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Promo Video Clip for Greek Season Three Episode One Premiering August 31

First Look: Greek Season Three

When I first saw there was a new promo for season three of Greek, I thought, "Oh, this'll be fun!" And there's certainly fun stuff in it, don't get me wrong: There are half-naked guys and big ol' foam dart guns and Dale talking about "doing the nasty."

But at the same time, this new promo looks awfully . . . heavy. Ashleigh's in tears at one point. Cappie's getting sage, solemn advice from Evan. And Evan gets slapped in the face, literally. (OK, that part's pretty fun.)

Greek looks to be picking up right where it left off with the Cappie/Casey relationship, with them both single for the first time in ages and yet refusing to be together. I'm really wondering what's next for these two, and I assume there will have to be more obstacles cropping up than just their own stubbornness.


I think the only thing really missing from this trailer is a dose of evil, now that Frannie's gone. I'm fully expecting Rebecca Logan to stir up trouble this season; should I be concerned she's barely glimpsed in this first promo?

Greek returns August 31. To check out the promo, just


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