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Questions for Grey's Anatomy Between Seasons Five and Six

Five Questions For Grey's Anatomy

The start of Summer means the return of my Five Questions series, where I reflect on the most recent seasons of some favorite shows and chat about their challenges for the future. Today, I'm kicking this year's series off with some questions for Grey's Anatomy.

  1. Who's coming back? That, of course, is the biggie, given that in the season finale, both Izzie and George looked like they might be taking the elevator to the Great Beyond. If the producers actually manage to keep the revelation a secret until the Fall in this age of spoilers — not to mention just everyday casting news — I'll be impressed; my current theory is that Izzie lives and George dies, but that's pure speculation. But they aren't the only two whose fates are up in the air: I'm not sure that Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) or Kevin McKidd (Owen) have contracts yet for next year, and even Chandra Wilson recently said she was still waiting on her own offer to return.
  2. Are Meredith and Derek solid? Sure, they're "married" — if a Post-It counts as marriage, anyway. I was impressed with the way both of them, and especially Meredith, grew up this season; they seemed like real, true adults! It was a pleasant change to see Meredith stop moping and whining and start respecting herself and her relationship, but let's face it: This is Grey's Anatomy, and relationship drama's got to come from somewhere. Will they make it through another year? Or will some new force come along to try and tear them apart?

For my other three big questions, just


  1. Which other relationships will last? Relatively speaking for Grey's, this wasn't a season with a lot of partner-swapping. The drama came mostly from within the relationships — how would Owen's PTSD affect Cristina? Could Lexie and Mark survive their differences in age and experience? Would Callie and Arizona be able to work through their myriad issues? For a show with so much sleeping around, I'm all for seeing some stable relationships — but can all of them be sustained? Or will we need some breakups to keep things fresh?
  2. What will become of Bailey? She's one of my favorite characters (and Chandra Wilson one of my favorite actresses), and yet, I'm not sure the show knows quite what to do with her right now. The story with her pursuing a fellowship in pediatrics, only to end up turning it down because she's leaving her husband, was poignant — but now what? I love Bailey; I don't want to see her turn into a bitter general surgeon who's angry about all the possibilities passing her by.
  3. Can the show hold onto its buzz? After five years, there are signs that Grey's is losing some of its mojo. Since peaking in season three, the show's ratings have dropped steadily every year. (The show's still one of the top-rated series on network TV, though; everything is losing ratings these days.) The unevenness of recent seasons hasn't helped: with lackluster runs of episodes here and there, some viewers have definitely left the show behind. Will Grey's try to boost its appeal with small, character-driven story arcs? Or will it bust out the blockbuster "events" — train crashes, ferry wrecks, main characters dying — to bring new viewers in?

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Cinnabun Cinnabun 8 years
I am very sad to hear that the ratings have been going down. I have loved Greys from the start and enjoy every part of the show. I hope that ratings will go up this season so that they don't consider ending the show so soon! I don't know what I'll do without my Greys drama!
weetiger3 weetiger3 8 years
More Owen and Cristina! I only started watching this show for Kevin McKidd (and okay, so now I'm hooked.) Love Bailey. Chandra Wilson is an extremely talented actress. I hope they come up with something good for her.
christy16 christy16 8 years
first, no more mer-der break up! i'm over it, ppl, it has been like what 3 times? well, let em be! make more twist without breaking em up! and as for the one who gets to die? i think george will, it's just the feeling says that, because izzie has been sick doesn't mean, she's the one to die, it's too obvious, and besides, rumor has it, tr knight is the one who's leaving. and please don't let bailey go! i love her so much!
karlotta karlotta 8 years
The thing about Izzie, she's got stage 4 metastatic cancer. Realistically, they can't make her survive that more than a year. And they'd have to let her fall into pieces like a real terminal patient would (and my Dad just died of cancer last week, let me tell you, nobody wants to watch that on TV). I highly doubt they'd go for that storyline...
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
Great questions, Buzz. I, too, am most interested in seeing what happens with Bailey--and of course to see who lives/who dies. Just no more ghosts, please! Grey's still has a lot of work to do to improve ratings; from mid-season on, there was improvement. Let's hope that continues.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I'm with you on the George/Izzie predictions. As for the ratings slump, the inconsistency of the past few seasons lost a lot of loyal viewers I think. If they continue to improve like they did starting mid-season, I think it would really help.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
I read something the other day where Shonda Rhimes said that neither T.R. Knight or Katherine Heigl wanted to leave the show. I some how doubt that. I really think someone died in the season finale. Of course there is going to be something to interfere with Mer and Der's relationship. So the plot goes. I would really love to see something develop with Cristina and Owen though. I think that could be a very intense relationship if they can get their acts together. I also think this will be the last season for Grey's. As much as I loved the season finale, last season as a whole wasn't that great for me. I am in complete agreement with those who say Grey's is loosing its mojo.
care0531 care0531 8 years
Question #1 is the big one I think. Der & Mer will always be something maybe work towards one of them wanting a real wedding. If Izzie survives will her relationship with Careve last. I am not a fan of the lesbian bit and I like Bailey better in the ER not Peads.
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