actions were. I think desperate times call for desperate measures and Addison just wants to save the practice. Naomi probably needs to realize she did a lot of things that could have cost people their jobs and move on. What do you think?

Meanwhile, the rest of the doctors try to do their part despite hating Sam's management tactics, including his big organizational board (Addison calls it his "board of accomplishment" while everyone else dubs it the "board of shame"). Pete, for example, brings in a celluloid-zapping machine ("Why don’t you go back to sucking the fat out of people." — Sam), which turns into this symbol of all that is wrong with the new direction the practice is taking.

And while it was totally icky, the incest story was highly compelling. It was the catalyst for an interesting nature vs. nurture debate ("Biology says this is wrong." — Naomi) and I thought about what I would do if I were these kids' doctor. On the one hand, how can you march into a room and say, "Guess what? You're brother and sister, so we won't help you have a kid, and you should break up right this moment. Oh yeah, and stop loving each other, and don't ever have sex again"? On the other hand, how can you not? Tough question.

Some other thoughts:

  • I love Violet's epiphany: "Life is not ass fat!" Hear, hear! Violet and Pete's entire butt scene was funny.
  • Sam's contribution to the whole incest debate was simple and to the point: "Incest? That’s nasty.”
  • The debate about what to do about Kirk was also quite the dilemma: respect him because he's almost an adult, or defer to his father because he's not? When they let him die, I cried.
  • Violet was going nuts about Cooper's secret, and he finally tells her about Charlotte while she washes the lice out of his hair. A touching scene, really.
  • The first thing I thought when I saw Pete in bed with the "Cheetah Girl" was "gross!" So I'm glad she called him old right away. Hopefully, he's been thoroughly shamed.

Do you think Naomi needs to forgive Addison and focus on helping her best friend get the practice back on track? Were you surprised Cooper used the "love" word last night? Do you think "hate sex" sends mixed messages to the people you are busy giving the cold shoulder to?

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Join The Conversation
graylen graylen 8 years
I'm kinda surprised at all the bad will towards Naomi. She was publicly/professionally humiliated by the two people she cared about most. She was in over her head, sure, but it was still humiliation. That would take me some time to heal over.
pinkmystic pinkmystic 8 years
I love Dell, but in this episode, I completely forgot about him. :-(
crazychica crazychica 8 years
I loved the new episode. Kate Walsh was amazing in the solo scene where Addison was calling Kevin aka Hot Cop! Best scene of the night hands down. As for the whole Addison/Naomi thing, yes what Naomi did was wrong, but I understand her anger towards Addison right now, she is just being stubborn and not wanting to admit that she screwed up, in time she will see how stupid she is being and will begin to talk to Addison again. The only way for the Practice to survive is for all of the doctors to unite and try and help save it together.
Mädchen Mädchen 8 years
I feel weird saying it, but I actually miss Dell...
bushra bushra 8 years
agreed about Naomi, most of the time she uses her issues and their their "betrayal" to get some action with Sam. boring. i will persist with this show tho, cos I'm rooting for Coop and Charlotte (am i the only one who loves her haircut?!)
PollyPrissyPants PollyPrissyPants 8 years
This show definitely has it's up and downs...but it never fails to make me laugh and cry. Also, Naomi? Needs to get over may not have happened in the best way but Addison and Sam did what needed to be done.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
The ethical dilemmas were compelling last night, especially how to respect Kirk's desire to end his suffering and his dad's desire to hold on. I, too, cried when Kirk died, but felt satisfied that his dad had, indeed, honored his son. And,the dilemma created by the limited pool of sperm donors was something I had never thought about. I liked how they played out this story. Thus far, I'm enjoying PP more this season, but there's still something lacking, though I don't know what's missing. The medical cases are more interesting; maybe I'm just not convinced that the personal relationships between and among the doctors are worth investing in. I really don't care about Addison and Naomi's relationship that much; they both need to get over themselves.
menthadict menthadict 8 years
I think Naomi DEFINITELY needs to get over her anger and admit that she f**ked up and it's not Addison's fault that she's trying to fix it.
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