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Reader Comments Over This Week's TV

Community Blabber: TV Topics That Got You Talking

This week we took our first step towards May finale season, which means TV is juicier than ever. There were quite a few debates this week, and you all feel pretty passionate about important questions like whether Serena is more annoying than Blair, or who Lexie should date on Grey's Anatomy. Check out some of this week's hot topics in TV, and what the community was saying about them!

The Vampire Diaries: did Damon know that Elena was actually Katherine?

  • "I almost feel like Damon knew it was Katherine all along and that kiss at the end was just a test to see because after when he looks back at her while touching his lips you can see the disbelief all over his face. I can't wait for next season!" — Glamgal
  • "I agree with Glamgal that Damon had to have known that wasn't Elena... I mean, vampires are supposed to have super senses, couldn't he tell that it wasn't a human he was kissing!? I'm guessing Damon didn't really leave afterall and he's hiding out waiting for Elena so he can protect her from the wrath that is Katherine." — postmodernsleaze
  • "Glamgal — I think you're right! When Damon leaned in to give a peck on the cheek, there was already uncertainty in his eyes. Like someone else said, it must've been familiar to him, and I'm sure Damon knows." — popculture whore

For more TV fodder, just


    Should Lexie be with Sloan or Alex on Grey's Anatomy?

    • "Team Alex. I see more of a fit there than with Sloan. Just sayin'." — AnaMC
    • "As far as Lexie goes, I prefer her with Karev. I like Sloan more, but not for Lexie. In my ideal tv world, Private Practice would cease to exist and Addison would come back and be with Mark. Since that's not going to happen, the only character I think Sloan makes sense with is Callie, but I also like her with Arizona. If she and Arizona don't wind up together, I'd like to see her with Mark." — lilkimbo
    • "Not sure if I'm Team Karev or McSteamy. I really like them both, and it certainly seems as though there's more "there" there with Lexie and Sloan, but Alex has been run over so many times I'd be sad to see it happen again." — tlsgirl

    Who is the more annoying Gossip Girl: Serena or Blair?

    • "I read a few comments here and there and everybody hates Serena. And Blair is Gossip Girl, she's the one who makes this show interesting. Her and Chuck." — cibele
    • "I could not stand watching or hearing anything Serena had to say in last nite's episode... why does she think she's sooo much better than everyone???" — Lavinie
    • "I guess I just don't get why everyone loves Blair so much and hates Serena so much. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it just doesn't make sense to me!" — lilkimbo

    Lots of love for "Jessie's Girl" on Glee

    • "My favorite scene was Finn singing "Jessie's Girl." As soon as I heard the music and knew what he was getting ready to start singing, I was grinning." — kimmieb124
    • "LOVED Jessies's Girl. I had been telling my friends for weeks that the writers have to have Finn sing that song; it was just too obvious." — khameel
    • "Do you think that they named the character Jesse JUST so that, several episodes later, Finn could sing that song?" — Whiplash

    Photo courtesy of The CW and copyright 2010 ABC, Inc.

cibele cibele 7 years
Just to clear things up. Blair and Chuck make the show interesting to me. I don't want to imply all the fans feel this way :)
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