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Privileged Recap: Episode 17, "All About Betrayal"

Privileged Rundown: Episode 17, "All About Betrayal"

Wow, this week's Privileged has a lot of fallout from last week's big confessions. We finally learn Sage's big secret, and Rose starts to realize that all her life people have kept secrets from her in an effort to protect her. She no longer wants to be protected, though, and it's interesting how much more grown-up Rose seems by the end of this episode. Meanwhile, Megan and Will are fighting about career issues and Marco longs to get back together with Keith.

Did you watch this second-to-last episode of Privileged? To talk about it,


  • So Sage's big confession is out, and no, it doesn't turn out that she somehow murdered her parents or anything like that. But she does believe she caused their deaths by whining and crying so much (about not being able to go to a birthday party with a petting zoo!) that they missed their plane, instead boarding the one that crashed and killed them. Obviously, a lot of other people had a hand in that accident, but I can understand why Sage feels responsible.
  • Rose's reaction to the confession's super-interesting to me: She's mad, but she's not mad about what Sage did when they were 6 years old. Instead, she's mad that Sage protected her from that — and who knows what else? — over the years. It's a little sad to see her packing up her suitcase at the end of the episode, but she's not going far, just down the hall. There are lots of reasons why I want this show to get a second season, but one is definitely that I want to see how Rose acts when she's less under Sage's wing.
  • Robert Buckley is hot, but as the magazine editor, he's also kind of a jerk. He gives Megan a hard time with all of her pitches while making Will photo editor (at his dad's request), then tells Megan he can't deal with having a conflict of interest down the line with his employees dating.
  • I find it a little disorienting to see Megan so flustered by David. Not that she should be sassy with him, but it's startling to see someone (other than Laurel) shoot her down and talk down to her — and to watch her just take it. I like it more when Megan's all bubbly and overtalk-y. The addition of David is throwing me for a loop.
  • But the part that got a real reaction from me in this episode was Will's behavior! My gosh, he's so unfair to Megan, jumping down her throat when she says she doesn't want his dad to get her a job. Projection much, Will? Sheesh.
  • Is this curtains for Will and Megan? I can't remember the last episode that went by without them fighting, and the magazine issue pokes at one of their central conflicts: Megan wants to earn everything, and Will's more or less OK with using his wealth and contacts to his advantage. Not to be a Negative Nancy or anything, but I kind of hope they do break up — or at least take a little breather.
  • In other love story news: Marco proposes! "Platinum doesn't lie"!
  • Overall, I'm glad that they're using Marco more and more — and not just for a punny quip here and there. His storyline is actually moving forward and I like it.
  • Since Keith turned Marco down the first time, does that mean Megan got to eat the turtles?

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