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Quiz: Which '90s Sitcom Dad Do You Have?

Which '90s Sitcom Dad Do You Have?

Father's Day is here, so we're taking a look back at some of the most popular sitcom dads of the '90s. From Full House's Danny Tanner to Tim "The Toolman" Taylor from Home Improvement, the decade's TV shows featured several memorable onscreen fathers. Is your dad more of a Cliff Huxtable or an Alan Matthews? Take our quiz to find out!

When you were growing up, your dad was always:

Sharing advice
Cracking jokes
Building things
Who knows? Out and about
Around the house
Watching sports
Really awkward

Which magazine would your dad subscribe to?

Your dad's the best at:

The little things
Dishing out advice
Making you laugh
Setting an example
Letting loose
Passing on his skills
Being patient
Calming you down
Understanding everything

You hope you inherit your dad's ____.

Sense of humor

Which '90s movie would your dad appreciate most?

On a typical Saturday, your dad:

Heads to the office
Watches every single sport
Does yard work
Reads a book
Relaxes with the family
Goes on a date
Sees a movie
Is annoyingly productive

Which superlative best describes your dad?

Most Opinionated
Teacher's Pet
Class Clown
Best Looking
Drama King
Biggest Flirt
Everyone's Friend
Most Likely to Succeed
Best Personality

In a pickup basketball game, your dad would:

Get really, really competitive
Not take it seriously
Be the water boy
Get in the other team's heads
Probably hurt himself
Hold his own
Pretend he wasn't into it
Look for halftime snacks

Your dad is always wearing:

Expensive suits
Quirky ties
Denim on denim
Sweater vests
Jeans and blazers
Whatever's comfortable
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