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The Real World New Orleans TV Review

Real World Has Shocked New Orleans

The following post was written by Little4Blondie, who posted it on the OnSugar blog Aimless Fusion.

The popular TV show Real World has moved to its new location, the exciting city of New Orleans. Now, the trick to this show is the cast members. There's the ex-rehab member Knight, the pretty Florida girl, McKenzie, the fun gay guy, Preston, the cool-headed mediator, Eric, the singer, Sahar, the active volunteer, Ashlee, and the flirt, Jemmye.

But, of course, no show would be complete without a little bit of drama. In this case, it is Ryan. He's the drug stealing, lying, lazy, overreacting, bizarre roommate. He also comes with some interesting habits, which include: blowdrying himself, playing with people's ears, and chasing his roommates while he's naked. And can I just say, what is up with his hair? It's not attractive. My all time favorite Ryan moment was when he called the cops on Preston for peeing on his toothbrush. First of all, you don't call the police, who are out there fighting real criminals, for a problem you have with your roommates. Be a man and take care of it yourself. I also loved how he tried to be all tough guy when Preston came home, saying that he was going to beat him up and such, but he didn't do a thing. Oh, Ryan. He most definitely keeps things interesting. If you haven't watched Real World, you MUST start. It's the best show out there if you're looking for a little bit of entertainment and some laughs. If you missed some episodes or want to get caught up, MTV has some episodes available on their website.

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