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Recap of The Bachelorette, Plus Video of Jonathan the Weatherman Crying About Kissing Ali

Bachelorette Breakdown: Tears in the Forecast

Last night on The Bachelorette we learned that big boys do cry and the Barenaked Ladies still exist. We — Tres and Buzz — broke down the awkward episode this morning. Check out our thoughts and tell us what you made of last night's madness in the comments.

  • BuzzSugar: I'm going to get this out of the way first, since I've been dying to talk about it — weatherman Jonathan! Oh, Jonathan, Jonathan. The guy was breaking out into a sweat when he found out he was going to kiss Ali on camera for the Barenaked Ladies' music video (by the way, how random was that cameo?). And when the time finally came, it was Ali who had to make the move. Awkward! Word of advice to Jonathan: man up, dude.
  • TresSugar: The weatherman's meltdown made for uncomfortable TV, only matched by Hunter's flat solo date. He had it so easy, too! Wine, hot tub, romantic dinner at home (side note: did you see how much they grilled? It's like there always has to be an abundance of sausage). Hunter blew it when he tried to go in for the kiss and did some awkward neck peck instead. I'm glad Ali sent him right home. But I did feel bad that Justin, aka Rated R, stole his thunder by hobbling up to Ali's house on crutches for a rogue one-on-one date. The guys were not happy about that, but I think they're jealous they didn't think of it. I'm sort of confused why everyone hates Justin. Is it just because he's a pro wrestler, or am I missing something?

Read what Buzz thinks about Rated R and watch a video of Jonathan the weatherman crying because he had to kiss Ali after the jump.

  • Buzz: I have to side with the guys on this one. From day one, I've suspected that Justin is on the show for fame — it's that Rated R t-shirt he wore paired with the fact that he just doesn't seem genuine. This may be terrible, but when he cried to the guys about being a good dad, I didn't trust him 100 percent (sometimes I question if he's even faking his injury!). Although when Chris L. talked about his tattoos that are dedicated to his mom, I completely melted. I think he's my new favorite. Please, tell me you saw his mouse bit at the end.
  • Tres: Oh yes. So happy my DVR caught Chris L. and the other boring guy throwing themselves on the floor trying to catch a mouse. Love Chris L. He totally won Ali over with his smooth talk about flip cup and oysters. And despite Kirk's makeout session, I still think Roberto is in the lead; she's so giggly around him! Also, did you notice how easy it is to impress Ali? When she and Roberto did the five-minute tight rope walk above LA, she said: "Going through something stressful with someone shows their character." And she thought Rated R's walk up a hill told her something about what type of husband he would be. She needs to dig deeper.
  • Buzz: It's so true! And of course going through an adrenaline rush like a tight rope brings you closer (Hunter didn't stand a chance with his boring at-home date). I don't know that I'd be touched by Rated R's efforts, though. Personally, I think walking miles to the house is borderline stalkerish. But it looks like Ali has worse problems next week — who knew Kasey was going to turn out so creepy?! Did you see that coming?
  • Tres: Um, yes. I saw that coming. Kasey creeps me out! And I fully expect his singing to be as awkward as Tenley's dance performances from last season. In other words, I can't wait.

Photo copyright 2010 ABC, Inc.

Join The Conversation
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
how weird is it that we want someone to WIN a competition that should be based on falling in love and possibly getting married? i hate that i love this show....
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
i think i'm in love with Chris L!! when he opened up about his mother, my heart just melted for him. plus, a family home in Cape Cod? awesome! he definitely seems to be in it for the right reasons and he and Ali seem to really click. i hope he wins or at least becomes the next Bachelor!! :) i like Roberto too, but he seems...too slick? he's definitely smart, hot, interesting, etc and Ali is crushing big time, but i can't tell how interested he is in her. Frank was creeping me out too! the way he kept staring at Ali and the other guys was pretty intense. i'm not sold on him either. Jonathan the Weatherman is too high mainenance..that's getting old fast! i'm already annoyed with Justin's snarky comments and the crocodile tears. Kasey sounds like a Muppet, so next weeks previews made me cringe. get rid of those 3 please!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I have loved Chris L. from the beginning; I hope either she chooses him or he's the next bachelor. I loved the scene of him and John (?) chasing the mouse. Priceless! I'm kind of meh on Roberto. He's certainly good looking, but I don't think he's as spectacular as a lot of other people seem to think he is. And Justin creeps me out. I think walking all of that way is kind of stalkerish. Also, the show should be about finding a connection, not about figuring out who will do the most for you. And, I totally see why the other guys don't like him. He just seems so fake. He's very pompous (IMO) and he makes fun of the other guys with his little grins. Ugh. I just don't like him. Also, for some reason I love Chris L's connection with his mom/family, but Justin's bugs me. I am shocked that Jonathon is still there. First he was embarrassed to wear the bathing suit (last week), now this? Seriously? She keeps saying she wants to find her husband (which is good). Does she really see Jonathon as her future husband? Frank (full disclosure, I've never liked him) creeped me out last night, too. Possessive much? I saw the Kasey thing coming mostly because they made it really obvious in the "what's happening this season" previews they showed after the first episode. I'm not sure whether or not I would have seen it coming had I not seen the previews. Also, I'm upset she got rid of Steve. We didn't get to see much of him, but, from what I saw, I liked him.
care0531 care0531 7 years
Sundaydrive...I also always thought Frank was there for the wrong reasons and after the first episode when I felt Frank and Justin were 2 people there not for the right reasons (I watched that 20/20 where the director said they pick 25 bachelors and out of the 25 maybe 10 are just for entertainment purposes and people to cause drama so I look for the bad seeds now) and from what I can tell....the 2 I picked are 2 people that will cause a whole lot of drama this season for Ali! I give Jonathan one more week before he goes home...if that. I think when Justin wore the Rated-R shirt and felt the need to show that the first night...that said a lot about his intentions. Frank and Jonathan didn't brag or talk a lot about that when they were with her.
idanceinmycar idanceinmycar 7 years
Chris and Roberto seem like the most genuine people on there - plus they're smokin hot. Kirk too, but I still don't know that much about him. Weatherman and the guy who got the boot last nite with the super archy eyebrows scream gay to me.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 7 years
But if they don't like Justin because of his profession, then why not hate on others as well? Frank is a screenwriter. Who better to want to come to LA then someone who wants into the movie industry? I'm sure he could somehow try to network with the producers and others involved in the show. He lives with his parents, of course he wants to break out into his career choice. Jonathon is a TV weatherman. Maybe he wants to move up from his Houston location, and is hoping the ABC execs see him and like him enough to give him a national job. I don't even think he likes women, so why isn't he the one being called out for being there for the wrong reasons?
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 7 years
@Skigurl She Woooos about everything, it started to get a little annoying last night. And I have seen on other sites where people thought Kasey was partially deaf, but it seems like by this point that would have been brought up. Although next weeks show does seem to center around him, so maybe we'll find out then. I don't remember the Bachlor's episodes always centering on one person, but maybe I've just forgotten? Last weeks episode seemed to be all about the Weatherman, this weeks was Rated-R and next week looks to be about Kasey. Unless they go on a date, I don't even know the other guys names! Its a 2 hour show, you think they could show things about more of the guys while they're at the house.
care0531 care0531 7 years
Tres: They all hate Justin because they know he isn't there for the right reasons. The fact that he is a wrestler has almost everything to do with him not being there for the right reasons!
care0531 care0531 7 years
I think Ali realized that there was a side to Vienna that Jake got to see that the rest of them didn't...and obviously they are still together and happy so I think that leads her to not be sure whether or not to believe the guys about Justin...he is a D-bag and we will see why the men all hate him in about 2 weeks! I also hate Ali...didn't think she deserved to be the next bachelorette...did you know she gets paid 6 figures and gets a chance to find true love? LOL. That sounds funny but its true. I feel like with Ali we are able to read her body language a little better and see whether or not she is actually attracted to the guy she is with. I felt like last night you could tell who she really liked and who she was just not digging at all.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 7 years
Okay seriously, am I the only one who does not like Roberto?
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I love this show! Even though she's kinda annoying. What was with the "....AND WE'RE GOING TO BE IN THE VIDEO..........WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" cheesy. Anyway, I love me some Chris L. and I think she really could choose Roberto. I think Kirk will also make it far. But is it just me, or does Kasey talk like he is deaf?
MSucre MSucre 7 years
I have no idea why I keep watching this darned show. It is sooo dumb and I hate all of the people -- including Ali. I think she is unattractive and uninteresting. Tres summed it up when she noted how easy she is to impress. Sort of hard to relate to. But. I. just. can't. help. myself! I have to give Ali some credit, though, for putting Roberto in the lead. He is SO hot and awesome. She seems impressed by his travel experience -- which is cool! I think he's top! The weatherman is so bizarre. I'm not sure he's attracted to Ali -- or women for that matter. Does he THINK he's being cute? What about the FACE he made when she gave him the rose. And then his failed attempt at a joke as he walked over to her. His performance is painful to watch. And I agree with Tres, it's unclear what Justin has done in the house to be so detested. I mean he's a total douche nozzle, but so are the rest of them... I'm assuming they've edited some stuff out. Lastly, Ali has taken a total 180 in regards to the importance of other contestants' opinions. When she took Jake to San Francisco, she told him that Vienna was no good for him. And now she is saying that even if Justin is a jerk, he might just be the jerk for her?!?! A little inconsistent, perhaps? Unless she's been shown the errors of her interfering ways by witnessing Jake and Vienna's true love? Barf.
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