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Questions for House Between Seasons Five and Six

Five Questions For House

The start of Summer means the return of my Five Questions series, where I reflect on the most recent seasons of some favorite shows and chat about their challenges for the future. Today, I'm posing some questions for House, also known as "the world's most popular show."

  1. How long will House stay hospitalized? The end of season five saw House heading off to a mental institution to detox and get some help for his Amber-vision. I initially wondered if the show would just jump forward to once House returned to work, but actors are already being cast to play his fellow patients. That raises several interesting questions, including: What will it be like to see House in the hospital? And how will the team operate with him out of reach?
  2. Will House change? That's one of the questions I ask every season, it seems. The producers have been adamant in the past that House can't fundamentally transform. But he's already changed a little this time, just by admitting he needs help. Will his stint in the hospital make him more open to reaching out, sharing his feelings, and working within normal societal boundaries? Or will he be the same crotchety rebel as always?

Check out my other three questions when you


  1. Fourteen: meant to be? Foreman and Thirteen got loads of screen time in the middle part of the season. Thirteen struggled with her Huntington's diagnosis; Foreman corrupted his clinical trial to try to help her (and inadvertently blinded her in the process); and yet through it all, they managed to stay together. I didn't buy their chemistry at first — maybe it was just too much, too soon — but I've started to accept their relationship. Now, though, will it continue to be a major part of the story, or will it fade into the background like Chase and Cameron's has? Speaking of which . . .
  2. How much will we see Chase and Cameron? This season was better than the one before it at bringing Chase and Cameron back into the mix, especially with their engagement and wedding at the end of the year. But the writers still use them inconsistently inside the everyday medical stories. I'm glad those two characters have flourished in their medical careers separate from House, and seeing them wed was satisfying, but how long can their tangential connections to House's cases keep them relevant?
  3. How long can the House/Cuddy "will they or won't they?" go on? Yes, their hookup toward season's end turned out to be a figment of House's drug-addled imagination, but that doesn't change the fact that the two got closer this season than ever before. And it seems that House — at least some part of him — wants to be the kind of good man who gets clean and ends up with the woman he loves. But could the two of them have a real relationship? Would we want them to? And if not, how long can the show continue to mine their sexual tension?

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Join The Conversation
dleighl dleighl 8 years
I love Wilson!
pargie pargie 8 years
LOL @ the bromance. I love House, I haven't watched much of the past season, so I really need to catch up. I'm just really excited to see Olivia Wilde on such a successful TV show.
halfbakedjake halfbakedjake 8 years
Most important question: will the House-Wilson bromance continue and grow???
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