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Reader Theories and Comments From Lost Episode "Happily Ever After"

Lost Logic: Reader Thoughts and Theories

On this week's episode of Lost, the sideways world gets a game changer when Desmond comes into the mix. I had the pleasure of chatting about the episode with the ladies at Mother Jones, and many of you brought up other insightful points that I just have to share. Let's review!

  • I am starting to wonder if all of Widmore's people are cognizant of the island in the flash sideways, i.e. Keamy, Eleanor, George. — 356UIK
  • Why did Desmond meet Penny in the same place (stadium) he first met Jack? That has to be meaningful, right? Is it a clue that Penny is the mother of Jack's son?? She goes running in the same place Jack does, her half-brother is an incredible pianist and so is the kid, and isn't the kid's name also Daniel? I guess this isn't really all that important to the show's outcome, but I still think that might have been a cool little clue as to who the kid's mother (and Jack's ex-wife) is. Another sign that this sideways world just isn't quite right. — Anonymous

Two more if you


  • I think Desmond died while being electromagnetized! And Widmore's group think he survived, but the MIB brought him back (aka, became 'infected'). That is why he so willingly followed Sayid. He is now numb just like Sayid is. — Anonymous
  • Anyone pick up on the fact that Sayid is MIB's henchman, and Desmond is Widmore/Jacob's henchman, they are now marching through the jungle together? I smell a life/death confrontation coming........ — redson68

Do any of these stir up new feelings about this week's episode? Or have you come to any big revelations since our chat yesterday? Sound off in comments and don't forget to check out the Lost Fans group in the Buzz Community!

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Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
I have a feeling that Widmore and Ben are on the same side and maybe they just had a rift over being in power over the others and Widmore wanting to kill babies (he wanted Alex dead when she was a baby). I think they just have their own feud going on which has nothing to do with Jacob and MIB. But I could be wrong. It would be great though in future episodes to see them fighting on the same side. I need to re-watch the episode where Widmore helped Locke out in Tunisia. What did he say to him again? That he has to go back?
kismekate kismekate 7 years
Regarding the first comment, I do not believe that Widmore himself is cognizant of what is going on (as his reaction to Desmond becoming completely willing this episode did not show that Widmore was aware of him reaching an alt. reality). But I do believe certain people are, especially Keamy (before he was shot of course). I have a theory that a person in the alternative reality channels the island when they are incoherent, blacked out, knocked out, looking into a mirror, or falling asleep. If you remember in the alt. reality when Keamy captured Jin and his henchmen was putting Jin into the freezer he banged his head on the door. EVERYTHING, i mean EVERYTHING that happens in LOST is for a reason. Keamy says, "You gotta be more careful", sits Jin down, and applies a cold compress to Jin's forehead. Why would Keamy care if Jin got all banged up if he was just going to kill him in the end?? Because he didn't want him passing out and channeling the island.
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