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Project Runway Recap: Episode 11, "Rock N' Runway"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 11, "Rock N' Runway"

When the challenge on this week's Project Runway first got announced, I was thrilled, because I've always loved challenges where the designers have to be each other's clients. But then, Tim announced the music component of the challenge, and suddenly, we were looking at one of the most poorly conceived Runway challenges ever.

If the designers had been asked to design outfits for each other based on either the designer's or the client's favorite musical genre, that would have been fine. But to design an outfit based on a totally random musical genre, pulled out of a bag, that neither designer nor client might have any interest in? Stupid. Of course Kenley designing a hip-hop outfit for Leanne is going to be a wreck — neither one of them seems to know/care much about hip-hop! It made what could have been a really cool challenge into something meaningless and silly. That said, some of the designers still managed to produce good work, while others crashed and burned in stunning fashion, so to hear my thoughts, just


Some other quick thoughts on the episode:

  • This was one time where Korto's blase, "I'd-rather-be-anywhere-else" attitude seemed spot-on. The look on her face when she found out she was designing for Jerell was priceless; it only got better when she found out she'd been assigned country.
  • Loved Leanne's rap: "Kenley's gonna make an outfit for me/she better not make it look like it's from nineteen-fifteeeee!"
  • Jerell pledged to make Kenley look like "Kenley Spears"; meanwhile, Korto dubbed herself "Shania Jank."
  • Why did we spend all that time on model selection when the models didn't even matter?
  • The Kenley/Tim Gunn confrontation was everything I could have hoped for. She just does. not. listen. Poor Tim: "I'm just trying to channel your thinking, and then you led me off a precipice."
  • Suede's a classically trained cellist? Cool! Now, see, I would have much rather seen an outfit based on his love of classical music. Can you imagine Suede all suited up?

Now, the looks:

Jerell for Kenley

Kenley for Leanne

Leanne for Korto

Suede for Jerell

Korto for Suede
  • Jerell — Kenley squealed "you're gonna make me look like sex!" when she first saw that Jerell was planning a fishnet dress for her, and she was right — she was obviously representing pop. She looked surprisingly comfortable and confident on the runway considering how little she was wearing. That little purple cape added a hint at something futuristic.
  • Korto — Suede got into character more than any of the other designers on the runway, and that really helped to sell Korto's look. The bleaching on the pants was cool, and I really liked the way the chains were sewn into the shirt. Despite Suede's fears that he looked like he belonged in the drag queen challenge, his outfit screamed "punk." It's a good win for Korto, though I still would have given it to Jerell.
  • Leanne — Korto got into the country spirit when she saw the booties Leanne wanted her to wear, singing and two-stepping around the workroom. Love it! All the judges seemed concerned that Leanne didn't go far enough from the waist down, though the little sleeveless shirt seemed to have just the right amount of country detail. It's a fine line between classy and costumey, but she could have done a little more.
  • Kenley — A disaster from the start, and that's partially because of the ridiculous challenge. But still: Kenley made ill-fitting high-waisted jeans, a floral tank top, and an OK but basic leather jacket — and then blamed Leanne for looking "like a big, fat poser" and "embarrassing" her in front of LL Cool J. Honey, that is your own fault. Bonus points for essentially insinuating to LL that a regular hip-hop look would have been "stupid." I can't believe she's still here.
  • Suede — Suede made Jerell look like Jerell, and that was the judges' problem: A rock look could have been anything, and instead, his was "rock and roll going to the grocery store." The piecework vest was cool, the pants were detailed up close but merely boring from afar, and the tank top looked like it came out of Jerell's own closet. Even so, I was 100 percent shocked when the judges told Suede he was out.

Did anyone else's jaw drop at the elimination? Yes, Kenley has been better overall. She's also been rude, incorrigible, and unwilling to take feedback, and I thought she was definitely the worst in this challenge. Not that Suede's look was great, and I even said that I wanted to see him go next, but ugh, not like that. What did you all think?

Photos courtesy of Bravo

Join The Conversation
shmoo15 shmoo15 8 years
Kenley needs a major attitude adjustment. Can you say "only child?"
austerity austerity 8 years
...however, I think I know the reason why they kept that brat in: it's for the drama. Jerrell, Suede, Korto and Leanne seem to be tolerant, laid-back people. That would mean less drama/fun in the final eps!
austerity austerity 8 years
The judges made the wrong choice this week: Kenley is without a doubt the most arrogant little *** to have ever made it to this show. Reasonably talented, but not enough to make viewers overlook that attitude. How dare she snap at Nina like that...and in the next episode's trailer, she goes off even worse to Heidi! SHE should have gone, not Suede.
smart-blonde smart-blonde 8 years
The minute the designers got their assignments, I got really worried because two of them would have to make menswear, which is notoriously more difficult to make than women's wear. I would have almost liked to see the designers get an option like, "If you choose to make menswear, you can pick your music genre, but if you're making women's wear you have to draw from the bag." I wasn't terribly thrilled by any of the outfits and the wrong person went home. Not PR's best week.
Danz Danz 8 years
Suede annoys me with his third person talk, but other than that I liked him. His outfit wasn't the best but it was definitely better than Kenley's this week. She really needs to stop acting like a 15 year old and listen to what the "grown-ups" have to say. I think she probably expected to come into this competition, get rave reviews from the judges and head straight to Bryant Park. I guess she's now realizing that not everyone thinks she's as great as she believes she is. Also, she really has some nerve implying that Tim Gunn doesn't know anything about fashion...she will not get anywhere with that attitude. Speaking of Tim Gunn, how funny was it when he walked in and started laughing at the designers in their outfits! Hahaha...ah I love him!
Ineedclarity Ineedclarity 8 years
Kenely needs to take her 50's dresses and go. If talked back like that to someone that was financially backing her or a well-respected fashion editor, she would be banished. Well I at least hope so. Her humility is missing...
eggmaker eggmaker 8 years
holy cow that surprised me!!! i can't believe it, unless they were thinking that suede and clung on for too long? doesn't make too much sense, but hopefully kenley will go home next week and the top three will be the most deserving: korto, jerell, and leanne. did you here how kenley talks to heidi on the runway next week? no way!!!
jennifur106 jennifur106 8 years
i agree that kenley's designs have been better overall, BUT you're only as good as your last design...and her outfit was EMBARASSING and poorly made! sure, i can't stand her and would love to kick her in the teeth but that has no bearing on the fact that she should have been out last night. gggrrrrrrrrrr
nina_e nina_e 8 years
I agree with the whole model thing, why did they waste so much time picking and choosing and didn't even use them? Plus I can't wait until next week...everybody looked like they were crying or about to get in to it... can't wait
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I totally agree with everything you said Buzz, except that I think it was time for Suede to go home. Kenley has had consistently better designs, despite her terrible attitude. I thought Kenley's outfit was fine even though it wasn't too hip hop, but maybe it looked worse on TV, because I missed the last 20 minutes and I only saw the pictures of the oufits here on Buzz. I'll have to catch a repeat.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
This didn't seem like a Top 5 designer challenge. It seemed like a week 3 challenge. All I can do is shake my head.
lylpookie lylpookie 8 years
I think Suede got robbed. Sure, he can be annoying and talks about "Suede" in a way that is very full of himself. Ultimately though, he still accepts criticism and accepts and processes said criticism. The boyfriend thinks that they're keeping Kenley around because everyone else gets along too much and there would be no drama otherwise. It'd just be boring, and since the designs haven't stood out as much, they need something to keep people watching. I'm still pissed about this though. GRRRRR.
UberSimple UberSimple 8 years
I also wanted Kenley out of the show, mostly because she's annoying and conceited. I was sad to see Suede leave, not because I think he's a great designer, but because he's been so nice and respectful of others throughout the entire season. Overall, I'm not that impress with the designers this season, I think the ones from last season were definitely more talented. I also want to see Jerell, Korto and Leanne as the final 3. Please get rid of that annoying brat Kenley already!
beccalu beccalu 8 years
I wanted Kenley to go just because she is so disrespectful and rude. I didn't love Suede's designs or the way he always spoke in the third person, but he seemed like a nice guy. I'm pretty sure Kenley is out next time. She is so stuck on herself that she isn't open to ANY other ideas. If it comes down to Jerell, Korto, and Leanne, that would be an awesome show!
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
Ugh, Kenley makes me twitch. I liked her in the beginning, but she's like that XL ice cream cone you get when you find a flavor that sounds amazing. First bite is spectacular, but the reward quickly drops off, then suddenly you're offering your friends some while you hunt for a trash can. Suede's outfits lately have been meh, true, but at least he's TRYING. Kenley's making irrelevant claptrap that is horribly unflattering, and yet she's still around. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? (P.S. That Tim Gunn video makes me giggle. I heart him so much, and his big fat vocabulary. I'm guilty of being a thesaurus mouth sometimes, so the love runs DEEP.)
misfitgirl misfitgirl 8 years
I thought that Kenley was the worst in the challenge, and I thought she should go, so I was surprised. But I also agree that, overall, she's a better designer than Suede. But she's so petulant! I thought it was awful of her to blame her outfit on Leanne's attitude. tlsgirl, reading that your dad texted you during the show made my day. That's really cute.
skyslang skyslang 8 years
The producers need to keep Kenley for one more week. She creates so much drama! I watch PR at a bar with some friends and the whole place let out a loud BOOO when she was in. Next week when she gets the ax there's going to be a huge cheer! I can't wait. Did anyone notice the preview for next week? Everyone except for Leanne is crying! It's going to rock. Again, can't wait.
piper23 piper23 8 years
But Suede with his third person persona was pretty annoying too. So I guess last night was a win-win either way.
piper23 piper23 8 years
I can't believe that Kenley got to stay. She and her whiney voice need to go. Like yesterday.
Allinds33 Allinds33 8 years
this was one of my least fav. episodes ever. and kenley needs to go...stat.
Melo-D Melo-D 8 years
Oh and who can forget Jerell talking about Korto's "junk in the trunk!" Lol. I would have truly died if he would have said 'you can sit a drink on it.' But seriously, I love her shape.
couture-yourself couture-yourself 8 years
First off, this season has really been so disappointing. The designers don't take anything to the extreme, everyone plays it so safe. Just week after week, it's been so predictable. Even though Korto's outfit was the winner, it was still just the minimum of what she could've done. And while Suede's outfit was "boring", it was still well made, looked good, and fit into the genre. Kenley's outfit was none of those she talked back the entire episode. I cannot stand her and I can't believe she stayed over Suede. Past challenges aside, Suede triumphed over Kenley this week. If she wins, I think I'll be giving up on the show...Actually, once it moves to Lifetime and Tim Gunn is gone, I think I'll give up on it anyway.
Melo-D Melo-D 8 years
Side note: LL was a great judge but I'm wondering if it would have been better with Kimora Lee. LOL She does NOT hold her tongue! LOL!
lawchick lawchick 8 years
I was shocked, too. She has more talent, but her attitude sucks and her outfit was MUCH WORSE than Suede's. That was lame. I thought Jerell and Korto both did a great job. LeAnne's was OK. I love how Korto got into character in her cowgirl outfit!!
Melo-D Melo-D 8 years
Well, I thought this challenge was great b/c of the reaction it has created even on here. A good challenge is supposed to test ANY skill. As a designer, you should be keeping up with all ends of the culture at least enough to be able to draw some sort of relevant inspiration. Clearly, we saw who was really "in". That hip hop section with Kenley just proved how much of a box she's in. The sad thing is had she not chosen that craptastic print and made even just a baby tee or a great babydoll or something with a great pair of skinny jeans that actually were long enough would have been great. Good grief she could have done an updated 80's b-girl outfit. She could have made a great dress. Oy, I'm done. Lol. But Kenley should have been axed. On a higher note, Korto line dancing was absolutely great! Do that!!!
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