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Private Practice Recast: Episode 12, "Homeward Bound"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 12, "Homeward Bound"

Man, the women of Private Practice are pretty screwed up emotionally. They all admit it this week, too, which is heartbreaking and kind of interesting when you think about it. I feel like I need to pause and give thanks for the over-30 female-driven storylines. Also heartbreaking? Charlotte King crying on Cooper's lap. Aw! I'm officially rooting for these two now, even though I'm very, very frightened of that woman. Let's chat about it, just


It wasn't just the doctors who had me glued to my TV set this week — it was also the patients. Raise your hand if you knew the mother was gay? I thought maybe she had another lover or something, but as soon as the other lady showed up I figured it out. The poor son! Do you think he's too hard on his mom or is that a totally natural reaction? And then there's that crazy decision that father has to make! I won't even get into the medical explanation of what's going on (I had to rewind four times to try to understand). But the choice he has to make is excruciating, and the way it all plays out pulled at my heartstrings but also struck me as implausible. I mean, if you decide you are going to give up your son so you can be with your daughter, wouldn't you take a second to call an aunt or someone? Instead of handing him to a random doctor? Maybe call up a lawyer and figure out some custody stuff? I was confused.

Meanwhile, Sheldon, who previously suffered from impotence, is now showing up to Violet's doorstep declaring "It's up Violet! Full mast!" I immediately thought Violet would turn him away with an "Um, no thanks. I'm sleeping with a hot guy named Pete" — but no! She starts sleeping with both guys and tells Addison and Naomi she can't choose between Pete's heat and Sheldon's comfort. You guys. I am not a fan of Sheldon's. I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about him showing up on doorsteps with erections.

In Addison-land, she and SWAT guy are having horribly icky fights. She's all, "A child is dying and you want to chill out!" and he yells back that she's no fun. Why'd they bring him back? Now it's basically cheating when she makes out with Wyatt. And Addison is already branded a cheater from her Grey's Anatomy days. But yay for making out with Wyatt — could he be cuter? He looks like future 40-something Will from Privileged.

A few more thoughts:

  • I think it's funny when Cooper thinks "Big Daddy" is the username of someone Charlotte's getting it on with online. But no. It's her father. Who is dying.
  • And wait a minute. . . Violet has sex with two guys at the same time for the first time in her life and she's stricken with some terrible peeing condition? I mean, Pete is the sluttiest person on the show and theoretically could have gotten seven STDs by now, but as soon as Violet is having all this sex, the writers make her come down with a physical ailment and struggle with the double standards of female and male sexuality? Seems like overkill. And what a loopy mixed message that is.
  • I really felt for Naomi. I would be super sad to see a younger lady hanging out with my ex and my daughter. But Sonya turns out to be cool so it's all good.
  • Another icky line from Sheldon, which is his version of foreplay: "From a psycho-physiological standpoint, this is remarkable." Wow, could he be less sexy?
  • Ha! Cooper's advice to Violet about sex is hysterical. Cooper: "You're a red-blooded American — sex is your birthright." Violet: "I will exercise my right!"

What did you think of this episode?

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Join The Conversation
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
DCBaxter - I thought it was awkward too. In fact, even if I were a doctor, I would think it might be awkward for one of my coworkers to check out my lady bits, period.
DCBaxter DCBaxter 8 years
Was it just me, or was it super awkward when Addison, Violet and Naomi are sitting there chit-chatting while Addison is giving her a gyno exam???? Maybe it's not awkward in the world of doctors but it was so weird to me! I think they brought Swat guy back only to pit him against Wyatt and to go along with theme of how to choose between two people - the dad choosing between his two children, Addison had to choose which guy was better for her, Violet choosing between Pete and Sheldon.... I wish private practice had a blog like the grey's anatomy writer's blog., it's so interesting to get their perspective.
FrauBlucher FrauBlucher 8 years
Actually, I would like to add a fact about Violet's "terrible peeing condition". It is not strictly a STD but is a mere "mechanical" problem that can arise from having a lot of sex (especially without being used to it), even with one single partner. So considering that Violet has been without men for a while, and considering that now she is having a lot of sex (her words!), it is perfectly plausible that she could suffer from honeymoon cystitis. But it's not an STD!
emms emms 8 years
Sheldon is the complete embodiment of my greatest fear: the worst sex of my life
kateandleo kateandleo 8 years
these past 2 episodes reminded me of greys in the first couple seasons.. always leaves me crying but so good!
nessa17 nessa17 8 years
i meant cooper and charlotte.
lovesSpam lovesSpam 8 years
Sheldon gives me the wiggins. And instead of slamming the door in his face, Violet rewards his creepiness by sleeping with him. And then Sheldon gets to look all valiant by shrugging off the love triangle.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Sheldon. Doorstep. Not cool. That's all. I really can't get past it enough to say anything else.
crazychica crazychica 8 years
Do not like Addison and her cheating ways, not cool. Violet got bitten by Shondaland karma. Tis all. KaDee for the win! Nuff said :D
rainbow-cadillac rainbow-cadillac 8 years
I just started watching this show last night, and I cried so much. It was heartbreaking how the father had to choose between his daughter and his son.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
Thanks EkaterinaBallerina! All fixed. I think I had Biggie's music in my head when I was writing this :)
nessa17 nessa17 8 years
Istarted watching this show and actually really like it. yesterday's story with the dad and the kids were heartbreaking. I also like cooper and violet together.
electricxbaby electricxbaby 8 years
This episode made me cry so much! The daughter's death was right in front of the father that's why he chose to be with her, but how could you leave a screaming/crying child like that (his son). It was heartbreaking. I don't understand why Violet picked Sheldon, weirddd.
EkaterinaBallerina EkaterinaBallerina 8 years
I hate Sheldon too. The whole thing creeped me out to no end. I want him to go. I actually like Pete and Violet together. What's worse is that Pete had the normal reaction to her two-timing, but Sheldon seemed okay? Weird. Charlotte's dad was called "Big Daddy"! Not "Big Poppa". And I KNEW who she was talking about. She's Southern. I figured they were throwing in all the Southern stereotypes they could: calling your father "Big Daddy", the house, her preppy brothers drinking, the driveway to her house (seen in the background). I disagree about the family storyline. I think his decision to be with his daughter was based on emotions. You are rarely rational when you act on emotions. It seemed plausible that he'd just do it. Violet said it best--that was what was right in front of him at that moment.
superstar2780 superstar2780 8 years
I wasn't all that invested in the storyline of the father and the kids - it seemed rushed, I didn't understand the explanation of why, exactly, he would die if he saw his daughter (I don't have dvr so I couldn't rewind) ... it was eh. I agree about sheldon, he kind of creeps me out and he and violet do not seem like a match for some reason. I was getting into this 'relationship' with pete, but of course the writers need some drama. and, I was also annoyed that they brought back christopher (I don't remember his name on this show) just to have addison be the cheater, again. there was a lot going on in this episode! but I like this show, and really these days I'm more into private practice than grey's, shonda lost me with all that bringing-back-denny stuff.
bowwowza bowwowza 8 years
this show is to boring to watch-zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
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