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Country week always must claim a victim on American Idol, and Wednesday night, we found out who couldn't survive singing a Dolly Parton cover. Was your prediction right? To find out and talk about it, just


This week, it was bye-bye to Ramiele. I can't say I'm surprised; as I wrote yesterday, I think she outlasted her welcome. She was always one of the more emotional contestants on the show, so I'm just glad she got through her farewell song. And hey, she still gets to go on tour.

Some other thoughts:

  • After all those weeks of wishing Kristy Lee would go home, is it weird that I was so glad it was actually Ramiele?
  • Though I obviously didn't predict it, I had a feeling Brooke could end up in the bottom three. I think she's been so safe for so long that her fans needed a wake-up call.
  • I'm pretty sure my love for Dolly Parton grows in direct proportion to my age. Seriously, so awesome.
  • Yay, glad to see David Cook there! It sounds like he's doing better after that hospital trip last night.
  • So, that's who won that Next Great American Band show. Interesting.
  • What was with Kristy's seat note?
  • Ooooh, burn: Paula's "I thought Ramiele had a good night . . . for Ramiele" was damning with faint praise, no?
  • I'm glad that after all the tomboy talk, Kristy Lee was one of the girls who actually got to play basketball in the Ford ad.
  • Is it wrong to love the way the judges got completely attacked/outnumbered by Idols during the group sing of "9 to 5"?
  • Something really annoyed me about the way Syesha wouldn't answer Seacrest's question about whether "I Will Always Love You" was a tough song for her. Everything with her seems kind of calculated with her.
  • I like Brooke. I really, really do. But did her whole "life is hard" speech strike anyone else as slightly pageant-y? (More coherent than, say, Miss Teen South Carolina, though, thank goodness.)

Your thoughts? Were you surprised by any of the bottom three? And who's next on your chopping-block wish list?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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