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Reader Theories and Comments From Lost Episode "The Package"

Lost Logic: Reader Thoughts and Theories

Jin and Sun's sideways world was the subject on this week's Lost episode, and it got you guys chatting, as usual. Just like last week, I've picked a few of your comments on recap of "The Package" to highlight here. Check them out!

  • "OK my take is this: the 'sideways' universe is the real universe..ours. What we have been watching for the last 6 years is the 'alternate reality' (classic J J Abrams). Clue...even though our characters have different lives or different circumstances in the 'side-verse', note that all the stories have one thing in common...THEY NEVER BREAK THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. There are no smoke monsters or time warped islands etc. I believe that what we have seen up til now is the alternate reality. The comment by Keamy about the 'island' still bothers me though." — sclost
  • "Also, I feel like it's the opposite way regarding the candidacy. I think they stressed the fact that only Jin's last name was Kwon. Sun still holds her maiden name." — kismekate

To see a couple more, just


  • "Sun's father already knew about the affair, Keamy didn't tell him. That's the whole reason he hired Keamy in the first place." — Anonymous
  • "I was wondering if why some people's flash sideway(ses) are more positive than others. Like Sayid and Claire. It showed Claire keeping her baby and Sayid being (kind of) with the love of his life while other people like Kate and Sun's flash sideways aren't very good. I wonder if this has anything to do with Claire and Sayid being taken by Locke. But then I can't figure out if Jack's flash sideways is good or not. Maybe since it's good because he is still a doctor and has a son?" — Jelly888

Do any of these theories make you think or change your mind about anything? Continue the conversation below, and don't forget that you can always join the Lost Fans group in community to chitchat anytime!

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