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Privileged Rundown: Episode 16, "All About Confessions"

Privileged Rundown: Episode 16, "All About Confessions"

This week's episode of Privileged really is all about confessions! Big reveal-y ones, too, from Charlie to Megan, from Rose to Zach (and Zach to Rose!), from a strange blond woman to Rose, and from Sage to a Catholic priest. Lots going on this week in lush Palm Beach — and none of it has to do with Megan's family. Are you glad to get a reprieve from her family drama? Or did they just replace one kind of drama with another?

If you want to talk about this week's episode (spoilers ahead!),


  • Last things first: Just as actress Ashley Newbrough promised, Sage reveals a big secret at the end of the episode — that she feels like she caused her parents' deaths. Yikes! I'm anxious to find out what she means by this.
  • One of my favorite lines of the episode also comes from Sage as she nervously walks to church with Luis: "It's been a long time since God's seen me. I mean, should I change my outfit?"
  • Rose's storyline went from sweetly adorable to mega-drama right quick. I love that Zach is touched by Rose stalking his ex-girlfriend (who, to Rose, seems "really lovely"), and that Rose then wants to hurry home so she can watch Battlestar Galactica while talking to him on the phone. But then that blond lady approaches Rose and reveals that Miles is her grandfather. The big drama seems like it's coming next week: Rose getting on a plane, all serious-like, with Sage pleading with her not to leave "like this."
  • But before the drama kicks in, how cute is it that Zach met his ex at space camp? I also loved Rose saying that she expected her sexual experience would "bend the whole gender-power dynamic" and then confessing that Megan had made her read Backlash.
  • I couldn't be more grateful for the lack of Lily problems in this episode. I just have such a hard time with that character sometimes. But this week she was practically likable. And I got a kick out of Charlie's line: "So I meant to ask you: How was jail?"
  • Could've used a lot more Marco, though the image of him wearing um, just a bow, and singing "Would You Light My Candle?" from Rent definitely cracked me up. A dash of Marco in the episode is always better than no Marco at all.
  • It felt to me like the Charlie-Megan kiss was way rushed, but I guess it was going to have to happen sometime, and it's still up in the air whether or not Privileged will get a second season so might as well speed up the action. I guess?
  • Will's behavior in this episode infuriated me. What did you make of all of that? The macho posturing that both men exhibit at the bar is just ridiculous. I get that Will feels like he plays second fiddle to Charlie, but the whole beer pong thing is so unnecessary. Then again, I can't believe I'm making an impassioned point about beer pong.
  • Also, where do you fall on Mandy's statement about Megan? "You play all sweet and adorable, but the truth is, you're completely selfish." I'm generally inclined to take Megan's side over Mandy's, and I don't think Megan intentionally caused anyone harm, but I do think she can be naive.
  • It's refreshing — though bittersweet — to see Megan and Charlie finally have a frank discussion about their feelings and the nature of their friendship. It seems so real and honest when Megan tells Charlie that he's the most important person in her life because that really has always seemed to be the case. She's not just saying it to make him feel better.
  • Man, I'm going to miss Charlie.
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