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Recap of 90210 and Melrose Place Shocking Moments 2009-09-23 09:38:15

90210 vs. Melrose Place: Which Was More Scandalous?

This week brought us another double whammy of 90210 and Melrose Place. I honestly didn't go into the evening with high expectations — between last week's sexting episode and sibling baddie Jen, I figured both shows would take a breather this time 'round. And they nearly did. However, even though there may not have any murders or nude photos, we still got a few I-can't-believe-they-did-that moments.

90210 won last week's faceoff — could Melrose take it this time? Help me determine which show was more racy (warning: spoilers!) when you


  • 90210 point: The Naomi-Annie war continues. Naomi denies that she ever saw Annie's topless photo prior to the public text message; Annie counteracts by roping in Liam and lying, telling Naomi that they did have sex after all. Annie also throws in her face how every guy she's been with likes her more. Ouch.
  • Melrose Place counterpoint: We get lots of flashbacks between Sydney and Michael, and just how much dirt she had on him, including her threatening to expose their affair and his involvement in her faux death. Hmm . . . was that enough reason to kill the woman?
  • 90210 point: I thought new preppy Teddy was just a boring nice guy, but drama is a brewin'. Last night, he made nice with Navid on the yacht — and then two seconds later, he tried to hit on Adrianna.
  • MP counterpoint: Riley doesn't tell her parents or friends that she's engaged, and then after a good wine buzz, she kisses Auggie. Huh?! I guess I saw this coming — Jonah and Riley couldn't be cute and happy for more than four episodes — but I was still sort of surprised.
  • 90210 point: Dixon's head is getting seriously big — what's with his hipster getups? — and he dates an older woman who has no clue about his age. (Wasn't she curious why all of his friends looked 17? Come on.) In an extreme move to keep up the lie, he "borrows" Navid's Lamborghini . . . and ends up in Napa.
  • MP counterpoint: Violet may be even more bat-crazy than we thought. This time, she breaks into Sydney's apartment, tries on her clothes, and steals one of her dresses to seduce Auggie. I believe the Greeks have a term for this.
  • 90210 point: Looks like Kelly and Principal Wilson may be starting up a secret romance. She sends him a text at the end of the episode, which he hides from his wife, and he suggests getting lunch together.
  • MP counterpoint: Taryn Manning cameos as a pop star in a weird costume that looked like a robot-alien hybrid. Not necessarily scandalous, but still pretty friggin' weird.

All right, so this is a tough competition, but I'm going to have to call it a tie. Usually I would say that Dixon and Annie gave 90210 the upper hand this week, but Silver made a surprisingly mature move with Dixon's new gal pal, thereby bringing the shows to a neck-and-neck finish. I also have a total new appreciation for Silver now. Over on Melrose, I was thrilled to see the old character interaction in flashbacks (and a preview of Jane's return next week!), but wonder if that's just me, since I watched the old show. Were new viewers bored by that?


What do you think of last night's episodes? Anything in particular that made your jaw drop?

Photos courtesy of The CW

Join The Conversation
care0531 care0531 8 years
P.S. Auggie is short for Augustine! I worked with a client who went by Auggie and his real name is Augustine! WEIRD but makes sense.
smorzalli smorzalli 8 years
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that "Poison" was featured in this week's episode of 90210 after last week's awesome version on "Glee"! Coincidentally, "Poison" was also the hit of the evening at karaoke last night...
Angelica Angelica 8 years
This post makes me wish I watched. I love that there was a clothes trying on scene on Melrose. That's one of my all time favorite freaky character moves on tv shows and movies.
Daisy-Duke Daisy-Duke 8 years
Ha ha! Yes, Like August. I think Auggie is cute for a little boy...but a grown man? Come on now :)
care0531 care0531 8 years
I am not a fan of Annie on 90210 but I like this evil bitch role that she is trying to play- she still can't do it as good as Naomi! Melrose has more risky scandal type stuff going on with theft, murder and all that good juicy good stuff. As for the name Augie- I registered a client today with the same name and when he comes down to buy a home I will ask him what the Augie is short for if anything!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that as far as 'scandal' goes - MP takes the cake. the things that were going on in 90210 were just very 'high school' so i'm not sure what to say about that. at least i've watched more than one episode of both for the season - i think that's more than i can say about 90210 from last year.
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 8 years
Let's see, both shows incorporate felonies into the drama, but 90210 has that fiery high school drama too, that I just never saw in an apartment complex. Also, I think the acting in 90210 is stronger, so I'm picking 90210 as the winner.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
Daisy, I still hate the name too. Can we just go with August at least?
Daisy-Duke Daisy-Duke 8 years
I was just so blinded by Dixon's new woman's smile...she's gorgeous, but it was a little too much. You can't seriously be that happy from a 17 year old boy. I was very surprised that Silver was so cool with her as well. As far as scandal? Melrose wins. Murder, all the sneaking around for David and his father...and then Auggie...(still hate that name)...kissing Rieley. Taryn Manning WAS so bizarre, and Violet is just creepy!
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