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Recap of The Bachelorette, Plus Video of Kasey Singing

Bachelorette Breakdown: Everybody's Sick

Last night on The Bachelorette, Ali and her suitors left LA to begin a jet-setting trip around the world. First stop: New York City. Unfortunately, Ali came down with something, so she couldn't give the guys her all. But under-the-weather Ali wasn't the only one a little off. Kasey brought the crazy, the Weatherman had more high-pressure freak outs, and viewers came along for the bumpy ride. We — BuzzSugar and TresSugar — have been breaking it down this morning. Read our thoughts and share yours in the comments.

  • BuzzSugar: Tres, all I want is to protect your heart. And I just want someone who will protect mine. Um, sound familiar?! I had no idea that Kasey would turn out to be so crazy pants. Backtracking to their date, the producers picked a dark museum for them to run around in. How is this a good idea? Yes, it would have been totally romantic had Roberto been her escort, but because it was Kasey . . . well, let's just say when he put the flashlight in his face to spook her, I was actually scared.
  • TresSugar: Maybe Kasey tried to scare her on purpose so she would need someone to "guard and protect her heart." We should turn the whole episode into a drinking game — one shot every time Kasey said he would guard and protect her heart and two shots every time he attempted to sing (to help ease the pain of the awkwardness). When Kasey finished one serenade and Ali just stared, all he could say was "Yeah. That's pretty intense stuff." You know what else is intense? Getting a freaking tattoo. As Chris L. said, Kasey will always be remembered as "The Bachelorette tattoo guy." But for some reason, Kasey thought the other guys loved his tattoo. His grip on reality reminds me of Kelly Bensimon. Moving on, let's talk about the Broadway show date.

Catch more of our thoughts, as well as Kasey's attempt to sing, after the jump!

  • Buzz: Watching the guys attempt to dance with The Lion King choreographer was kind of hilarious, but then they had to sing, too. It was just too much, although Jesse's vocals weren't half bad! But I think the highlight for me was when Roberto won the date, and then the rejects had to watch him perform with Ali and nuzzle her cleavage. There was a lot of jealousy going around, and who could blame them — did you see Roberto in that costume? Yowza.
  • Tres: Yes. Roberto warms my heart (and Ali's cleavage). Was it just me, or was weatherman Jonathan a little too excited about being on a "real Broadway stage!" Something's strange there. Also, Kirk's totally growing on me. He's like a nonboring, sort of sexy version of Bachelor Jake. What did you think of Chris L.'s solo date?
  • Buzz: I'm really growing to love Chris L. Even though it was his birthday, he seemed more concerned over Ali feeling better, and he was genuinely appreciative when she rallied to go out (although the gospel choir cameo was a bit strange). What a good dude. I'm saying it now — if he doesn't win this, please make him the next Bachelor, ABC! One thing I will say though is I feel like the show is purposely playing up the death of his mother; the producers seem to be editing it so that's become his "thing." Did you pick up on that, too?
  • Tres: Agreed. I had to turn away during some of the sad mom talk. It felt too personal for TV. So who did you expect to get a rose?
  • Buzz: Definitely not Kasey! I'm glad she booted Jonathan, but I was shocked she chose to keep Kasey over Jesse. Kasey has obvious red flags, whereas I'd argue that Jesse is probably just too young for her. Oh well, at least with Kasey around it'll make for juicy drama next week, and maybe we'll finally see him reveal that terrible tattoo to Ali. I cannot wait to see the look on her face!

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theCatsPajamas theCatsPajamas 7 years
am i the only one who hearts frank? i hope he gets more face time.
Edie-J-Blige Edie-J-Blige 7 years
I was hoping the Weatherman would have more of a dramatic exit (CUE TEARS!) but I have to say it's nice that he's gone. Aside from not hearing any more of his lame puns, it will be nice not to have to watch the Wrestler or any of the other guys pick on him. It's like watching the littlest kid on the playground get beat up every week. Ouch.
Angelica Angelica 7 years
skigurl is spot on here! Kasey is two scoops of crazy. Case closed.
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
love, love, love, love Chris L!! as much as i want a happy ending for him, i hope he loses and becomes the next Bachelor. he is that good looking and sooo sweet. i agree that the producers need to stop playing up his mother's death. its WAY too personal. Kasey is certified CREEP-TASTIC and his crazy voice makes it even worse. THANK GOD Jonathan the cryer is gone. i couldn't stand 2 seconds more of his whining. i've lost interest in all the other guys...except for Kirk and maybe Frank (he bores me, but there are some juicey spoiler floating around about him on the net!). Kirk definitely earned some points this week. Roberto does seem to have the best relationship w/ Ali so far, so he's definitely the front runner.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
UGH! This has to be staged! How can Ali be keeping these guys! I mean I gave the Bach series the benefit of the doubt when Jason did the whole thing with Molly and Melissa and everyone said the producers did it, but now come on---how can anyone BUT producers be keeping people like Weatherman or Kasey around. After last week when Ali didn't get rid of Weatherman when he CRIED on their date I was shocked and this week her keeping Kasey I just cannot believe it! But I do love Chris, I would marry him on the spot!
idanceinmycar idanceinmycar 7 years
Chris L and Roberto are my obvious top 2, but couldn't you see Kirk being a spicy sexy next Bachelor? Yum :D Or maybe even Frank - he's sweet and has a big heart, but I think he forgets that he's on a dating show sometimes.
ejr ejr 7 years
ahhh Kasey is so creepy!! I can't wait to see the Ali's reaction to his tattoo, though I'm not surprised that Frank "interrupted" him I'm sure it was just a plot by the producers to make this Kasey thing last another week. Who is Chris N? He is like never in the show he literally had one line this entire episode! I love love Chris L and really hope that he wins, though I agree that the producers are really playing up his mom situation, and agreed that it seems too personal. What do you think is Kirk's big secret that he reveals next week?? I can't wait to find out!!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
Just to begin, I would like to guard and protect all of your hearts. My thoughts: Kasey is two scoops of crazy. Jonathan is so intense and has cried more times than Ali in this show. Jesse is smokin hot but too young for her and they didn't have a good connection. I love Roberto and Chris L. and I suspect she does too. I believe that (even though Jesse had the best voice), they chose Roberto to perform with her because she likely had some say in that, and she wanted to go through that with him. I find she treats him more like a boyfriend than anyone else. Like she confides in him and it's as though he's her boyfriend and the rest are just randoms. I have lost total interest in Frank, but love Kirk! He is too cute. I think he will go far. Craig is such a drunk, he is just goofy and funny and always looks hammered. He and Ty don't strike me as good matches for her. And why is Justin still there? Though he's representing Canada, he's not doing a great job. The way she behaves around Roberto, and has from the beginning, I feel like he's the one for her.
kismekate kismekate 7 years
Oh my gosh Kasey singing to her was so awkward! I don't even think they had to edit her awful facial expressions as he sang. I am kind of bummed Jesse is gone. He was pretty nice to look at. I am all for Chris L. He is so freaking adorable and seriously genuine. Unfortunaetly, I don't see her choosing him. I you SEE the way that she looks at Roberto? Every other guy there does.
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