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terryt18 terryt18 9 years
No one is probably going to read this since it's been like a week since the show aired, but I just watched it tonight and noticed that when Heidi came out and gives her spiel, "As you know, in fashion, one day you're in and the next you're out," the camera pans to Carmen when Heidi says in, and to Jack when she says out. I just wondered if the producers have ever done that before... reverse foreshadowing, or whatever one might call it. Did anyone else notice that? or has noticed it on other episodes?
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
I liked Kit's, too, but Sweet Pea being auffed? Come on, Buzz! She's so great! I would have auffed Ricky. I just don't know about that guy. I thought he would go. Carmen was a surprise but at least everyone else had clothing on their model.
Lizzle Lizzle 9 years
I've been curious about a menswear challenge for years but I was kind of bored by it. Although I do understand where the designers are coming from--most of the time they don't even do sleeves, let alone tailored pants and jackets and shirts. I half expected someone to make a kilt or something crazy.
ktacce ktacce 9 years
i wonder, cakes, if they're going to carry christian into the sewing room always - cause next time they entered he was on piggyback! :) cracking me up!
nicachica nicachica 9 years
and he's super-duper nice. like genuinely nice and his wife was there too. she was pregnant at the time but still wearing 4 inch Jimmy Choos and he was so attentive to her. very cute but the shoes were hilarious!
nicachica nicachica 9 years
okay, forgot to mention that i once met Tiki at UVa (my alma mater). he did a spot in our Honor Code video and since i was a member of the Honor support system, i got to tag along and throw him the football!!! he even signed a poster for my brother (he's a big Giants fan). Wahoo-wa! ;)
MisterPinkNoTip MisterPinkNoTip 9 years
The more I think about it, the madder I get that Kit didn't win. Ugh.
MisterPinkNoTip MisterPinkNoTip 9 years
I really liked Jack's, but I definitley thought Kit should have won. That jacket was innovative and kept things fresh. She also did three pieces, all of which were well tailored. I agree that Carmen was the right person to go. I agree with californiagirlx7 about Sweet P.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
I really thought Kit should've won the challenge, I loved the jacket! I think Carmen was the right person to go, but I think she had more potential than Ricky. Sweet P is a good designer, it was just that she was clueless about menswear, so I do think that their complaints were legit.
kaylasix kaylasix 9 years
i personally thought kit's outfit should've won... i thought tiki would have liked it seeing how the khakis and blazer were so very- university of virginia like!
fuschia-froggie fuschia-froggie 9 years
I agree that Carmen should have gone, but Ricky was horrible, too. At least Sweet P made nice looking pants. Tiki spoke of loving color-why were the colors so boring?? Only a couple of the contestants used color out of the usual navy/brown/black array. Boring!! Kit's jacket was hot. I loved it when they compared Carmen's design to a Member's Only jacket, especially since she helped make that 80's inspired mess last week. Jack said he has been HIV+ for seventeen years and in the best health of his life.
wingedkiare wingedkiare 9 years
I do have to agree that Kit should have won - however, I will stand by the designers (and producers) saying that this was a difficult challenge. When you're used to making women's clothing, it's hard to shift gears for menswear. The lines are all different, the construction of basics is backwards... and making three pieces in that time? Is a nightmare.
miss-britt miss-britt 9 years
This was a horrible episode because it was painful to see the designers struggle. And Tiki Barber's wife, what a bore. She act as if she was as important as her husband. Which she's not. And i love how no one knew who she was or Tiki. I love Carmen but it was time for her to go-she didn't even have a shirt. And i'm going to continue watching until Ricky stop crying. Why is he so damn sensitive? I agree with most of you, Kit should have won. I thought Jack's look was too busy it made my eyes go crazy.
Annika2494003 Annika2494003 9 years
did anyone else love it when jack carried christian in a bag to the sewing room? Hysterical!
kstraw23 kstraw23 9 years
clothes-wise i hated this episode. the designers get on the show based off their designs for women, so making them do menswear seems silly. and while tiki is no sjp, i like seeing a fellow hoo in the national spotlight. uva represent!
rivrchild rivrchild 9 years
I do think it's strange that they allow you to trace a pattern for pants but won't allow you to use a pattern from a book. How is that any different? I think Kit should have won too. Not that Jack's wasn't nice, but it didn't seem as original as Kit's with using the fleece for the jacket. And as other have pointed out, she did do 3 pieces. I'm glad Sweet P stayed, even though I don't know how she ever screwed up the neck of the shirt that bad! The oversized collar could have looked intentional if it had been a little less messy. I guess she just had too much fabirc in the neck to work with! But I think she's very smart and has got a lot more to give. What is with Jack carrying Christian around like a little doll? He did it every time they walked into the work room!!
askmetostay askmetostay 9 years
i meant jack....not mark.
askmetostay askmetostay 9 years
i loved kit's....but mark's was good too, so i would have been happy if either had won. and while yes, sweet p's was pretty least she made a shirt, however ill-fitting. she did not wrap a model in some fabric like a baby in a blanket and just send the poor thing down the runway. and did anyone else giggle, when for the second time, michael kors called the crotch of a pair of pants insane?? i don't remember which challenge....but he did it last season too.
sugarbecky sugarbecky 9 years
I'm glad Carmen was auffed, and I think Ricky is the next to go. I agree that Kit should have won; all those stripes on Jack's get-up were dizzying! I was surprised that Chris March made it into the middle batch; his suit was SO 80's, and I just knew they were going to call him on it!! Next week looks like another huge surprise; I love that PR tries to top itself every week, it keeps us coming back for more :)
Home Home 9 years
I liked Kevin's outfit the best as well, and I think that Carmen or Ricky were equally deserving of going (Ricky is so boring and I just wish he'd stop CRYING all the time). Sweet P has a lot of talent, and I wonder if this went into the judges' consideration when they decided to keep her on, though you're not supposed to ever have an off project.... And I must give props to my girl Elisa, who I adore. I think she's a secret weapon. I mean, I didn't know if she'd be able to pull off menswear given she uses her own body for her model....and aren't there rumors that she can't use a sewing machine? She may have skills that we have only started to become aware of. Definitely thought last night's episode wasn't as interesting though. Looking forward to next week!
jenintx jenintx 9 years
i personally liked kevin's outfit the best. i think it was kinda a copout on jack's part to only do 2 pieces, while almost everyone else (if not everyone) did three. others probably would have finished if they had only done two. i also find it odd that tiki said he liked color, but two of his three favorites were blue/white/black/khaki combos, and he didn't choose kevin b/c he didn't like the color of the shirt (even though tiki's wife told kevin she liked the color and thought tiki would too). i was really hoping for either kevin or kit to win. oh well.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
Oh, so Jack is HIV positive. I saw his ziplock bag filled with prescription pills, but I didn't know what his ailment was. How sad.
theboyslover theboyslover 9 years
and to add to that i honestly couldn't tell if i liked them or not, what was wrong with it if i wasn't either blatent or pointed out during judging because i don't wear mens clothes and i don't have a fabulous husband like heidi to dress LOL
theboyslover theboyslover 9 years
i agree cakes!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
When they showed that Clip of Tim and Jack in the beginning of the season, and there was something "wrong" i turned to my hubby and said "Jack is either HIV positive or has AIDS" and i was right. Poor thing, I saw him on the today show this morning with the outfit on TIKI (which by the way looked amazing) and i had to laugh because Al Roker asked Tiki why he thought the other designers did so badly and he says "well they dont Do men like Jack here" ............
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