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Project Runway Recap: Episode Six, "Good Queen Fun"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode Six, "Good Queen Fun"

The word that keeps popping into my mind when I think about this week's episode of Project Runway is "big." There were big, huge drag queens with big personalities, there was the return of that big Chris March laugh, the outfits the designers created were big and over the top, guest judge RuPaul is a very big person. . . you get the idea. And as the saying goes, bigger is better, so it's no surprise that this episode was a whole lot of fun! Maybe even the best one of the season so far — what do you think?

Honestly, I was in heaven once those drag queen names started rolling off of the ladies' tongues: Hedda Lettuce, Varla Jean Merman, Annida Greenkard, Acid Betty, Sweetie, etc. It was such a good injection of colorful fun into this season and most of the designers really stretched themselves to come up with something "theatrical," as Tim instructed them to do. I said "most," though, not "all" — so to chat about who soared in this competition and who utterly bombed,


Before I run through the looks, here are some other thoughts:

  • How cute was Tim's advice to Suede about dealing with his catty drag queen? "You tell her hold on there sister!"
  • Um, what was up with Suede's little daydream? It's sweet that he misses his grandfather but that story about his grandpa sending him seeds to sprinkle on the dress (or something) made me wonder if he were maybe on something.
  • Were you glad to see RuPaul? I was! And his polished outfit and coif were so well put-together. Plus, he dispensed with some useful fashion information specific to outfitting a drag queen, like how the whole trick is to accentuate the "assets" and "hide the candy."
  • Tim had a snappy line of his own last night that didn't include "make it work" or "dubious!" On Blayne's lame-o outfit: "It looks like a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park."
  • Speaking of Blayne, one of his wings lost its will to live on the runway. How was he not at least in the bottom three?
  • Also, I don't really want to give the whole "licious" ridiculousness a mention because it's not even worth that much but there you go. He's trying so hard to be a reality TV personality which continues to come off as pathetic.












As for the best and worst:

  • Korto — I loved her blazing red design with that sparkly fiery detail. I know she was nervous but it worked out really well for her. Plus the judges said in addition to the great theatrics of her outfit she managed to give that huge man a lovely silhouette.
  • Jerrell — I liked the colors of his dress but the judges were right about it being matronly. Why would you give your drag queen a hemline that hits at the knee? Michael was right: it's totally something an aunt would wear to a bar mitzvah.
  • Keith — Oh, Keith. Keith, Keith, Keith. You are not going to get away with your little fringies much longer, my friend. Michael called his outfit a "sad chicken."
  • Terri — You could tell from the look on Terri's face at the end of the episode she felt like she should have won that one. And I think she's probably right. Her gladiator kimono spectacle of an outfit was off-the-charts awesome.
  • Joe — OK, big "awwww" for Joe. He's, you know, the straight guy, and he helped his cute drag queen hide her candy in pink. The whole look was super cute and it's hard to be mad at him for swiping the prize from Terri.
  • Daniel — Poor verbose Daniel. He talked a big game about his "taste levels" but never quite put his money where his mouth is. Last night his outfit was a major "meh" and his excuses to the judges were worse. It was an emotional goodbye but you know, we all gotta go sometime. Or. . . they do. You get what I'm saying.

So, what did you think? Was it strange that Blayne survived that one? Were you sad/happy/relieved to see Daniel go? Was his outfit really that much worse than Keith's dead chicken? And most importantly, what would your drag name be if you were a fabulous queen for a day?

I think mine is Ivana Tivothat.

Photos courtesy of Bravo

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