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How many puns can we make about Ratatouille, the animated movie about a rat chef, taking the top slot at the box office this weekend? Ratatouille deep fries Die Hard at the box office? Ratatouille slices and dices the competition? Ratatouille gently folds in the ingredients for success?

Bringing in a sizzling (wow, this is fun) $47 million its opening weekend, Ratatouille easily came in first place, beating out Live Free or Die Hard, which raked in $33 million. Evan Almighty was No. 3, though had a much weaker showing than its opening weekend with just $15 million, which doesn't spell good things for the comedy that cost a mighty penny.

1408 continues to do exceptionally well for a summer thriller, taking fourth place. Michael Moore's documentary Sicko came in ninth with $4.5 million — the second-highest opening ever for a documentary (second only to Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11). Sad disappointment Evening groggily limped behind Sicko in tenth place.

Unfortunately, the reign of the little Pixar rodents will most likely be short lived. Transformers opens this Tuesday, just in time to rope in the July 4th vacationers looking for a cool theater and gigantic robot cars. Well, License to Wed also opens this week, but something tells me that movie won't provide too much competition for the Transformers. And that something is Robin Williams.

Image courtesy of Disney/Buena Vista Entertainment

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