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Recap of Grey's Anatomy Episode "How Insensitive"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "How Insensitive"

The smart alecks who are the Seattle Grace doctors are forced to keep their sass to themselves on Grey's Anatomy this week, as an obese man is ushered into the hospital for a look. Of course, it proves to be no easy feat for the surgeons — Yang is taken off the case almost immediately — but in the end we get a good look at many a softer side of the docs.

On the dramz front, Meredith is none-too-pleased to learn of Owen's feelings for Teddy and starts a chain of bad reactions and general hospital gossip. Ready to break it all down? Just


  • All the doctors are interested in cracking jokes about 700-pound Jerry and his amazingly tiny, cute wife — but the case hits home the hardest with Karev. He handles the patient while processing the news that his divorce with Izzie is final, and ultimately, it makes Karev give Jerry a hard look at the value of his life. And then, like magic, the sensitivity fairy seems to have visited cranky old Karev as he finally shows some sweetness toward Lexie.
  • Once Yang is eliminated from the surgery du jour, she is forced to play babysitter for a 9-year-old while her mother is in surgery. We've all seen Cristina try to connect with kids before and it ain't pretty. This time is different though, and eventually, Cristina connects with the little girl through losing her own father as a child. Jackson bears witness to Cristina's niceties and tries to present himself as a shoulder to cry on (sounds like someone's still got a crush!). Naturally, he's brutally rebuffed as Cristina tells him to "go be someone else's dishrag" — but she immediately collapses into Owen's arms accompanied by a flood of tears.
  • Cristina would be crying harder if only she knew what's really going on with her man. Derek reveals to Mere that Owen tried to get Teddy transferred, which immediately puts Mere into frosty mode with Owen. Which, in turn, makes Owen realize that Derek blabbed — and he is not happy. After Owen gives Derek a piece of his mind (gotta admit he's got a point here), Derek and Meredith hash it out. They both make good points: Derek just wants to be a good husband (though he's clearly choosing his personal life over his job), and Meredith can't help that she has a problem hiding her feelings. Still, Owen retaliates by kicking Mere off a surgery. I can only imagine that this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Callie's day takes an unexpected twist when her pretty patient takes a liking to her in a big way. There's some pretty relentless flirting (much to the delight of Callie's colleagues), and eventually Callie heads home with a phone number written on her palm. It's a game changer for Callie and Arizona's relationship: Callie realizes that there may be other fish in the sea (more specifically, fish who want babies), and Arizona won't hold Callie back any longer. They have the worst kind of breakup — the kind where they still love each other, the audience still roots for them, and their breakup plans are interspersed with "I love yous" and hugs.
  • Now that we're getting down to the wire, I can't wait for what is sure to be a nail-biting season finale. Tell me what you thought of this week's happenings, or take your business to the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group in the Buzz Community.

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smileyface smileyface 7 years
I agree with LilKimbo that this episode seems to be setting up Derek stepping down as chief. Its clear that he is tired of the hospital politics and just wants to go back to being a good surgeon and being a good husband. I definitely think that Weber should become chief again. Otherwise, this was a pretty good episode. I loved when Lexie blurted out how when they found out that the fat guy's wife was pregnant and the look on Bailey's face was priceless. Also that scene in the cafeteria when they were wondering how the fat guy and his wife had sex and she walked by was all sorts of awkward!
AnaMC AnaMC 7 years
I wish the writers would send Owen and Teddy back to Iraq. Cristina deserves better. Loved the MerDer dynamic. It was interesting to watch although the whole "Derek sucks as Chief and Webber rules" is getting old.
pss pss 7 years
really liked this ep!Alex was so sweet at the end!!love how he does so adorable thing and he doesn't care at all... I've never liked Cristina with Owen they're so intensive that seem ridiculous to me. And Avery is so gorgeous more scenes to him!!He can she the lovely Cristina and more of that face of her would be nice. I keep disliking Derek and I really miss Mere, she's barely got a storyline lately. Cant wait to season finale!!
meeshee meeshee 7 years
sandra oh is such an amazing actress.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Wait, it looks like Demi is next week and Mandy Moore is the week after.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I'm not sure about Mandy Moore, but Demi Lovato was in next week's preview, so she'll definitely be on next week.
jhilly123 jhilly123 7 years
I want more Avery scenes too! And I really like the banter between Avery and Cristina. I have never warmed to Owen and him lying to Cristina isn't helping me like him at all. Sandra Oh was amazing last night, her acting was superb. When is Demi Lovato going on the show? Next week with Mandy Moore?
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
And, maybe, while Addison's coming back, Burke could come back, too. He could be the new chief and be with Cristina. (Maybe it's just because the first few seasons are my favorite, but I always liked Burke and Cristina together.)
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
This season has been so up and down. There are episodes and storylines I've loved and others I've been less than thrilled with. I thought the patient stories were kind of lacking in this episode, although, I did like that Karev eventually made the patient realize that he needs to stop using jokes as a coping mechanism and start taking serious strides to try to lose weight. Also, I don't think Karev's change in attitude was all that magical or unbelievable. To me, he just needed to fully let go of Izzy (and signing the divorce papers allowed him to do that) before he could really open up emotionally with Lexie. I liked Cristina's storyline; it was nice to see a little softer side of her. Then again, she's consistently been my favorite character throughout the duration of the show. Sometimes I like her with Owen, sometimes I don't. I did like that she kind of snapped at Meredith because I think Meredith can be a little self-absorbed sometimes, even though she's been better this season. I agree with you that Owen has a completely valid point about Derek mentioning his conversation with Owen to Meredith. Completely inappropriate. Also, I think this episode is setting things up for Derek to step down as chief and for Webber to step back up. The Callie/Arizona breakup was upsetting. I was really rooting for them, but I feel like in recent weeks it became kind of obvious that they were headed for a break up. I still feel like the show is heading toward Mark and Callie being together, or, at the very least, having a kid together. We'll see though. (Deep down, I still sometimes hope that Private Practice will start getting horrible ratings and Addison will come back and be with Mark. She's on par with Cristina as far as being my favorite Grey's character of all time.)
ravenvixen ravenvixen 7 years
cristina with avery! Owen doesn't deserve her, what with pining after Teddy. esp. with next week's ep where teddy finds that other mercy girl with Mark.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 7 years
callie & arizona broke my heart :( we need more jackson avery. what a waste of a gorgeous face. i wonder if anything will happen with him and cristina
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