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Privileged Rundown: Episode 15, "All About the Big Picture"

Privileged Rundown: Episode 15, "All About the Big Picture"

Soooo much family drama in this week's episode of Privileged. Too much family drama? Hmm. There is also some fun Marco stuff (having to do with his dream to open up his own place!) and the twins grapple with the old conundrum: Fame or boys?

Did you watch Privileged this week? To see some of my thoughts on this episode and chat about it all,


  • There's a lot of interesting stuff in this episode, like Will and Megan fighting over Will's role in the whole Lily/mom debacle and Lily and Megan's minor reconciliation. But I'm not watching the show to find out whether Megan's dad starts drinking again. Is that bad to say?
  • "You're a billionaire! Isn't there a special hotline for you guys?" Also love Megan's response to Will's cheesy crack about what said hotline would be ("1-800-IM-RICH?"): "That's not enough numbers!"
  • Rose's relationship with Zach is still adorable, even if it's baffling her friends. "You're dating a mathlete! And you won't even make fun of him!"
  • Sage's continued giddiness over her new relationship with Luis is also pretty cute. And for some cheesy reason, I find it endearing that the young chef falls in love with a girl named Sage because, you know, Quiche Sage actually makes sense no matter how you mean it.
  • Marco's stress-organizing post-breakup. Megan wants him to channel his energy into other things, like changing his hair. His response: "I'm not 16, or a girl, or white."
  • Will's mom cooks?
  • I love that Pete Wentz shows up and then gets totally overshadowed by gross Max. Max first acts all squicky and intimate with Rose, then Sage tells him that Hugh Hefner wants his nasty plaid jacket back.
  • Ack, Lily is just nothing but trouble. She raises hell over not knowing her mom was in town, then about her mom skipping town, and then she has to go and kiss Will! I have such a hard time sympathizing with her. At all.
  • Even the heartwarming scene between Megan and Lily toward the end did very little for me. I think I'm getting sick of Megan feeling responsible all the time and apologizing and Lily never feeling responsible or apologizing.
  • Oh, so much drama with Marco's restaurant! Obviously I don't want him to leave the show, but I was so happy for him when he thought he was going to be moving on and opening his own place. And I absolutely loved the part with Marco and Megan squealing and jumping up and down over the news that Laurel is giving him the money.
  • Dear CelebStyle, please find me that dress that makes Megan look "respectably hot-cute," 'k? Thanks.
  • Wait, after Megan leaves Will's place for dinner, does she not go back to her dad's like she said she would? Or did that just get cut? It was bizarre to see her go from that emotional scene to a happy, chipper moment with the twins.
  • Apparently the Baker twins' big moment as celebutantes has passed. It's kind of funny to see them so wiped out from nights of nonstop parties. Also funny? Rose's ho-hum line as she's putting on jewelry: "OK. I'm ready to help cure cancer."
  • "Driver Dave" will probably never stop being a funny name to me.
  • Coincidentally, I also wanted the Reality Bites Ethan Hawke to marry me.
  • Ha! Megan says Miley Cyrus already looks older than she does.
  • Aaaaaack! Will loves Megan! And Megan loves Will, but he still said it first!

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