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Privileged's Will and Gilmore Girls's Logan: A Theory

Privileged's Will and Gilmore Girls's Logan: A Theory

I recently received a message from Team member syako in which she put forth a theory about a connection between Privileged (which, sadly, ends tonight!) and Gilmore Girls. The theory is this: Viewers of both shows who like the character of Will on Privileged (Megan's hunky but perhaps a little spoiled neighbor) were probably also fans of Logan on Gilmore Girls. So far we are proving this theory correct: She likes both Will and Logan, and I don't care very much for either of them!

Where do you fall? Did you like Logan during the Gilmore Girls days? Do you care for the handsome Will, despite his occasional whining?

Privileged has, in some ways, filled the hole that was left when Gilmore Girls ended — I just find it so refreshing to see a TV show about teens and an early 20-something girl that isn't, well, trashy. Tonight's season finale is titled "All About a Brand New You!" and features Kathy Griffin as the wedding planner for Marco and Keith's wedding. There's a ton of other drama, including (but not limited to) issues with Megan's dad, a Spring break-related tiff between Rose and Sage, and Luis's refusal to attend a gay wedding.

Tune in tonight and then come back tomorrow and chat with me about the finale! To watch a clip from tonight's episode,


Privileged photo courtesy of the CW and Gilmore Girls photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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clew001 clew001 8 years
i love will. i'm going to be so sad if this show is really cancelled.
db849 db849 8 years
I absolutely loved Logan and was really bummed when Rory turned him down...has no one ever heard of a long engagement? Anyhow, I would love to see some ode to Gilmore Girl Fashion- the clothes on that show were great! I know it's been off the air for ages, but I still watch the re-runs. Love it!
bakedbeans bakedbeans 8 years
I know this is a bit late, but after catching up with Priv. I def get your theory about Will and Logan, and personally, being a lover of Logan, I predictably loved Will as well.
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
saradd, I just found out those two are dating in real life! So maybe the show will imitate life. :)
saradd saradd 8 years
I loved Logan on GG, but I do not like Will. I want Megan to date Robert Buckley's character, now he's hot!
simplyfab87 simplyfab87 8 years
I love Logan on GG, I was bummed when him and Rory didn't end up together. On the other hand, I cannot stand Will, his character is so whiny and I don't think he challenges Megan at all. Yeah Megan can be a little uppity but the way Will thinks she's always against him is so annoying.
Jess8902 Jess8902 8 years
I think that I probably wayyy overanalyzed it and you're right!
syako syako 8 years
Maybe that is how it was. I just always thought there was instant chemistry and attraction between both of them. And really the only reason they didn't get together right away was because of Dean.
Jess8902 Jess8902 8 years
Do you think he liked her so much in the beginning? He liked her taste in books and of course she's beautiful.. even if slightly awkward when he first arrived. I always thought he had such fun messing with Dean and he seemed a bit surprised himself when he did fall hard for her. Am I off?
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
Ohh... It might work... this theory... I'm with a number of the posters on here. Jess all the way!
PinkTink707 PinkTink707 8 years
I loved Logan (and not just b/c he was hot LOL), Will I can do without - I would very much have preferred Megan with Charlie. I really hope they dont cancel it :(
syako syako 8 years
That's true, but she definitely didn't have to do any work to get him to date her. She broke up with Dean, and in an instant was with Jess. :P
Jess8902 Jess8902 8 years
I liked Rory with Jess. I've heard that the Amy Sherman Palladino wanted Milo to come back and for J/R to get back together in the end but he didn't want to. I dunno if that's true but if it is, BOO, Milo. Just.. BOO:( \ Syako, I didn't think Jess fawned all over her, not like Dean anyway;)
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
I hope this show get a second season! It's true I do have simmilar feelings twards the two characters. I don't like or disslike either. Both of them can be sweet and cute, and both can be really annoying. Both of them gave off a cool and collected attitude before Megan and Rory dated them, then the annoying controlling aggressive side came out. Leaving me wondering what happened to that pleasant, funny guy?
smileyface smileyface 8 years
I can definitely see the similarities between this and Girlmore Girls. Rami the butler on Privileged reminds me Michel frim GGs.
nessa17 nessa17 8 years
I never really watched glimore girls, just some random episodes so i am not sure about logan but i like will from privileged though. BTW the finale of privileged was awesome, not too overdone.
sandy82 sandy82 8 years
*sorry I should have proofed my last comment. my grammar is awful :(
sandy82 sandy82 8 years
I didn't like Logan. I used to hate how he used to call Rory "Ace." I liked Jess better.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
aimeeb — So far as we know right now, it's just the end of the season for Privileged. No word yet on whether the CW will renew the series for a second season. Fingers crossed!
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
BTW end of the season or series??
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Will annoys me. I'm not sure what it is but his character is so dull. Logan was okay on GG but I preferred Milo Ventimiglia as Jesse (Luke's nephew) much more!! :)
malzie89 malzie89 8 years
oh how i miss gilmore girls.. i was pretty ehh of logan and am with will too.. i always thought rory and jess were perfect together..
johnsonkm20 johnsonkm20 8 years
Logan was my favorite boyfriend for Rory, but I'm not as attached to Will, yet. As many of you have said, I enjoyed that Rory actually had to work for Logan's affections. I hope that Privileged comes back next season so that I can become more attached to Will & Megan.
hanako66 hanako66 8 years
I'm so sad that it is the last one!! I think that you are on to something Sy....I LOVED Logan and LOVE Will! I was so mad when Rory broke up with Logan and Megan is really making me mad right now!! Plus, like you said...doesn't hurt that they are both super hot :)
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