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Questions For Fringe Before Season Two

Five Questions For Fringe

It's still Summer for a few more weeks, so I'm continuing my Five Questions series, where I reflect on the most recent seasons of some favorite shows and chat about their challenges for the future. Today, I'm posing questions for Fringe, which moves to Thursdays for its second season this Fall (check out a little promo after the jump).

  1. How will the show deal with multiple universes? At Comic-Con and TCA, the show's producers swore up and down that Fringe will keep striving not to be overly complicated. But I'm curious to see how that actually works out now that there's a second universe in play. Will we switch back and forth a lot, or only occasionally? What are the rules of travel between the two? While I'm concerned this could get crazy, it's also one of the main things that has me intrigued and on board for season two.
  2. Will a Thursday time slot be too tough? The show got a pretty solid launch last year, airing first after House and later after American Idol. Now Fox is showing a lot of faith in it by putting it in one of the toughest time slots on television, up against Grey's Anatomy and CSI. Will it be able to grow its audience on Thursdays — or even emerge relatively unscathed?

For my other three questions, just


  1. Will Astrid finally get more to do? Astrid getting a spot in Fringe's new cast photo gives me some hope that the junior agent will play a bigger role this season. I mean, I love it when her random tech and language skills get revealed, and it's funny to watch Walter once again forget her name, but all of that just makes me more eager for her (and actress Jasika Nicole) to get to do more than just answer the phone and hang out with Walter's cow.
  2. Will Peter learn the truth about himself? We saw Walter standing in front of Peter's gravestone in the first season finale — but Peter didn't. Will he become more suspicious about his childhood? Will Walter slip up and reveal something that leads Peter to investigate? Or, now that Peter's more involved in Fringe Division, will he uncover the truth himself?
  3. Will Olivia have more of a personal life? At TCA, the producers revealed they'd once considered an entire huge story arc around Olivia carrying on a romance with her dead lover but decided very clearly not to go that direction. But we have seen other bits and pieces of her personal life, including her sister and niece. Will we see more of her life outside the office this season? Or will the show put the focus squarely on Olivia's work, leaving any social life or potential romance out of it?

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Join The Conversation
wednesday_adams wednesday_adams 7 years
My poor overloaded Tivo :(
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 7 years
I'm a little worried that Fox is moving the show to Thursdays, but then again, GA has been getting so ridiculous lately that I don't even care about that show anymore (especially now that TR Knight is gone). At least now I have an excuse to finally quit GA for good and watch Fringe instead. I am so excited for this season!!!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
wait, they moved Fringe to Thursday?! How could Fox be so stupid? It wont get the ratings it had and they'll cancel it within 3 weeks. So annoying. Love this show
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