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Is Quinn Dead on Glee?

Will You Miss Quinn If She's Killed Off Glee?

This week's episode of Glee ends with a huge cliffhanger when Quinn sends a text while driving and gets T-boned by a truck. Though the show isn't afraid to dabble with darker story lines (there's even a suicide attempt in the same episode), the death of a major character would be a new level of drama.

Quinn hasn't been in the spotlight much this season — Sue even makes a joke about her being a backup singer — but she's still one of the original members of the New Directions, and killing her off the show would certainly mix things up. I've always liked the way Quinn has shaken things up on the show, even when she's acting like a brat, so I'd be disappointed to see her gone for good. On the other hand, if Quinn actually went to Yale as planned, she'd probably be off the show anyway, but at least it would leave the door open for her to return. How do you feel about the potential plot development — will you miss Quinn if she's killed off the show?

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anonymo anonymo 5 years
She's dead. Ryan Murphy was really angry when Dianna wore that t-shirt on stage in Toronto, because no one was supposed to know about that characters big reveal until the end of season three. He's been waiting to use that plot since POPULAR was cancelled, and Dianna spoiled it. So she's fired. I only watched glee for Rachel & Quinn. The Rachel character has been completely ruined, and can't even lipsynch convincingly anymore. I think I'm done with glee.
Clare2425195 Clare2425195 5 years
I quess she will be back But it will have to do with teenage Jesus Joe Hart
Faith2408798 Faith2408798 5 years
I think that they will do a flashback episode, where it keeps switching from what happened right after the wreck (someone calling for help, ride in ambulance) and present day (everyone in waiting room)
Angela2405854 Angela2405854 5 years
Yeah, as rough as it is . . . I have a feeling they're going to kill her off. A lesson about texting and driving.
Pml122689 Pml122689 5 years
@dreamalittledream I don't know if I could keep watching if she doesn't die. Not only would it be so unrealistic given the way the accident happened, it would be such a bad example for young drivers. People are killed texting and driving all the time.
alyssamonster alyssamonster 5 years
Another way the creators can go is by having her in the hospital for a while, in a coma, or maybe even being paralyzed. 
Amy2351102 Amy2351102 5 years
Personally, her story arc has been so quiet and the bits that she did have were so unappealing that killing her off would end her run with an uptick... and teach the kids a valuable lesson about texting and driving!
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 5 years
i don't know if i could watch if she dies. she's my favorite
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