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Privileged Recap: Episode 18, "All About a Brand New You"

Privileged Rundown: Episode 18, "All About a Brand New You"

It wasn't among the CW's early renewals yesterday, but creator Rina Mimoun is presenting the season two storyline to CW execs this week. So, bottom line: Cross your fingers.

This finale — which even ended with the hopeful words "to be continued" — doesn't leave me with the kind of cliffhanger that I desperately need to have resolved, but it does set up lots of great material for a second season, if not beyond. I really hope this show gets picked up for another season!

Did you catch the finale? To chat about it,


  • This episode turned on the waterworks for me — I couldn't help it! It's so sweet when Sage and Marco have their heart-to-heart about Luis, ending with Marco telling Sage, "I love you, too." And then there's the actual wedding itself which, come on, it's a wedding! Even Sage cried! And finally, when Sage calls Rose "Rosie" at the end and tells her how brave it is to do her big wilderness trip — tear!
  • Speaking of which: Rose's decision to grow up and become independent clearly wasn't all talk and no action, to the point that she gets a big box with a knife delivered to her (you can ship that?) for her upcoming Outward Bound survival trip. Not only is she skipping out on Spring Break with Sage in Aspen for it, but she's also alienating her friends with her questionable outdoorsy fashion choices and bug spray scent.
  • I'm glad we got to see at least a little tutoring in this episode, because it definitely hasn't been the focus for a while. Megan is sweet with Sage, suggesting that maybe she actually try hard on something rather than just squeaking by with minimal effort. Also love this exchange:

    Megan: "I'm surprised at how quickly you came to that conclusion."
    Sage: "I'm a big fan of Blink."

  • For that matter, this episode is one of the quippiest we've had in a while. Sage's "I don't need bullet points to get people to agree with me; I have a black AmEx card for that," "I think it might be too moist for love," and "Fleece, Rose? Seriously? Why not get a perm and call it a day?" are a few of my favorites.
  • Kathy Griffin as the guys' wedding planner — what did you think? I think she was perfectly cast, though at the same time I'm glad she didn't have any more lines than she did.
  • With all the growing Rose is doing, it's nice to see some from Sage as well. Dumping Luis must be hard — it's her first real breakup — but she wants someone who's open to new ideas, and Luis's opposition to Marco and Keith's wedding means he's not that guy for her.
  • All this "personal growth stuff," as Rose puts it, is actually really inspiring! I now have an urge to go on a big outdoor adventure . . . or something else spontaneous and challenging.
  • The dancing scene at the wedding is adorable! I want to believe they just basically turned on some good music, told the cast to dance, and let the cameras roll.
  • I liked that the episode seems like a very final finale — wrapping up some storylines, including having Laurel love the book Megan's writing about her — but with a fun twist at the end. As Megan talks to Will on the phone and invites him over to talk I was so relieved that she didn't go out with that new guy . . . except she did! Having him sit up in her bed and grin, followed by her cute little "Holy crap!"? Super awesome ending.

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FilmStar FilmStar 8 years
I wish this was still on the air. It was such a fun show.
AWDean AWDean 8 years
It really is a good show, I actually love it. I would be disappointed if the CW pulled the plug. I think Lucy Hale, Ashley Newbrough and JoAnna Garcia are all great and will become big stars. Lucy is my favorite. So I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope the network does the right thing.
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
I loved it! I missed the first few minutes, so I have will have to catch up on that some time, but I completely loved it. I was actually telling my boyfriend the other day about the Sage/Luis storyline and how I really liked it. I thought it was cool how they brought up the issue of gay marriage in a way that made sense. e is Catholic, so it seemed plausible that he would be against it. But I really liked how instead of making that the reason they broke up, it was because he wasn't willing to sit down and talk to her about it. I just thought it played out well. On the other hand, I'm just kind of over Will. He seems whiney. I was hoping they were done for good.
syako syako 8 years
I'm going to go against the tide a little bit here... While I liked the episode, I feel like too much was decided way too quickly. I feel like Sage just gave up on Luis way too easily. I mean, she asked him ONCE to go see a MOVIE, and since he said no, she thought that meant he was closed-minded? How about instead of sitting for two hours in front of a movie screen, you really sit and talk with your bf about this and find out where he is coming from. He is Catholic. He still loves Marco and never had a problem being his friend or his employee. He obviously isn't one of these crazies that would carry a sign at the front of the ceremony saying terrible things about the grooms. All he said was he didn't want to go to the wedding. He never called Marco or Keith names. He never even really judged him. He just said it was against what he believed in, and Sage totally had an opportunity to sit down with him, and even use Scripture and show him how it wouldn't be hypocritical. But nope, she said, "Let's go watch Milk."
anamariababe anamariababe 8 years
marco got married... so cute!!! when i proposed he has such a cute face!! that's love! i'm sorry megan broke up with will... he is so cute & hot...
nessa17 nessa17 8 years
I loved this episode and sages's speech at the end. I hope it comes back for another season.
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
Sorry, but I thought Kathy Griffin was just plain annoying. I loved Rose's dress at the wedding! The ending was very funny, made the show end on a good note. If it is brought back for a second season, I can't wait to see Megan talk her way out of this one!
smileyface smileyface 8 years
ilanc13, even though you missed it eventually the CW should put it online, so you can catch it then. They also might air it again next Tues. Also, now that Marco is married is he still going to be on the show? Obvs. he won't live there anymore, but he's still going to the chef right? (I couldn't live without Marco snarkiness!)
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
thank you for sharing the recap - i actually missed the episode last night and forgot to DVR it...hopefully it'll be on again tonight but i don't know for sure. anyway, it's good to know what happened since we're still uncertain about whether it'll come back or not.
emms emms 8 years
I thought there were some good moments about this episode, but I can't get over Charlie being gone. I liked his character so much...I'm not coping with his departure well. I really could care less about Will but he is still nice to look at. Kathy Griffin's "character" was so much like herself (I bet she had a say in her lines) that I was thrown when she was referred to as "Olivia". I am very happy that there was no plot about Megan's family and hasn't been in the last few episodes. I thought Robert Buckley's (is it just me or will he always seem like 'Kirby'?) big glasses were adorable and I'm thankful they didn't try to throw in some Megan/David sexual tension before the season ended. Of course, I really hope this gets renewed, but there's some kinks the writer's need to work out if there will be a second season.
esmerb esmerb 8 years
I loved the ep so much and will miss these characters but hopefully I won't miss them for too long cause they need to come back in the fall!
bchicgrl bchicgrl 8 years
This episode was so awesome and I agree very teary buzz. It will be interesting to see how Megan is able to hide the english guy & impulsiveness from the wedding. I really hope the CW picks this show back up.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
the end was kind of predictable for me. Overall it was an okay episode.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
I really don't think it'll get canceled! I think if they let shows like 90210 stay on the air, this will too! The 'new guy' at the end was not cute!
nicole121482 nicole121482 8 years
I really, really love this show! Haven't missed an episode, love this show! God, I hope it's not cancelled!! I can't wait to see more of what would be to come!!!!
inmybubble inmybubble 8 years
This show is adorable. I will be so upset if it gets cancelled - it hasn't even really had a chance to get started! There are so many different ways it could go and I hope it's around long enough for us to see some of them!
Ellietalk Ellietalk 8 years
I love this show! please let it come back next season. I loved that they showed more tutoring and one on one with Megan and each of the girls. It is awesome how much of a positive influence she has had on them and they on her. I adore how much each girl is becoming their own person yet as proven in the end, still so close and devoted to each other. to be honest, I wasnt all that sad that Megan and Will ended. He was really starting to bug. I am glad he learned a lesson, but I feel that he was way to hard on Megan. She doesnt need to be a "mom" to him, and I feel like though she hasnt been perfect, she does a lot of teaching and that must be exhausting. Relationship should be about teaching one another, but not in such an acrimonious way. Zack and Rose are a perfect example of this. Lastly, I thought the dancing bit really showed how the girls, megan, and laurel have all gotten much closer over the course of the year and how they have become a family. Loved it! (sorry for the book)
smileyface smileyface 8 years
I loved this finale! I so hope that it comes back next season. Sage and Luis breaking up was sad, but I see her point. And I love Rose and her trying to be on her own now. Also her singing at the wedding was so nice. I too loved the dancing scene. I thought that it was a perfect ending to the season. (Note season, not series :)). Kathy Griffin was good and had some good lines, and I agree that she was there just enough to really enjoy her, but it wasn't overkill. This better be picked up for another season. I love this show and I need to know what happens with Will and Megan, and that guy with the accent!
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