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Rachel Berry vs. Rachel Green Quote Quiz

Rachel Berry vs. Rachel Green: Who Said It?

Lea Michele may be the reigning Rachel of primetime television, but the Glee star isn't the first to bear the name. Friends put Jennifer Aniston on the map thanks to her role as Rachel Green (and her famous haircut, "The Rachel"). Though one's a high school singer and the other a sassy fashion exec, these two have more in common than you'd think — including a quick wit. See if you can match these one-liners with the Rachel who uttered them.

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"Everything you need to know is in that first kiss."

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"Your arms are lovely. But I just don't see us working out."

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"It's not cheating if everyone does it."

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"I mean, is that woman capable of talking about anything else but sex?"

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"Now I just keep having nightmares of all of the mothers of the little baby chicks coming at me for revenge."

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"Come on! You and me. We'll start a new group! We're the best ones!"

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"Girls want sex just as much as guys do."

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"At the Grammys, I always win."

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"If you must know, I had a traumatic swing incident when I was little."

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"I'm only really generous if there's something in it for me."

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gleelove gleelove 6 years
10/10 Rachel Berry's character was named after Rachel Green- she even said to her mom that her dads were ' big fans of Friends'
Lemerne Lemerne 6 years
10/10, yay, I'm a dork! Buzz, in question 9, Rachel says that because she doesn't want Emma to go to the playground, which Rachel is terrified of.
DCBaxter DCBaxter 6 years
I thought I'd do a lot better on this than I did! 6/10.
TheBestRedDress TheBestRedDress 6 years
Isn't it high time we forget about "Rachel Green". We have so many fresh talented faces, and even older more interesting ones.
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