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Privileged Recap: Episode 11, "All About Love, Actually"

Privileged Rundown: Episode 11, "All About Love, Actually"

Well, the title doesn't lie: This episode of Privileged is indeed all about love (actually) — and specifically, the trials and tribulations of dating long-distance. Laurel goes off to meet Miles, Megan and Will talk about the whole Brazil issue, and Charlie and Mandy have to decide whether they're really going to live together. But that's not all — there's a little something-something between Sage and Marco's new kitchen helper, Luis, too. There's really no limit to what a good cassoulet can do. If you missed this episode, it repeats tonight at its regular time, but if you're ready to talk about it now,


  • So Megan makes off with the cheat purse, no problem, and then informs Rose that she's grounded. Because it's Megan, it's "The X-Games of grounding," with Rose indefinitely confined to "these four — make that six to eight — walls." Heh.
  • Also, just so we're clear, here's what grounding means to a girl like Rose: "No phone, no internet, no Pilates." I love that she tries to make nice with Megan by handing over some of her favorite things, including her laptop and her new crystal headband.
  • Rose is also furious at Sage for telling Megan about the cheating, so they're not speaking for most of the episode.This frees up Sage to spend plenty of time in the kitchen torturing/flirting with Luis, who's also Charlie's cousin. You know, this show has enough complicated family trees, it could put the Walkers to shame.
  • Meanwhile, Will initially tells Megan he wants to "pause" their relationship while he's in Brazil, then kind of backs down, and then it doesn't matter anyway because he's not going to Brazil.
  • Wallow Hollow! OMG, what a great idea. Will's has sushi, Japanese beer, and Monty Python movies. What's in your Wallow Hollow?
  • But all is less well once Megan finds out that Will knew about the job before he even asked Megan out! I loved her bonding with Rose over this later (after Rose is no longer "grounded from banter"), because Rose confirms that Will's actions constitute a "bogus ask."
  • Speaking of bogus asks — oh, the saga of Charlie and Mandy moving in together. Do you agree with Megan that Mandy was trying to get Charlie to say they were doing the right thing? Or do you agree with Mandy's opinion that Megan's basically nuts? Also, while we're at it, how do you feel about Mandy generally? I was actually a little relieved that she was going to be moving an hour away . . . until they resolve all their issues and move in anyway.
  • Also moving awfully fast, until it suddenly goes nowhere: Miles and Laurel. Miles takes the news of being a father surprisingly well (by which I mean, there's no reaction, really), but then Laurel's too busy to make time for him and they're never going to date long-distance, and blah blah blah, that's pretty much over. If Miles had been more conniving, I'd expect he'd show up in the girls' lives in some evil way down the line.
  • You know what deserves its own bullet point? Bedazzled jeans.
  • On that note: Want the clothes. Again.
  • Rose's grades come in, and they're pretty decent — a couple of C's, some B's, an A-minus. Megan agrees to ease up on the pressure if Rose won't lie and cheat.
  • There's no arguing that Will doesn't know how to do a dramatic gesture. First, porch sneaking; now, chestnuts and Christmas tree! Still . . . Megan's pretty quick to forgive, no?

So: Are you feeling sparks between Sage and Luis? What secrets do you think Sage keeps from Rose? Have you had a "I would love to not be in these jeans right now" moment?

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bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
Saw the epi last night online after all and Still HATE Mandy and I think megan was right about her motive and Charlie is stupid for telling Mandy he Talked to Megan. teh Miles thing seems over for Laurel but I think it has to come back up otherwise what is the point of bringing up the whole story line to begin with. I'm not sure what Sage knows but it probably has to do with the grandfather thing or somethign else about their parents because she's always trying to protect Rose from something. Luis was awesome and Sage was so B****y to him but I hope they do get together and he keeps giving her heck. The Will thing was regrettable but I think his apology was wonderful even without the Christmas Wallo Hollow. I can understand why Megan was upset initially but once he told her that he asked her out because he was afraid if he didn't he would lose his chance and he wanted her to know for sure just how into her he is that should have been enough.
cibele cibele 8 years
I don't like Sage, but i want to see her and Luis together.
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
I caught it last night, so now I'm ready to talk. First, loved the bedazzled jeans. Poor Megan, what a riot. Yeah, I've had moments like that, but it's usually because I haven't done my hair or put on makeup and I get caught by someone at the store or somewhere. I can't stand Mandy. She really seems like she's trying to drive a wedge between megan and Charlie, but Charlie's an IDIOT about women! WTF was he doing TELLING Mandy he'd talked to Megan? Is he STOOPID? LOL I wish Mandy would move to, oh say, Jupiter? I don't think we've see the end of the "Miles" story line. I think it was very telling that Sage didn't meet Miles when he was there, only Rose. And that got me thinking about the "secrets" that Sage knows. I'll bet she knows that they are NOT their "Grandfathers granddaughters" so to speak. I'm sure it's going to have to do with a Blood test or something, but you watch, Sage already knows she's not biologically connected by both parents, though I'll BET she doesn't know WHOSE fault the discrepancy is. Then, when she finds out Megan knows and didn't tell them, well, all hell will break loose. Will is a dumba** at relationships, there's no other way to say it. But I have to give him credit for listening. I half expected for him to have had the pool frozen over for them to ice skate on. LOL And poor Luis! Sage can be so MEAN sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
I'm so sad that i missed this episode. I forgot about the Monday night airing and last night we were out so I didn't get to see it. God I need Tivo LOL! I can agree with the Mandy thing though. She has been an annoying little plot point since she was introduced. I think that she is clearly jealous of Charlie's feelings for Megan and she uses her whole "laid back" vibe to try to make Charlie think there is something wrong with his and Megan's relationship. I do think that in time though the writer's plan to get rid of her after she does some hopefully minimal damage
PinkTink707 PinkTink707 8 years
You are so right Buzz! It was so odd that Miles had no reaction to not knowing about his daughter....NOT TO MENTION a daughter who has died before he ever knew about her!!! Major plot error if you ask me. Also, I really dont like Mandy...she annoys me with her "I'm a cool laid back surfer chick" thing. (maybe that is becuare I hope Charlie and Megan get together.) I loved Wallow Hollow and Will's NYC Christmas for Megan!!
sunsmuckers sunsmuckers 8 years
Okay so I'll admit, I actually starting tearing up when I saw Will's "make-up gift" to Meghan! I know I'm such a sap, but can you imagine if that was you receiving it from your guy? Wow. And Rose is totally cute with her trying to get back into graces routine.
jelibeann jelibeann 8 years
I just love this show and I hope you're right that the new day will boost the ratings. I dropped 90210 weeks ago. I agree with the Mandy situation - I was excited to think she might be moving away - she brings nothing to the show and makes me care even less about Charlie than I did prior to her existence. I am in love with Will and I'm already sad to think that so early in the show, this relationship will hardly last! Drama will have to ensue. The whole Laurel relationship was odd - I wonder if he'll be back (Summer's dad for any OC fans) - seemed like a silly addition otherwise. And as much as Sage has bothered me, probably because Megan and Rose are so freakin adorable, I am so excited for her crush...I hope we see some more next week :) Haha...while I can't think of a specific bedazzled jeans experience, I had a gut feeling that I've been there :)
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
I loved the tension between Sage and Luis. Since when dose Megan have the authority to ground Rose? Megan was quick to forgive, but you've got to admit Will had all the right moves. Besides, I don't think she really wanted to be mad at him, she just wanted to make sure he was serious and not using her. It bugs me that Charlie was pretty much fine with Mandy calling his best friend crazy. Also don't like that Mandy is constantly needing to show how laid back she is, okay we get it already. Findlay yes she was looking for Charlie to tell her they were doing the right thing.
bchicgrl bchicgrl 8 years
First things first, I loved when Megan barged in and took Rose's purse away so she couldn't cheat. The look on both her and Sage's face was priceless. The becoming grounded just made it funnier. I was glad to hear that Laurel was getting out there but disappointed that her romance with an old love was taken away, I wish we could see more between those too. I'm glad Will's staying as I'm eager to see what happens between him and Megan and I must say I was in awe of his gift (more guys in the real world need to be like that). I wish Mandy would've moved far far far away, I don't like her character and somehow i think further in the season I can see her ordering Charlie not to hang out with Megan which will be very sad. I'm excited for next week to see what happens with Megan's mom coming back in the picture and to see if Sage goes for it and kisses Luis, it would be nice to see her in a relationship too. I'm so glad they moved it to come on after Gossip Girl, maybe more people will stay tuned in and the network will bring it back for a 2nd season.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
emms — haha, whoops, it's Mandy. And yeah, not such a big fan ...
emms emms 8 years
I thought it was stupid of the producers to have Rose give Megan her laptop when they showed their closet Mac station at the beginning of the season. Even geeksugar wrote about the awesome technological setup they had in there. Also, I believe the actress who plays Charlies gf to be incredibly boring. I went back to your recap Buzz to look for her name and you said "Charlie moves in with Megan" so its looks like I wasn't the only one who found that girl forgettable...
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