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Reader Comments on This Week's TV

Community Blabber: The Season Finales That Got You Talking

I'm still totally reeling from this past week of TV; I was prepared for some huge finales, but there were a few shows whose season enders were so insane, so intense, that you guys couldn't stop talking about them. And I loved every minute of it! Check out the comments from my TV recaps that got the most action.

The epic season-ending shootout on Grey's that rocked you

  • "Definitely a great episode... I sat in front of my TV and was freaking out the entire time. Every surgeon was either shot or found someone who was shot. So scary... I loved Meredith/Cristina at the beginning of the episode. Also, go Cristina for doing such a risky surgery and with JACKSON! I really think they should explore relationship that next season. And you're right Buzz, I think Owen would have gone back for Teddy if the situation had been switched. The scariest moments had to have been Bailey's scenes-especially being pulled out from under the bed. Though no offense to Mandy Moore, but I didn't find her part so important to the storyline, even though I really like her. Great season finale." — jhilly123
  • "I was crying and screaming the entire time! lol Honestly, though I felt like it was a bit much, I felt like I was watching horror movie and I hate horror movies... all in all I do think it was a great episode and the acting was fantastic, and I am glad Derek and Alex are okay!" — lizette417
  • "This was such an insane episode! I was on pins and needles the whole time. Although I have to say, I found April to be even more annoying than usual on this show - the rambling about pigs and getting Derek shot. I would've rather had Reed or Percy stick around. Disappointed too that Owen and Christina may be back on. I totally agree that it would have been the same situation if Teddy were still inside." — tlsgirl

To see the other shows that got your comments coming, just


Georgina preggers, Chuck shot, Jenny devirginized on the Gossip Girl finale

  • " I find it really stupid for the writers to make Dan angry because HIS SISTER WENT TO HIS APARTMENT AND HAVE SEX WITH HIM...that was like "we need to break Chuck and Blair... ok let's put the macho/protective-bro face to Dan. Without that, the rest of the episode was really great. " — NadiaPotter
  • "Dan & Serena- okay, yet another example of the writers rushing a story line. Do they realize these characters have had about 2 scenes together all season? And they're step-siblings now? Lucky Penn and Blake have such great natural chemistry that this works. I'd forgotten how much I liked them together. Also, Dan asking Serena if she's friends with Vanessa- I was wondering that too." — genesisrocks
  • " I like Dan and Serena together, so I hope they wind up getting back together next season (even if it is strange that they are now step-siblings). And yeah, Serena and Nate are not "mythic." That wording doesn't even make sense. I don't want Nate with Jenny, but I don't really like him with Serena, either. I like him best as a sidekick/friend to Dan, Chuck, and Blair." — lilkimbo

Mixed feelings about House and Cuddy finally getting together on the House finale

  • "I'm prolly the only one who wasn't rooting for House and Cuddy to get together... kinda lame. I hope it's a hallucination... like he really did take the Vicodin and whatnot... Other then that, I really enjoyed the episode. I was shocked when Hannah died, that was horrible. Poor House, he really connected with her." — kea718
  • "As a devoted fan of House, I was absolutely giddy at the end of the episode last night. Odds are very good that Cuddy and House getting together won't be a fairy-tale ending. I suspect that we aren't rid of Lucas, and Lord knows there will always be some drama with Wilson!!! As for Thirteen. Eh. She's seems to be one of those characters that's in-and-out. And that's good. Makes her mysterious and interesting. I think this was the most beautiful ending to the season that they have ever had." — hairpoet714
  • "This episode was brilliant, and it was gorgeous too (they shot it with all with canon digital slrs, and some of the shots were just amazing!). I hope he wasn't hallucinating, but at the same time, it seemed too abrupt. Either I can't wait for the next season. The last two have been great, and dare I say it, better than the previous season." — sabs

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