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Reaper Rundown: Episode 4, "Magic"

Reaper Rundown: Episode 4, "Magic"

On this week's Reaper, I got a huge kick out of Ben's deep affection for the vessel, a bird he names Winston. I'm glad that guy's getting more screen time — he's funny and those dimples just get me. This week the Devil got more great lines than usual, too, and that might be my favorite thing about the show. Could have done without the whole Sam-needing-the-contract thing, which just seems like a time-waster, but overall I think it was a great episode. To check out some of the parts I thought were best about the show,

  • They must have such a blast working on this show! That mechanical bull fashioned out of paint shakers looks like so much fun.
  • "Beta males are in right now, okay? Chicks dig it." — Sock, on why it's okay for Sam to let Ted walk all over him.
  • Ah, from the Devil's mouth to God's ears: "Life's too short to drink domestic."
  • "I'm not Google, Sam!" — Devil, in response to Sam's question about where the escaped soul is. I am so using that line in real life.
  • "Didn't you have plans? Plans to lock lips with somebody? Flaming lips?" — Devil
  • Sam's online search for the soul: "Bellifiore. Soul."
  • Sock: "Winston's not a bird's name, Ben."
    Ben: "Okay, well you tell me what a bird's name is."
    Sock: "I don't know. How about Flappy? Or Paul."
  • Ben sneaks Winston into the bar under his coat!
  • "You know, Sam, sarcasm is the lowest form of social discourse." — Devil
  • Gladys: "Place the vessel on the mat."
    Sock: "Ooh, that's going to be kind of difficult with all that sexual tension pushing back."
  • Ben: "Winston, you are one freaky-ass bird who scared the crap out of me and now I can't be comfortable around birds ever again. I hope you know that."
  • Devil: "What is it about you, Sammy? Huh? I just can't say no!"

Photos courtesy of CW

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