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Quiz on Jennifer Aniston, Star of the New Film The Bounty Hunter With Gerard Butler 2010-03-18 14:30:03

How Well Do You Know Jennifer Aniston?

Thanks to a small phenomenon called Friends, Jennifer Aniston will forever reign as one of America's post popular actresses. This Friday, she adds another project to her repertoire with The Bounty Hunter, opposite Gerard Butler, but it's only the most recent film in a long line of rom-coms, dramas, and TV stints Aniston has taken on over the years. Sure, you love her — but do you think you know everything there is to know about her career? Time for a test!

How Well Do You Know Jennifer Aniston?

What was Jennifer Aniston's first film?

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princess_dork princess_dork 7 years
I love her!
PrincessLtrain PrincessLtrain 7 years
What about "The Good Girl" - she's about as anti-Rachel Karen Green as you can get in that film. She did a phenomenal job. I think the reason her fans get upset with the posters that don't like her has nothing to do with a difference in opinion, it just the obscene and unnecessary meanness in which they do it. For example "she sucks A$$" - not the worst insult, but come on, it's a little juvenile.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
I know she sucks A$$
rossy rossy 7 years
To *Anon #1* & *zizy #2*... - Her agents/pr reps are the ones who guided her to her most lucrative career choice on "Friends" which earned her millions of dollars & more every year from the constant reruns of the show. I mean, it's HER CHOICE to stay with them, right? - I'm sure that Jennifer & her reps know best what she's capable of doing re: movies, etc. - Her forte is ENSEMBLE comedy. She was good on Friends but NOT the best... That was Lisa Kudrow. If either 1 had left the show, let's say in the 4th. season, which 1 would have been so sorely missed by fans the show would have ended shortly thereafter instead of 6 years later? - Don't get me wrong - I like her, really I do. I just can't see her in roles as anyone other than Rachel Green moving from TV to the Big Screen. Perhaps she'll get a role that allows her to "stretch" as an actor - A tough, meaty role is what she needs to try. As cliched a plot as: " a vain, woman loses her sight & must learn to adjust to her new limitations, becoming more outgoing, vulnerable... regains sight a few months/years later through surgery & must choose between the life she led before, or her new one..." - I'd really like to see her surprise everybody, especially me, with more range as an actor... Go to blogs & read the posts FANS leave behind. They gush about her hair, her clothes, her body & her movies too, but only a handful ever want to see her really stretch herself as an actor capable of more than playing off other actor in rom/coms, or a dog in a family-type movie. - Her fans should want more from her instead of petty bickering with other posters who don't like her... AND not always "because of" B&A.
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