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The Rats of NIMH to Live Again on the Big Screen

Did you read and/or watch the story of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH as a kid? More than most things from my childhood, I have very vivid memories of this tale, specifically of watching the 1982 animated version (The Secret of NIMH). And being terrified.

Now the story is getting a modern update, so a whole new generation of kids can see it on the big screen. Here's more:

The story centers on a mouse — the titular Mrs. Frisby, re-named Mrs. Brisby in the MGM movie — faced with a crisis when her son falls ill and she must move her family to escape a farmer's plow. Mrs. Frisby enlists a group of former lab rats, whom she soon discovers run a highly evolved society, who possess advanced technologies and divide labor in the manner of a human community.

It's likely the new NIMH would combine live-action and animation in the manner of Alvin & the Chipmunks and other kiddie hybrids.

Some folks today are noting that rodents onscreen are popular right now after the box office success of G-Force this past weekend, but the Rats of NIMH tells a far darker tale than movies like G-Force. What do you think? Do you have memories of watching the old animated movie or reading the book?

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Quirks4me Quirks4me 7 years
I loved that movie! Did kinda scare me, but loved it nonetheless. I hope the remake is good; not sure I care for the live action/cartoon hybrid, so we'll see.
sidra5397 sidra5397 7 years
I loved the movie! I hope they don't mess it up.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 7 years
I don't know if I knew there was a book but I do remember the movie and I don't like the idea of there being a new version at all.
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 7 years
I loved the movie and book when I was little. I am not looking forward to an updated version - they always seem to ruin a good thing. The original was great and children would indeed enjoy it as much as others and I have.
acemonkey acemonkey 7 years
I loved The Secret of NIMH. I would watch it all the time as a child. I'm kind of torn on the idea of a remake. The first one was awesome, but at the same time I'd like to share the story with my stepson and my niece. My stepson rolls his eyes at me if I try to show him how good a movie is and it predates the 2000's.
tiabia tiabia 7 years
oh dear...CGI/Bubble animation here we come...:crying:
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
Yes, I do remember. I read the book and watched the animation. Yes, I'm dating myself. :) Why is the classic getting an "update??" The original is wonderful just the way it is. Leave it alone! It's like trying to update the classic, six-prong Tiffany diamond engagement ring. Why?? If something is well done, it's TIMELESS. No update necessary. Obviously, I have reservations about the new NIMH. :)
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