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Reader Comments on This Week's TV 2010-05-09 07:00:00

Community Blabber: TV Topics That Got You Talking

I may be the resident TV recapper here, but when it comes to sassy commentary, you guys are experts. This week, there were some off-the-chain TV episodes that made you chatter like crazy (Lost of course), but it wasn't the only show that got you guys talking up a storm. Check out some of this week's hot topics in TV, and what the community was saying about them!

The Vampire Diaries: We're all pulling for Delena:

  • "Damon + Elena = YES!!" — mannylove
  • "I don't even know what to say! So many great things happened this episode. I loved that Isobel called out Damon's love for Elena. So awkward, but should make the finale (and next season) very interesting! I hate Bonnie now. I also am not of fan of John being Elena's father. I cannot wait until next week. I'll be sad that I have to wait months for the new season." — khameel
  • "seriously. one of the best episodes. ever. i don't know how i could love this show anymore. it's one of the highlights of my week hah.damon is so damn sexy. that scene where he threatens jenny - er- i mean, isobel, was HOT. and i literally gasped when isobel declared that damon was in love with elena. wow. i'm starting to think that it is damon's fate to lose the love of his life to his own brother. i feel like maybe katherine loved stefan a little more than damon? now damon's falling hard for elena, but ultimately, i think she'll choose stefan and break damon's heart. aahhh i'm definitely too invested in damon. so many twists and turns. can't wait to see how the season ends!" — popculture whore

Two more when you


Glee: In which we all fawn over Heather Morris (Brittany):

  • "Heather Morris was also on So You Think You Can Dance Season 2--she auditioned with her bffl Ben who made it through but she was cut at the final 20. She was brought onto Glee as a choreographer for the Single Ladies dance, and (thank god) she stuck around!! And ps I LOVED this episode!! Jonathan Groff dancing ballet was... oh it made my night. " — popcorn19
  • "i have such a crush on heather morris (brittany)!" — meeshee

How I Met Your Mother: When given the choice of Ted or Barney, you pick Marshall:

  • "I wouldn't really want to date either of them. Marshall would be my pick! He's my favorite character." — maskedtoejam
  • "I know Marshall is married on the show, but I will definitely choose him:) so hug-able." — pianoteacher1
  • "I would probably pick Marshall first too - he's so sweet and funny! I did vote Ted over Barney - I think Ted and I have similar nerdy streaks (especially with the "fun facts") so we'd do better in the long run. I think I'd rather be friends with Barney." — limelindsey

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yay i was featured! haha. buzzsugar readers are definitely witty & funny, just like buzz :]
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