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hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
:woohoo: HappySue! :)
HappySue HappySue 8 years
I'm in love with the idea of the romance. I remember when I was 17. Going to celebrate 50 years of marriage and remember when I met him! Older women still have romance in their souls and you would really be put out with my age 68. My 2 Grannddaughters love it as much as I do at 16 and 23. Great pictures of Rob and Kristen.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
I can't wait for the Twilight hype to be over.
Mishell-López Mishell-López 8 years
Clear that if this movie is going to be excellent
hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
I was very irritated with Bella in the book. I thought she was rude among other things. I thought how rude she couldn't take the time to even try to remember everyones names. All the kids who were reaching out to get to know her. I'm surprised they didn't just think she was stuck up. Real hs that is what would have happened. Anyway, I liked her more as the stories went on. :rotfl:
hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
LOL! Actually I over thought the book just like that. Even though I loved all of them. I couldn't help but to think of how ridiculous it all was. I thought of the same thing with my HS too. Way way back when! :)
hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
They went to high school because it would be the best way they thought to look normal. They would therefore not cause more wonder and attention. :shrug: The oldest wasn't in the army he just looked the biggest. I have to say living in a small mtn town. Home schooling and not being amoung people isn't thought of as so weird. They actually could have lived somewhere like that easily and not had to put up such a facade. But, oh well. Aren't a lot of books and movies unrealistic with stuff? It is about vampires and werewolves so I don't think they need to be THAT worried about what's realistic. IMHO. :)
hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
Hmm, I could have sworn he was 110. :ponder: Anyway, :rotfl: Yes I think a lot of us thought of that. uh... but nope I don't think it mattered. :shrug:
willowdiamond willowdiamond 8 years
lol and I could give you 50 reasons not to watch it.
hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
Nivradmitch, you did great! Very good at explaining. :)
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
You really cant knit a good sweater out of crappy yarn, and the books are crap. I have already taken them away from my neice and told my sister JUST what these books were about, She wont be seeing this movie either.
nivradmitch828 nivradmitch828 8 years
i agree that Nikki did not justify the Rosalie character..she's suppose to be the most beautiful woman that bella had ever seen/meet..but Nikki did not do justice in the movie..she looks ordinary..but i like her outfits.. i am in my early 30's and like other woman my age and older (than me)..reading and watching movies like this keep us young at keeps us smile alot..we don't drool on those actors or what, it's just a way of showing that you can still be able to admire and be inlove..that's the most important thing because if you lost that feeling, it won't be easy for us to keep up with all the things that we MOTHERS need to do in our daily lives..taking care of our children( like you 16 yr old anonymous), our husbands, work, etc..etc...this is the only time we spend for ourselves and i think it is forgivable for us to be a "girl" once in a while...and have something to look forward too.. teenagers like some of you here will understand only what we are feeling right now when you reach our age..good luck! am i making sense here..oh! i love robert..he's awesome.. can't wait for new moon!!!i like et interview....
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
I sure hope they do a better job. I mean, Twilight wasn't terrible but it did not do the book justice at all!
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