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Reaper Rundown: Episode 6, "Leon"

Reaper Rundown: Episode 6, "Leon"

This week's episode of Reaper was as sweet and fun as free Halloween candy. I just love this show! And it is, of course, most appropriate the week of Halloween. I love that the Devil hates Halloween because it's the one day of the year when nobody fears him. "I become a party gag. A plastic mask!" So, he lets Hell take a holiday on Halloween. This show is so clever. I love it.

This week's episode featured Patton Oswalt playing Leon, an escaped soul who has been working through his issues in therapy and may be a reformed evildoer. Check out the things I loved best about this episode below:

  • Sam: "We can see your wall of insanity, okay? We know what you're planning."
    Leon: "No, no, that's my Thought Board. My therapist told me to make it."
  • Sam: "This is going to sound weird, but are you okay?"
    Devil: "Holidays always depress me." He goes on to gloomily explain that Halloween has become "the commercialization of evil."
  • More highlights if you

  • Spike the dog was "on the torture team" down in hell. "Spike may not look like much, but he can make grown men cry."
  • Sock took the vessel with the escaped soul out to trivia night at the bar. "Dude knows his history!"
  • I wish they would bring back Sock's tendency to laugh helplessly when he's nervous. I love his wheezy laugh!
  • Sam is indignant when the Devil shows up in the bathroom with him. Devil: "Oh, please, with the modesty. I'm like a doctor, Sam. It all looks like raw meat to me."
  • Taking a page from the book of Stephen Colbert, the Devil insists that bears are the only creatures on Earth more untrustworthy and unreliable than humans.
  • Devil: "You know in a way, I'm the most trustworthy person you know. And that's just sad."
  • Sock: "I'm gonna hug you, okay? Like a man-hug?"
    Sam: "Yeah, that'd be nice... Sock, are you feeling my ass?"
    Sock: "No, something in your backpack."
  • Gladys looks rough from partying on her day off from Hell. Sock: "Oh, woman, we need to party together sometime."
  • Devil: "Sam, I invented therapy... so the wicked could justify their actions!"

Photos courtesy of CW

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