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Project Runway Gets Another Spinoff; Santino Gets a Job

Apparently, the two Project Runway spinoffs that the Weinstein Company announced it had up its sleeve for Lifetime just aren't enough. The Weinsteins are pitching another Project-titled project, this one called Project Triple Threat.

The show will be a quest for the nation's best actor/singer/dancer, according to Variety. Just like the rest of the Project shows, the 16 contestants will share a house together while competing for a grand prize, this time a shot at a record contract and a role in a musical. That's in addition to the newly named Models of the Runway, the show about Project Runway's models, and Project Pygmalion, a society-themed competition that will turn its winner into a high-class socialite.

I think at some point, all these Project _______ shows are just going to lead to diminishing returns, just like how Bravo's Top ______ series fizzled a bit with Top Design last year. A lot depends on the contestants' personalities and the challenges they're given, of course, but at some point, the formula's just not interesting anymore. Do you think you'd watch Project Triple Threat?

In other Runway related news, second-season runner-up Santino Rice will be competing on a Fox Reality Channel show called Gimme My Reality Show, in which "D-list celebs who have appeared on reality shows but never starred in their own" will "battle for star recognition in a variety of challenges." I kind of want to cry now. Meanwhile, the lawsuit over Runway's move to Lifetime will be heard in court on July 17 — one day after the fifth season premieres on Bravo. Good timing, universe!

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ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
wow - i don't know if i would want to watch a show w/ santino though. he was a good character for PR, but on his own, i don't know if the show would be compelling
Melo-D Melo-D 9 years
They should have stopped with Models of the Runway. That's the only spin off worthy to be watched. I'm getting tired of reality shows. It's overload at this point.
kaykayelle kaykayelle 9 years
I loved Santino. I know you were supposed to love to hate him, but I just thought he was great the whole time. I will not watch a reality show on Fox, but he's be a good person for a reality show on Bravo.
MindayH MindayH 9 years
Project Triple Threat could be interesting cause the contestants would have to be really talented - but on the other hand it could be like all the shows about people fighting for roles on Broadway.
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