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Project Runway Recap: Episode 12, "Nature Calls"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 12, "Nature Calls"

Last night on Project Runway, the remaining four designers had to step up and prove themselves (and their designs) to the judges in hopes of moving on to Fashion Week. Of course, we know that they (and two others) all make it to Bryant Park, but last night it was about discovering who would present his or her collection in the final episode of the season as a contender for the Project Runway win.

I thought each designer would blow me out of the water, especially since the challenge was so basic. Actually "basic" is probably the wrong word — I think "stale" is better. We've seen the "take a picture and be inspired" challenge before (this time the theme was nature), even earlier this season. And in season two, Daniel V won a very similar challenge with his orchid-inspired ensemble, a look that was much more stunning than what these designers produced. That said, the final challenges are almost always a letdown; the judges want the designers to take risks (but punish them when they go awry), while the designers are so close to their goal that they get safe.

To read (and see) more about last night's episode — including a spoiler that annoyed me to no end —


Before we talk about all of the looks from last night's episode, here's some Project Runway free association:

  • Kenley continued her obnoxious streak. The episode began with her blaming Leanne for sabotaging and not "sell[ing her] outfit on the runway" and ended with her arguing with the judges about her attitude. Note to Kenley: If someone calls you out about your poor behavior, it's probably in your best interest not to argue with them. In doing so, you're only proving the point.
  • Jerell — the lone guy left — presented some hilariously awkward moments. Most notably, right after he admitted to being lonely, he was shown putting on a "puppet" show with himself (represented by a bottle of maple syrup), a Tim Gunn bobblehead, and two past contestants: Joe and Suede (two apples with faces drawn on). Someone needs a roommate!
  • You reap what you "sew": Because Kenley had rubbed the other designers the wrong way, when she discovered she had left her tulle at Mood, both Korto and Jerell refused to hand over their leftovers. I didn't blame them. But why didn't Kenley just go to the producers?
  • Kenley's story about her father being a tugboat captain didn't make me sympathize with her as a loner (or a loud person), though I'm sure that was her intention.
  • I was surprised that all of the designers were working till the very last minute. They had two days for this challenge, and none of the dresses was nearly as intricate as what Christian Siriano busted out last season.
  • Can we talk about all of the waterworks? I think this ep might have had the most ProjRun tears in history. And that's including the season with Andrae.

Now on to the looks:




  • Leanne — Leanne's one-shoulder, pleated purple dress was beautiful. Bonus that the judges also liked it. But the random blue train that she added last minute was haphazard and ugly. It would have been much better without it.
  • Jerell — Jerell's look was by far the most current and youthful. That being said, I was afraid that his model's breasts were about to pop out at any moment. Otherwise his look was good, and in an underwhelming pool, I suppose it deserved the win.
  • Korto – The judges had a beef with Korto's orange dress because they thought it looked too "pageanty." It wasn't the most innovative dress, but I think Korto received more flak for it than she deserved. Sure, it wasn't pushing the needle, but it fit her model like a glove and it was finished. All in all, not bad.
  • Kenley — Jerell said it best: it was Kenley the Dragon Slayer. What was she thinking? Kenley finally stepped out of her 1950s bubble, and came up with a dress that looked like a combination of Barney the dinosaur and Ursula from The Little Mermaid. It was by far the worst look, and Kenley should have been eliminated, but. . .
  • In a completely (un)shocking moment, Heidi announced that all of the designers would be creating a collection for Fashion Week. The only caveat was that one would be eliminated right before the Bryant Park show. I've come to expect these exceptions from Project Runway, but, to be honest, this time I was especially annoyed. Kenley should have been gone. Period.

    Should Kenley have been auffed last night? Or are you excited to see one more elimination before the big finale? And what do you make of all the designers trashing Kenley on the runway after Kenley again talked back? (Extended clip here, if you think you can handle it!)

    Photos courtesy of Bravo

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lilprisci lilprisci 8 years
Kenley should have been eliminated but it's a tv show and she makes good tv... hey, we're talking about her now, aren't we?
Ineedclarity Ineedclarity 8 years
The top half of Kenley's dress looks like the one she designed in the DVF challenge. The bottom half on the other hand, is one big hot mess. I'm sick of her attitude and her voice. Kenley should have gone home.
madelineannem madelineannem 8 years
And her dress looked like Pebbles from the Flintstones. Charming.
madelineannem madelineannem 8 years
Kenley is the worst thing that has ever been on this show. Heidi's going to tear her apart on the reunion. I'd be fine with any of the other three winning.
beegril beegril 8 years
Aside from the drama, this has been the most bland Project Runway -ever! These designers were supposed to have the most experience of the past constestants and they have failed to deliver. Kenley, with that attitude I hope you are aufe'd and even though you have showed your collection, a lot of us would get satisfaction in knowing you are not in the final 3. I hope she is watching how she is being portrayed. Her struggles don't compare with Korto's or anyone who has to flee their country for a better life here. You have your family-do you know how many people lose all parents or relatives at an early age?! They don't have half the attitude and disrespect for others like you. At least Christian Siriano had his exceptional talent to back up his smart ass attitude. Snap out of it Kenley!
Ms--Anonymous Ms--Anonymous 8 years
Even on a designing front Kenley isn't all that swimmerrrr! she does the same thing almost everytime which is boring from my standpoint while her personality is crap right now i'm talking about her designs!!She's JUST like the goth chick who hammered the leather for almost every challenge and her dress last night wasn't a gown as much as it was a halloween costume. I thought she should've have gotten kicked out when it was her and Suede in the bottom two. On a side note to be a designer you have to be able to make great clothes AND be able to take criticism from your peers which Kenley can't! In one fell swoop she disrespected her fellow designers, supermodel Heidi Klum, designer Michael Kors, magazine editor Nina Garcia, and famous designer Georgina Chapman of Marchesa!!!
swimmerrrr swimmerrrr 8 years
alriteee well kenley is definitely my fav. THIS IS A DESIGNING CONTEST NOT A PERSONALITY CONTEST... so what if shes annoying she was in the middle of the ocean on a ship half of her child hood.. i dont see yall going out there and designing stuff heck half of ya probably cant draw decent enuff.
fashion4ward fashion4ward 8 years
This season is so boring! My friends and I were debating it today (like every Thursday) but it's frustrating because I love it so much, but it's so dull this season that it's painful to watch. Anyway... Leanne- God, I hated her dress! I was unoriginal and the scraps of fabric were preposterous. Jerell- I guess this was my fave (that's not saying much). I love the top, but wish it was 2 inches taller, but that bottom- ick. Kenley- ...At least she's entertaining... But her dress had the best craftsmanship by far. Quality is always first for me. Korto- I like the silhouette, but that's it. Other than that I really didn't like it, what bad colors and fabrics! I MISS LAST SEASON'S CAST!!!
Edie-J-Blige Edie-J-Blige 8 years
I have to give Kenley props -- not for her heinous outfit though. She had the most original explanation for being a bitch that I've ever heard. "My dad was a tugboat captain." Um, that's not a sob story, that's an ice breaker at a party! Ok, question to all: can someone please recall ANY episode where Leanne didn't make something blue?? Snore.
Lysa1237 Lysa1237 8 years
OMG Kenley should be GONE by know, I was rooting for her in the beginning but honestly I don't think anyone needs that type of attitude, LoL no one posted about Jerell's "at the tents" comment, That was hilarious.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Is anyone else shocked and dissapointed at the lack of TALENT this season?! There has rarely been a garmet that blew me away (and I have zippo background in fashion -- it's not like I'm hard to impress!). There is no one I really like, no one I'm really rooting for, no one who has designed clothes that I (a) would wear, or (b) think are cool.
Ms--Anonymous Ms--Anonymous 8 years
Oh man, Kenley should have been gone a LONG time ago! She's been doing the same 'look' all season long with exception to the dragon slayer mess last night!!!! She's just as bad as the chick who hammered leather for every challenge....ugh the final straw for me was last week when she was in the bottom two and wasn't sent home for that hideous crime of fashion she called 'hip hop'. Her attitude alone should've gotten her the boot, she's disrespected every member of the show to include Heidi!
ning ning 8 years
faegirl, I completely agree. I was thinking of the same thing when she said that. I remember last season's winner Christian was living in a tiny room and had to do all his design and sewing in a closet! Yet, he always had a positive attitude and never complained about the hardship he's been through.
ning ning 8 years
I have a Popsugar account for long while but I've been lazy, not log in and just reading post... until now! I had to say something: "somebody get Kenley off the show!!!" OMG, I can't put into words how obnoxious this woman's behavior is and how lack of talent she is. She should have been eliminated last week for *COMPLETELY* missed the point about hip-pop. Yet, obnoxious+ controversial, AKA rating attraction, made her stay (shame on you, project runway producers!). But this week, her dress is soooooooooo poorly made and just plain ugly. She has no respect for other professionals. She only knows how to make 50's dress and only made 50's dress on the show. By what standard does she still deserve to be on the show!! Yet I believe good will prevail and evil will be punished. Even if she wins the project runway this season (which I think will be a slap on the face for all professionally behaved and talented fashion designers out there), WHO WILL WANT TO BE HER CLIENT?! Who would rather be insulted by their designers? Who would want to work with a designer that won't listen to their input? Kenley, your professional career is already ruined.
xtinabeena xtinabeena 8 years
don't get me wrong, i'm also upset that kenley is still on the show, but think about it this way too... the producers of PR got ALL of us really worked up and talking about the show a lot the next day! so from that perspective, hats off to them. they stirred up the audience, even though it was in a negative way this time.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Kenley should have been voted off. Most shows would kick off contestants for being disrespectful, but apparently thats not the case for this show :oy: I didn't really like any of the designs this week. This whole season has been kinda boring, so I'm glad that it's coming to an end.
lylpookie lylpookie 8 years
Also, I wonder if we've all been so spoiled by Christian last year. He's such a talented designer that he could pull off 4 different pieces in the time that they could pull off a semi-finished piece, and all of his would be beautifully done and would work together. It's hard to hear them complain that they didn't have enough time, when there's already been someone who has been able to pull it off within the time allocated, and pulled it off beautifully.
gigi_s gigi_s 8 years
Kenley should have been gone during the astrology challenge. Maybe Terri would still be there. Kenley has held on for way too long. Seriously, she does not take any accountability for her work. She blames the model (ie. Leanne), she blames the judges (ie: not going for elegant Heidi!). Even snubbing Tim when he calls for a group hug. I am so done with her! Leanne, Korto and Jerell have all won challenges and deserve to be in the top 3 and have earned their spot at Bryant Park. It just makes me ill to think that one of them could be out because PR wants Kenley there so bad. She needs to be gone.
lylpookie lylpookie 8 years
I keep having this internal struggle of "they have GOT to be editing Kenley to look like a biatch." But there's got to be a reason why ALL of the other contestants hate her. I mean, Santino was pretty cruel at times, but he still had friends on the show. Christian was made to look like a catty stuck up person, but everyone still loved him. That said, I'm tired of these non-surprising surprises. I would've been more surprised if they had actually kicked someone off!!!
a-nonny-mouse a-nonny-mouse 8 years
Yeah, this season's been a bit humdrum -- but, for what it's worth, I want LeAnne for the win. I peeked at the collections shown at Bryant Park. I liked Leanne's and Korto's the best, but L's suited my taste just a tad bit more (from what I could see in those teeny little pictures).
meg_lynne252 meg_lynne252 8 years
OMG Kenley so should have been auf'ed. You don't sass Tim Gunn. Poor form and a good way to get viewers AND your fellow contestant mad at you. What really got me though was the lip she was giving Heidi. I mean, Hello, this show IS Heidi. She created it. And she's freaking Heidi Klum. Respect the Klum. I swear to God, if she gets to show at Bryant Park and pushes Jerell or Leanne or Korto out, I will be apoplectic!!!! She doesn't deserve to be there AT all. Plus if I here her describe an outfit on the runway one more time by adding "I love it" to the description I am going to jump out a window. Of course you love it you schmuck, you created it. That doesn't mean it's any good though. UG!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
This was such a freakin' cop out. I literally yelled "I call bull&%$*" at my TV when they pulled this nonsense. Also, the Marchesa designer was freaking stunning. I would give anything for her skin.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
All of these designers suck. I haven't been impressed with any of them. None of them have had the glamour of Laura Bennett or the wow-factor of Christian or the signature style of Ulie. They are just not as talented. I think it's time for PR to bid adieu. It's getting lame now.
ladylue06 ladylue06 8 years
Go HOME Kenley. I used to pull for her, because I liked her vintage style. But if I see her wear ONE more feathered headpiece I'm gonna vomit all over her ridiculous tulle obsession. Let's hope that by some twist of fate (aka reality show producers) Tim Gunn hates her collection so much he just torches the whole thing. Now THAT's drama.
kklecka kklecka 8 years
I completely agree! I thought Kenley should have gone home last week, and definitely last night. She can't compete with the other three.
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