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Game of Thrones
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Reaper Rundown: Episode 7, "Love, Bullets and Blacktop"

Reaper Rundown: Episode 7, "Love, Bullets and Blacktop"

Just when I think Reaper is getting a little too ridiculously formulaic (get the vessel, hunt down escaped souls, Sam/Andi drama, funny quips from Sock and the Devil), there are little touches that surprise and delight me all over again. I think Andi's "Ted-Free Zone" is the coolest thing I've seen in a while, for example. And the introduction of both Russ the sketchy coworker and Taylor the possible love interest for Sam really helped to spice things up this week, too.

Check out some of the things I liked best about this week's episode below:

  • Sock announces that they are "getting Sam laid" tonight. Or, as he also puts it, "We are planting your flag at Iwo Jima tonight my friend."
  • Okay, I had to rewind the part at the bar when Sock appears to fire off pelvic bullets across the table first at Sam's and then one at Ben. So great!
  • More highlights if you

  • All three boys are badgered to strip for the bachelorette party girls, and they each have a reason why they won't:
    Sock: "I’m not your monkey! I am not your monkey!"
    Ben: "I could lose my union card."
    Sam: "I have a trick knee."
  • Sam, muttering to Taylor on the phone while Andi's standing right there: "No, my lips are currently not lonely."
  • I love the character of Russ! And I love that Sock calls him "extra-strength douche."
  • This week's escaped soul Holly is totally borrowing a page from the book of the indestructible Claire on Heroes.
  • Sam: "A church? Isn’t this a little too close for comfort?"
    Devil: "Nah. Me and the big guy have an understanding. I stay out of his house, he lets me play with his toys."
  • The Devil says there's no such thing as love. “In the end it all comes down to endorphins and genitalia."
  • Sock, to escaped soul Kit: "You are a man of discriminating taste, I can tell by the four buttons undone on your shirt."
  • I love that Russ is the answer to all their vessel problems this episode ("Where the hell are we gonna find beta max?").
  • Sock to Sam, in reference to Taylor: “Collect your spoils.”
    Sam: “Alright, let’s not call her spoils to her face."
  • The Devil shaking his head at the bar: “I never should have pushed that whole Taylor thing on you. I had no idea you were a homosexual… Hear that? That’s the sound of every man in the world laughing at you."

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Join The Conversation
nicachica nicachica 9 years
Awww...i missed the show on Tuesday! But on the plus side, the reason i missed it was because i went to see the Australian Pink Floyd Tribute band. Laser lights and Dark Side of the Moon anyone? I'm sure Sock and Ben and Sam understood. ;)
ms_mags ms_mags 9 years
I hope this show gets picked up. It's my fave Tuesday night show.
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
i had to work last night so i missed this show. :CRY: that's it i'm getting a dvr.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
I have to agree as well...this is definitely the funniest show that NO ONE is watching. I am always delighted by Reaper, and it ranks up there with Pushing Daisies as the one other show that always leaves me with a HUGE smile on my face :-D. I think my favorite line this week, was Ben's line in reference to Holly..."Ay, that bitch is CRAZY!"...LOVES IT...and who doesn't love Booger in any role...he's always awesome and Russ is definitely all types of "extra-strength douche"...and if GeekSugar watched, I know she would have loved Russ' uber-vintage stereo wall...:rotfl:
askmetostay askmetostay 9 years
this show makes me laugh out loud at least once every episode. sock screaming "i am not your monkey" made me almost spit my drink out.
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
I love love LOVE this show! Sock is hilarious. Love him!
jenintx jenintx 9 years
i love this show! i agree that it's the funniest thing that no one is watching. the only bad part of this naked sam! boo! they need to work on that to ensure bret's naked at least once every episode :)
genvessel genvessel 9 years
i am beginning to think that reaper is the funniest show that no one is watching. i mean, seriously. this stuff is brillant.
Ejmcmis Ejmcmis 9 years
"The Devil shaking his head at the bar: “I never should have pushed that whole Taylor thing on you. I had no idea you were a homosexual… Hear that? That’s the sound of every man in the world laughing at you." ... that includes me hahahaha :-D
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