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3 Reasons Why I'm Already Hooked on The Walking Dead

The following post was written by braddybradshaw in the new The Walking Dead Fans group in the BuzzSugar Community

Okay, I'll admit that the recent episode nearly made me hurl with its zombie guts, but that aside, I'm really liking AMC's new series The Walking Dead. Hear me out as I plead my case:

  1. It's more than just zombies. Other than perhaps Shaun of the Dead, I'm not exactly a big fan of zombies. I've never seen Night of the Living Dead or 28 Days Later, but luckily, The Walking Dead is more concerned with its actual living characters. It gives even the minor roles a surprising amount of depth. You might imagine that in a zombie-ravaged world, us humans would have to bond together, and the series focuses on building those relationships.
  2. It moves at a swift pace. When I first heard about the premise for the show with one man trying to find his wife and son in the midst of zombies, I sort of thought, "Well, this is going to be boring." I pictured just him by his lonesome on the road. But the show keeps things moving quickly to help build suspense. Instead of Rick spending multiple episodes in his old town, the writers immediately got him moving on his journey, and he hasn't paused since.
  3. Juicy romance drama. In the midst of all that horse carnage (ugh, gross!), the writers have still managed to squeeze in a compelling love triangle between Rick, Shane, and Rick's wife Lori. I'm no longer interested as much in Rick's survival (my guess is he'll probably live, since he's the star of the show) — I really just want to see how he reacts once he discovers that his best friend has been boinking his wife in the woods.
  4. If you're enjoying The Walking Dead join The Walking Dead Fans group to share your thoughts on the show.

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lilegwene lilegwene 6 years
Love it... and totally agree about waiting to see what happens when Rick finds out his wife moved on so quickly! Bethany, I hope not! I think it just developed because they're scared and alone... but they do seem awfully comfortable with each other and Rick has only been out of the picture for what, a couple weeks? Also, is she sure he's dead? Didn't she freak out that they should make signs to warn people when they heard someone (Rick) on the radio say he was driving on the highway? I thought she was so adamant about making the signs and so upset because she still held out hope that Rick was alive. I'm actually interested in how they explain the zombies... how long can they live without feeding? How come some of them seem to be somewhat sentimental (the child picking up the bear, the mother going back to the house she died in and her family is in...), though it's not a virus... they already died before they became walkers so maybe it isn't memories or sentimentalism as much as coincidence. Interesting stuff, glad to see the love here and that it's already a "go" for season 2.
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
i'm hooked as well and kept on the edge of my seat the whole way through. its completely different than anything else on tv right now. the "survival" theme reminds me so much of Lost...without all the weird sci-fy stuff (at least not yet...i figure they will eventually have to explain why zombies have taken over the US...). i can't wait to see how rick finds his wife and son!!! they are so close, yet so far away!!
bethany0403 bethany0403 6 years
I, too, am hooked. Anyone else think that Lori and Shane had something going on prior to the zombification of the world?
tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
I love this show! It definitely keeps me on the edge of my seat, and I'm curious to see what's going to happen when Rick's wife and partner get caught too.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
I love this show so far. I even got my husband hooked.
Choco-cat Choco-cat 6 years
i'm enjoying the show - but y'all should make sure to read the comics too. they're awesome!
Datura2112 Datura2112 6 years
Hook, line and sinker. They had me from the first scene. Nothing better than a little zombie girl getting shot dead in the head with her bunny slipper flying off.
suzpuz suzpuz 6 years
Have absolutely been loving this show!
Mädchen Mädchen 6 years
I'm not usually a fan of zombies (or horror movies in general) either, but "28 Days Later" is a great film, you should definitely give it a shot. Actually, I think the bit with Rick waking up in the abandoned hospital probably was meant as an hommage to that movie (if it wasn't they simply stole it, because the exact same thing happens to Jim at the beginning of "28 Days Later" ;)).
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