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90210 vs. Melrose Place: Which Was More Scandalous?

90210 and Melrose Place are about to go on their Winter hiatuses, so you know what that means — even more climactic drama in both episodes. The high school kids definitely made me raise my eyebrows a few times, but it's hard for them to compete with their older counterparts this week, who delivered the soap opera trifecta: sex, drugs, and murder.

Let's jump right into it and decide which show had more shockers. Needless to say, there are ton of spoilers here, so tread carefully when you


  • 90210 point: Finally, Liam and Naomi get back together! He goes to the Winter Wonderland dance with Ivy, but once she confronts him about his former flame, he admits that he still harbors feelings for her. About time. Later that night, Naomi shows up at his place (after receiving a text from Ivy), and while Liam puts up his normal barrier at first, the two are soon snogging in his garage.
    Melrose Place counterpoint: Multiple relationships unravel this week, and Jonah and Riley get the brunt of it. They decide to elope, and everything's set until Ella arrives on the scene with a can't-miss offer for Jonah to pitch a famous director. He takes the meeting, and the director buys his script, which is good news — until Jonah realizes that Riley wants to use the new job to postpone their nuptials. She admits that she's not ready, and Jonah dumps her to seek solace with Ella. What's surprising? Ella tells him she wants a relationship. What's not? They have sex.

  • 90210 point: Jasper and Annie reach a boiling point. Her friends stage an intervention, telling her that Jasper is a drug dealer and that he pushed Navid down the stairs. She refuses to believe it at first, until Adrianna says she bought from him. (I'm so glad to see Adrianna coming around and being so noble, too). Annie confronts Jasper, and he admits what he did, but not without also telling her what he knows: that she ran over his uncle. Is he resorting to blackmail so that she'll stay his girlfriend?!
  • Melrose Place counterpoint: We find out who Sydney's killer is . . . Vanessa! She stabbed Sydney because of Syd's affair with Michael — and because Syd knew the truth about Noah, who is apparently David's child. Oh snap. Michael figures out that his wife committed the murder and asks David to nab Noah before Vanessa can run off. He does, but he has to leave Noah with Violet after getting an emergency phone call (more on that if you keep reading). Vanessa comes looking for Noah, and Violet throws her into the pool, eventually killing her. When the police come, Amanda pleads Violet's case to protect her, but I'm sure she has ulterior motives.

  • 90210 point: Teddy tries to romance Silver, but she keeps backing away because she's worried about his player mentality — which isn't helped when she sees a pretty blonde give him a long hug. Too bad she doesn't know that the girl is his sister! Distraught, Silver talks to Dixon, who's had a change of heart ever since seeing Teddy move in on his ex. Isn't that the way it always happens?! Instead of telling her that Teddy is falling for her, Dixon makes her believe that Teddy's still a skirt-chaser, so he can swoop in and kiss her. Even though I don't love Teddy, I do not want to watch Silver go back to Dixon.
  • Melrose Place counterpoint: Lauren continues to trade sex for cash. Problems arise when she goes to a repeat customer, and he slips her a drug. Her body has a negative reaction, so she dials David from the hotel bathroom floor to help. He takes her to the hospital where the doctors tell him what they discovered — sweet, do-gooder Lauren overdosed.

  • 90210 point: Dixon tells Debbie that he wants to see his birth mom, which should provide at least a few teary moments in future episodes. I'll be especially curious to see how Debbie handles it; she looked pretty taken aback and a bit hurt, too.
    Melrose Place counterpoint: Speaking of birth moms, we got to see a flashback where Syndey admits to Violet that she really is her mother.

OK, hands down this week belongs to Melrose. Now we know who offed Sydney! And that David's actually a dad! And the identity of the mysterious object that Amanda's looking for (an incredibly pricey painting that Sydney stole). Each scene provided one reveal after another — oh, not to mention, Auggie's back off the wagon. Do you agree with my assessment, or did you prefer 90210 this week? Are there any big moments that I left out?


Don't forget to take a look at the 90210 Superfans group in the Buzz Community.

Photos courtesy of The CW

Join The Conversation
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
I am mad that auggie is leaving as well. Ummm the only really hot guy on the show? Jonah does not do it for me. David is fine but doesn't have Auggie's eyes.
Daisy-Duke Daisy-Duke 7 years
I never believed that Sydney was Violet's mother, but I was wrong! Thank God we got moving with these plots with both shows this week, I was getting antsy! Finally Annie and Jasper might be dunzo, and FINALLY we find out about Sydney's killer, but ew, Ella and Jonah?? Not cool.
Akasha Akasha 7 years
Damn, I can't believe they are getting rid of Auggie. They just opened up the door for some great scandal and now they are getting rid of him. Boo! I can't believe that Violet isn't really that crazy. I mean she's still off her rocker, but she's not as off as they made her seem. Now she's just a typical LA girl who will throw someone under the bus for a job and do whatever she can to hook a hottie.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
:oy: anonymous comments... So if David is the dad of Noah, he must have slept with his dad's wife!? Messed up. I think this week it definitely goes to MP! haha
cbombnewell cbombnewell 7 years
I agree with tiff.I think Jasper killed him. And Mel-rose was by far more scandalous!I wonder if David knows he's the father,and if that's why hes so protective over Noah.I think his father knows too,and that's why they don't have the best relationship.Just a theory though..:)
emms emms 7 years
LaurenG- even though 90210 has teens, they act like adults so I can see why there is a comparison. BUT, Melrose has been winning the last few weeks. I loved last nights episode and I haven't watched 90210 in a few weeks because I've lost interest.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Lemme see, Melrose had yet another dead body in their pool, and a failed almost-marriage, and a relapse, and on and on. Totally more scandalous this week.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
Wait- I mean Ella... whatever.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
Can we do something besides "which is more scandalous"??? It's a silly concept considering one show is about adults and the other is about teens. Duh which one is more scandalous.... that aside: I am so glad something is happening with Jasper bc he is ANNOYING me so much. I don't think Annie killed the uncle though, otherwise why would Jasper have been there seeing her? That is suspicious, like he dropped the already dead body in her tracks on purpose or something... Melrose Place is just getting old to me. Not sure why, it's not fresh or something and everything seems contrived. Also, Riley and Emma are annoying.
tiff58 tiff58 7 years
I still don't think Annie killed him- I think he was already dead and Jasper killed him.
care0531 care0531 7 years
I agree so much more drama with Melrose this week. David the father.. WHAT? Crazy Viloet not the one that killed Syd..WHAT?! Jonah and Ella...WHAT?! :ROTFL: As far as 90210 I have to agree with you Buzz that I don't want to see Silver and Dixon get back together and I am happy that we finally found out that Jasper knew the whole time that Annie killed his uncle but we are left hanging with what is going to do with that info.
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